RSS 2019 League

Championship Events

# DateEventDistanceDownloadWinner
1 Wed 14/08/2019 20:30German GP – Nurburgring30 LapsReplayDaedalus
2 Wed 28/08/2019 20:30Azerbaijan GP – Baku26 LapsReplayJames May
3 Wed 11/09/2019 20:30United States GP – Road America24 LapsReplaySeymohre
4 Wed 25/09/2019 20:30Japanese GP – Suzuka27 LapsReplayDaedalus
5 Wed 09/10/2019 20:30Italian GP – Monza27 LapsReplayStorm_Cloud
6 Wed 23/10/2019 20:30Belgian GP – Spa22 LapsReplayDaedalus
7 Wed 06/11/2019 20:30Singapore GP31 LapsReplayDaedalus
8 Wed 20/11/2019 20:30British GP – Silverstone26 Laps
9 Wed 04/12/2019 20:30Malaysian GP – Sepang28 Laps
10 Wed 18/12/2019 20:30Brazilian GP – Interlagos36 Laps


  • Only your best 9 out of 10 results count for the drivers championship.
  • Points are given to the first 12 finishers, allocated as follows: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
  • To score points you need to complete at least 75% of a race and not quit deliberately.
# DriverTotal
1 Daedalus121411130
2 James May4192277
3 Mixa Mortiferum83434374
4 Storm_Cloud6541273
5 Magzire2237372
6 Kost Church356445
7 Ali Gocmen546345
8 Seymohre18540
9 BobbyDeacs97798535
10 Columba The Crucifier11911105109924
11 Tim | T A R O X218
12 Albano Pensionisti1081081118
13 xNinja7811
14 Dmitry Kamyshov7811
15 Nose Person510
16 shmourda914710
17 Jeremy Clarkson6129
18 pietrekk68
19 Jan Frajbis68
20 Marcelinho68
21 Viper_Polo76
22 Nate Michael1211106
23 Florian Bauer94
24 Mean_Jimmy_Jack11132
25 vladi.carrasco0
26 xhonaldoelezi0
27 Frusty0
28 Torpedo0

Team Standings

# TeamDrivers Total
1 BDS Racing (Pescarola)BobbyDeacs, Storm_Cloud, Seymohre148
2 RenaultColumba The Crucifier, Mixa Mortiferum, Ali Gocmen143
3 LotusDaedalus, Frusty130
4 MclarenxNinja, James May, Jeremy Clarkson97
5 Benetton FR (Ferrari)Magzire, Jan Frajbis, Viper_Polo86
6 Zig-Zag ZebrasAlbano Pensionisti, Kost Church63
7 Battleteam Racing (FW15 Williams)Nose Person, Tim | T A R O X, Mean_Jimmy_Jack30
8 Laser Motosport (Red Bull)Marcelinho, Nate Michael, shmourda24
9 Torpedoes (Gulf)Torpedo, Dmitry Kamyshov, Florian Bauer15
10 Williamspietrekk8
11 Mad Foxvladi.carrasco0

Accumulated Reprimands

  • Drivers who receive 3 reprimands will be given an automatic 1 position penalty in the next race.
Driver #
Albano Pensionisti 3
Mixa Mortiferum 2
Jeremy Clarkson 1
Columba The Crucifier 1
Daedalus 1
James May 1
Florian Bauer 1
Nate Michael 1
Magzire 1
Mean_Jimmy_Jack 1

Stewarding Decisions

Driver Incident Description Decision
German GP
Mixa Mortiferum 1:20 causing several collisions at corner 1 Reprimand
James May 36:36 Pushing back-marker off, accident but should allow for speed difference Verbal warning
Mixa Mortiferum Multiple corner 4 extensions Reprimand
Jeremy Clarkson Also extended corner 4 a few times Verbal warning
Azerbaijan GP
James May 1:39 Overoptimistic lunge, colliding with Magz & Storm Cloud Reprimand
Jan Frajbis 3:00 Caused collision with Storm Cloud, didn't give place back 1 place penalty
United States GP
Nate Michael 12:30 Crowded Crucifier off track Reprimand
Japanese GP
Mean_Jimmy_Jack 6:19 didn't give Karuma enough room on exit of corner 1 Reprimand
Mixa Mortiferum 2:54 Three-abreast and drifted out leaving no space for the other two 1 place penalty
Columba The Crucifier 2x pit speeding and 5x extending Spoon Reprimand
Magzire 2x pit speeding and 4x extending Spoon (pit speeding gained place over Ali according to timings) 1 place penalty
Italian GP
Albano Pensionisti 1:20 Causing collision and ensuing mayhem at corner 1 Reprimand
Magzire 4:00 Not leaving Urmas any space on main straight Reprimand
Albano Pensionisti 5:13 crashing into Shmourda at Ascari Reprimand
Albano Pensionisti 3:35 Almost taking Magz out under blue flag 1 place penalty
Jeremy Clarkson 8:30 Not leaving enough space for Shmourda at Parabolica Reprimand
Daedalus 22:19 Blocking Vladi under blue flags Reprimand
Daedalus Rage! Quali-ban next race
vladi.carrasco Miscellaneous incidents DSQ + quali-ban next race
Belgian GP
Florian Bauer 1:45 Causing 3-way collision into Les Combes Reprimand
Viper_Polo 5:25 Causing collision with Ali, spins himself out Verbal warning
Storm_Cloud 6:20 Causing collision with Dmitry, spins himself out Verbal warning
Mean_Jimmy_Jack 7:28 Unsafe return to track, spins himself out Verbal warning
Singapore GP
pietrekk 1:18 Caused collision with Shmourda, looked laggy so benefit of doubt Verbal warning
Albano Pensionisti 10:58 Bit of a dive-bomb on Shmourda Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier Too many corner cuts Disqualification