Shayan Najam

  1. Had a nice race without many mistakes, gave it everything. was pretty satisfied keeping Emil behind before realizing that the two of us had been outplayed by strategy and pace by John and Raven, Kudos to them for nurturing their tires and winning. Nothing I could do reverse that strategy error in the end.

  2. Hey,

    relating to the issue the other day about the abrupt change in handling for qualy to race.

    I was playing on a server the other day. the qualy session was around 15 mins, but the session actually lasted around 20 mins. Basically if you started your fast lap after 15 mins the time was not considered. however everyone was still driving around after that for 5 mins. Can we implement this?

    We could use that extra time to get acclimatized to the race setup and PU settings for a couple of laps before making an announcement and switching to qualy. going out on the qualy setup in these 5 mins would be stupidity since the grid is already decided in the first 15 mins so im guessing everyone will use their race setups

  3. Sucks that im running on integrated graphics, can barely handle a single monitor let alone my three screens, i feel handicapped for some odd reason, GPU with EVGA, hope i get a good replacement

  4. I would say, f138 for the league sinbce we need better Wheel to Wheel stuff.(without assists) with frequent Events with the sf15t (once a month, like a seperate 4 race Season), with the sf15t the racing becomes a Little boring and not too intense since everyone is basically doing their own Thing with the recovery and deployment. with the f138 we can Focus more on racecraft  (surprising this coming from me considering Monza). But i´d say lets have 50% races with both of These cars in the gap to decide the winner.

  5. Im not sure but it might be due to some update? has there been any in these past 4 days. The time i set is half a second slower than what i managed in hotlap mode with ss. The setup is exactly the same, however now even the softs are overheating at the rear before the final sector begins, makes the two fast right handers very tricky. right now if i push the car only the mediums and hard seen suitable for the race which is understandable but the softs and super softs should allow you to push to the limit in quali, at spa that wasnt the best idea, but here they should be.

  6. Better would be to leave tyre wear at 100% and make one pitstop compulsory. so that no one races to the end on the hards. this way well have more variety with strategy, because right now the easiest one is doing one stop with hards, that is definitely what most of the drivers will be doing throughout the season including me. The problem is that there is no difference between the compounds on a stint of more than one lap. the softer the tire the more it heats up during the lap due to 2x tire wear and the pace difference is nullified. with 1x tire wear i can do 8 laps of spa on softs while pushing, that does not mean that i can do 4 laps on softs with 2x since the tires heat up, start sliding more and wear even faster. more on this in detail tomorrow post race

  7. Its impossible to ride the kerbs and and gain time with f2002 on this track, ive tried touching apexes slightly with multiple setups, destabilizes the car wth all, so if anyone does, theyll either spin out out lose time