RSS 2019 League

Championship Events

# DateEventDistanceDownloadWinner
1 Wed 14/08/2019 20:30German GP – Nurburgring30 LapsReplayDaedalus
2 Wed 28/08/2019 20:30Azerbaijan GP – Baku26 LapsReplayJames May
3 Wed 11/09/2019 20:30United States GP – Road America24 LapsReplaySeymohre
4 Wed 25/09/2019 20:30Japanese GP – Suzuka27 LapsReplayDaedalus
5 Wed 09/10/2019 20:30Italian GP – Monza27 LapsReplayStorm_Cloud
6 Wed 23/10/2019 20:30Belgian GP – Spa22 LapsReplayDaedalus
7 Wed 06/11/2019 20:30Singapore GP31 LapsReplayDaedalus
8 Wed 20/11/2019 20:30British GP – Silverstone26 LapsReplayMixa Mortiferum
9 Wed 04/12/2019 20:30Malaysian GP – Sepang28 LapsStorm_Cloud
10 Wed 18/12/2019 20:30Brazilian GP – Interlagos36 LapsReplayxNinja


  • Only your best 9 out of 10 results count for the drivers championship.
  • Points are given to the first 12 finishers, allocated as follows: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
  • To score points you need to complete at least 75% of a race and not quit deliberately.
# DriverTotal
1 Mixa Mortiferum834343132132
2 Daedalus121411130
3 Storm_Cloud65412215126
4 Ali Gocmen546336383
5 James May41922981
6 Magzire2237372
7 Kost Church35642671
8 BobbyDeacs97798544471
9 Seymohre18540
10 Columba The Crucifier1191110510995839
11 xNinja78136
12 Albano Pensionisti108108115932
13 pietrekk667728
14 Tim | T A R O X218
15 shmourda914781018
16 Dmitry Kamyshov78717
17 Jeremy Clarkson612814
18 Nose Person510
19 Nate Michael121110910
20 Jan Frajbis68
21 Marcelinho68
22 Viper_Polo76
23 Florian Bauer94
24 Mean_Jimmy_Jack11132
25 Torpedo0
26 xhonaldoelezi0
27 Frusty0
28 vladi.carrasco0

Team Standings

# TeamDrivers Total
1 RenaultColumba The Crucifier, Mixa Mortiferum, Ali Gocmen254
2 BDS Racing (Pescarola)BobbyDeacs, Storm_Cloud, Seymohre237
3 MclarenxNinja, James May, Jeremy Clarkson131
4 LotusDaedalus, Frusty130
5 Zig-Zag ZebrasAlbano Pensionisti, Kost Church103
6 Benetton FR (Ferrari)Magzire, Jan Frajbis, Viper_Polo86
7 Laser Motosport (Red Bull)Marcelinho, Nate Michael, shmourda33
8 Battleteam Racing (FW15 Williams)Nose Person, Tim | T A R O X, Mean_Jimmy_Jack30
9 Mad Foxvladi.carrasco, pietrekk28
10 Torpedoes (Gulf)Torpedo, Dmitry Kamyshov, Florian Bauer21
11 Mercedesshmourda3

Accumulated Reprimands

  • Drivers who receive 3 reprimands will be given an automatic 1 position penalty.
Driver #
Mixa Mortiferum 3
Columba The Crucifier 3
Albano Pensionisti 3
Kost Church 2
Storm_Cloud 1
Mean_Jimmy_Jack 1
Jeremy Clarkson 1
Dmitry Kamyshov 1
Daedalus 1
James May 1
Florian Bauer 1
Nate Michael 1
shmourda 1
Magzire 1

Stewarding Decisions

Driver Incident Description Decision
German GP
Mixa Mortiferum 1:20 causing several collisions at corner 1 Reprimand
James May 36:36 Pushing back-marker off, accident but should allow for speed difference Verbal warning
Mixa Mortiferum Multiple corner 4 extensions Reprimand
Jeremy Clarkson Also extended corner 4 a few times Verbal warning
Azerbaijan GP
James May 1:39 Overoptimistic lunge, colliding with Magz & Storm Cloud Reprimand
Jan Frajbis 3:00 Caused collision with Storm Cloud, didn't give place back 1 place penalty
United States GP
Nate Michael 12:30 Crowded Crucifier off track Reprimand
Japanese GP
Mean_Jimmy_Jack 6:19 didn't give Karuma enough room on exit of corner 1 Reprimand
Mixa Mortiferum 2:54 Three-abreast and drifted out leaving no space for the other two 1 place penalty
Columba The Crucifier 2x pit speeding and 5x extending Spoon Reprimand
Magzire 2x pit speeding and 4x extending Spoon (pit speeding gained place over Ali according to timings) 1 place penalty
Italian GP
Albano Pensionisti 1:20 Causing collision and ensuing mayhem at corner 1 Reprimand
Magzire 4:00 Not leaving Urmas any space on main straight Reprimand
Albano Pensionisti 5:13 crashing into Shmourda at Ascari Reprimand
Albano Pensionisti 3:35 Almost taking Magz out under blue flag 1 place penalty
Jeremy Clarkson 8:30 Not leaving enough space for Shmourda at Parabolica Reprimand
Daedalus 22:19 Blocking Vladi under blue flags Reprimand
Daedalus Rage! Quali-ban next race
vladi.carrasco Miscellaneous incidents DSQ + quali-ban next race
Belgian GP
Florian Bauer 1:45 Causing 3-way collision into Les Combes Reprimand
Viper_Polo 5:25 Causing collision with Ali, spins himself out Verbal warning
Storm_Cloud 6:20 Causing collision with Dmitry, spins himself out Verbal warning
Mean_Jimmy_Jack 7:28 Unsafe return to track, spins himself out Verbal warning
Singapore GP
pietrekk 1:18 Caused collision with Shmourda, looked laggy so benefit of doubt Verbal warning
Albano Pensionisti 10:58 Bit of a dive-bomb on Shmourda Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier Too many corner cuts Disqualification
British GP
See Discord No penalties
Malaysian GP
Storm_Cloud Caused collision with Jezzer Reprimand
Dmitry Kamyshov Accident with Mixa, didn't wait Reprimand
Kost Church Caused collision with Pietrekk Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier Multiple corner cuts/extensions Reprimand
Brazilian GP
Kost Church Caused collision with Ali, gained place Reprimand
shmourda Poor overtaking manoeuvre Reprimand
Mixa Mortiferum 2x excessive pit entry speeding Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier 2x excessive pit entry speeding Reprimand