F3 Summer League Sign Up

Hello FtF Members,

I am happy to announce our newest championship, the Formula 3 League at 20:30 European time on Thursday evenings throughout the summer. The schedule can be seen in the events calendar.


  • Two races per evening (approx. 10 min break inbetween)
  • 10 min Qualifying
  • 20 min Race
  • Assists Allowed
  • TeamSpeak mandatory (even if you don’t/can’t talk)


Drivers should read the league rules and regulations. If you would like to participate please comment below!

Confirmed Drivers:

  1. CMR_18
  2. Mystro
  3. matterX
  4. JuhohFin
  5. Raven
  6. Tank Applegate
  7. puluminati
  8. YuckierDragon
  9. alanhill120
  10. Waffen
  11. bolea18
  12. JebJebKerman
  13. pl3bb3r
  14. Emil Praga
  15. Gary-198
  16. Ton Van Egmond
  17. xHawiz
  18. Galin Dimov
  19. Shayan Najam
  20. Frenzy
  21. Jintonix
  22. OPradosLoL

25 thoughts on “F3 Summer League Sign Up

  1. I’ll be a reserve, working long days lately and it won’t change until september. But I really like the cars so I’m gonna try to make some of ’em

  2. I’d like to participate but I won’t be there for the first 2 evenings unfortunately. If that’s ok than please sign me up.

  3. Id like to join as well, cant say i would be able to make it to every event since i have my exams these days, but will make it tomorrow

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