Bob’s Historical Pack, Tuesday Races

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Current versions of the cars are available from the “Guidelines” pages:-

  1. Mclaren MP4-4: Old-school car from the Prost-Senna era. Nearest we have to a go-kart in the pack. Guidelines/Downloads Here
  2. Ferrari F310B: Found this gem from VRC. Much better than the ASR version we used, but needed changing to fit in with the pack. Very pleased with this super old-school car now – big fat torquey engine that runs out of puff a bit at the very top end.  Guidelines/Downloads Here 
  3. Ferrari F2002: The first really nice F1 car in AC and we ran a great league with it in 2016. I made the car a bit more fun & league-friendly than the original and tamed the slidy rear end. A great blast from the past! Guidelines/Downloads Here NEW:- Try out the S-Spec as well. Slick tyres which give you an idea of how the tyre war might have escalated in those days, over 100bhp extra oomph and a bit more downforce.

  4. Ferrari F2004: Best car Kunos did, but again they didn’t finish it. Rear tyre wear & overheating was ridiculous and kerbs were a total pain. Now it’s a blast. Very much like the F2002, but even faster. Guidelines/Downloads Here NEW:- Try out the R-variant as well. Slick tyres, 962bhp BMW power-plant – no modern day car has ever been this quick.
  5. Williams FW31: Ran a league with this excellent car in 2017. Still cuts-it.  Guidelines/Downloads Here 
  6. Ferrari F138: Never got to run it as a league car which is a shame as the tyres are so “interesting”! On the right track, they’ll last forever, but if you can’t keep the temperatures in range, even the hards will require an early trip to the pits. Guidelines/Downloads Here

  7. Ferrari SF15-T: Went through a lot of iterations, including the infamously named (by me) “SF17-T”. I scaled it back in the end to be more like the original with a bit less grip & downforce and this is the version I like the best and my favourite car of all the Ferraris. Still has that characteristic wobble over bumps, but I kinda like it. Guidelines/Downloads Here

  8. Ferrari SF70-H: A bit of a blob of a car in truth, but kept chipping away at it and made it nice in the end. It’s grown on me a lot during this refresh project. Super-fast and without the annoying halo. Guidelines/Downloads Here

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