1. Thats a good idea :)

    We will write something up and post it on the assetto corsa forum.

    Also keep in mind that there are people joining who dont have the tendency of filling in the attendancy list.
    I spammed my friendslist and got 4-5 people eager to participate whom havent signed up.

  2. Good point, Storm_Cloud. That was def the case for me. For me personally, only the DLC pack#1 was worthwhile because of the Nordschleife.

    Also, this upcoming event is mostly about having a good time racing other fair drivers. So we want to be make it as accessible as possible.

  3. Hello Jan, I am sorry to disappoint you. DLC2 is not in my possession :(
    Definitely hope to remedy the situation in the future.

    We got BMW z4 gt3, mclaren mp412c gt3 and mercedes sls gt3 to choose from.

  4. Yes, touching the tarmac right of that curb will be considered a corner cut.
    Also the pit exit will be investigated.

    Unfortunately, I wont be able to be there tonight because I am sick :( BobbyDeacs will be the racing director for tonight.

  5. Welcome ali09,

    We like to be welcome to drivers with various skill levels. That’s why we allow stability control. Also it helps in catching the car instead of spinning. The only reason we do not allow the ABS and TC is mainly because of the MGU unit in the SF15 car.

    We mainly focus on Formula cars in AC, however once in a while we do social GT events.

  6. Hello alistair,

    welcome to the club.

    As you can see we got close to the limit of drivers. Fortunately for you, they wont be all in the race simultaneously. There will always be car available even for team less drivers.

  7. FYI Our next league will start with the Belgium GP.

    After the F2002 league ends we will have 2 Single Events : Nordschleife (10 laps) and Monaco (100%). After that we will have two test races before the start of the next season.

    The test races will be prob already with the car we are going to use.
    I propose to do F138 for Nordschleife and SF15-T for Monaco.

    Keep an eye on the website for Event post of these races.

  8. Hey Ninja,

    unfortunately you are a bit too late for the McLaren seat, however as soon we got a new seat available you will be the 1st to ask.

    We have to check with some people but there is a good chance we got another available before next race. I will let you know as soon I know more.

  9. Hello Juhohfin,

    We already assigned you a seat with Race4Life Team with Marcelhino in the WIlliams. My mistake was that I put in the wrong ID for the Imola race so you were still in a Sauber.

    However, If you rather take the McLaren seat, thats ok too. Just let me know what you want.

  10. To all new drivers with no team assigned.

    A seat has come available in the McLaren team. If you intend to drive the remainder of our league season, you are eligible for this seat.

    First responder will get the seat.

  11. Hey Jan, welcome to the club.

    we will try to hook you up with another teamless driver for the upcoming race.

    What would be your preferred skin ? Sauber, Toyota or Audi.

  12. Hello Marcello, welcome to the club.

    You are welocme to join the league race, however the skins you suggested are already taken by teams.

    Williams, toyota and sauber are still available.

  13. Hello Bolea, I can understand your frustration. However, posts in which people are publicly accused of incidents, we do not allow. We have a proper procedure in doing so.

    If you feel wronged during the race, you can report that incident to one of the Stewards, being @Rhobium or @YuckierDragon. The incident will then be judged and the results are posted usually end of the week after a race.

  14. Just in time for some of the final spots. Great to c almost full grid :D

    Dont have team mate yet. Turtles, maybe you want to join up with me again?

    Scotty, you dont want the ferrari? Then I will go for it again.

    Car preference => Ferrari – Ferrari – Ferrari ;P