FW31 League – Results & Standings

Championship Events

# DateEventDistanceDownloadWinner
1 Sat 28/01/2017 20:30German GP – Nurburgring30 LapsReplayShayan Najam
2 Sat 11/02/2017 20:30Belgian GP – Spa22 LapsReplayEmil Praga
3 Sat 25/02/2017 20:30Italian GP – Monza27 LapsReplayShayan Najam
4 Sat 11/03/2017 20:30Indian GP – New Delhi30 LapsReplayEmil Praga
5 Sat 25/03/2017 20:30Australian GP – Melbourne29 LapsReplayEmil Praga
6 Sat 08/04/2017 20:30Chinese GP – Shanghai28 LapsReplayEmil Praga
7 Sat 15/04/2017 20:30Bahrain GP – Sakhir29 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
8 Sat 29/04/2017 20:30San Marino GP – Imola32 LapsReplayerodo
9 Sat 13/05/2017 20:30Spanish GP – Catalunya33 LapsReplayerodo


  • Only your best 7 out of 9 results count for the drivers championship.
  • Points are given to the first 12 finishers, allocated as follows: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
  • To score points you need to complete at least 75% of a race and not quit deliberately.
# DriverTotal
1 Emil Praga21411126148
2 Jan Frajbis84342314109
3 Shayan Najam121383
4 Storm_Cloud56522379
5 erodo96761176
6 Raven322463
7 Jakkinen911138555551
8 BobbyDeacs413447748
9 CMR_1893237
10 coret3x1176331
11 Marcelinho69327
12 Waffen145106826
13 Luca D'Amelio151267525
14 Ton van Egmond1010751025
15 piotrBellamy1288816
16 shaggymark315
17 Rhobium412
18 The_Pazman17121310710
19 Tolomb148117
20 xNinja76
21 toolo4sno131594
22 YuckierDragon94
23 mattreX112
24 Frusty0
25 bolea180

Team Standings

# TeamDrivers Total
1 Rennteam (Williams)Emil Praga, Shayan Najam239
2 VGP Racing (Ferrari)Jan Frajbis, Jakkinen165
3 Toro RossoStorm_Cloud, piotrBellamy95
4 Apex Squad (Red Bull)Raven, coret3x94
5 Prawn Crackers (Brawn)Ton van Egmond, CMR_1862
6 McLaren Locomotive (McLaren)BobbyDeacs, xNinja54
7 IPS (Renault)Luca D'Amelio, mattreX27
8 Turn In Oversteer (Renault Black)Marcelinho, Tolomb22
9 CatNipDealers (BMW)YuckierDragon, Waffen9
10 Force Indiatoolo4sno, Frusty4
11 Hispania Racing Team (Toyota)bolea180

Accumulated Reprimands

  • Drivers who receive 3 reprimands will be given an automatic 1 position penalty.
Driver #
Waffen 4
Jakkinen 2
CMR_18 2
Ton van Egmond 2
BobbyDeacs 1
The_Pazman 1
erodo 1
Shayan Najam 1
toolo4sno 1
Storm_Cloud 1
Tolomb 1

Stewarding Decisions

Driver Incident Description Decision
German GP
CMR_18 15:08 Caused collision with Cortex, which indirectly lead to turn 3 chaos. Reprimand
Marcelinho 19:43 Overtook (taking evasive action) using pitlane then squeezed CMR into Ninja and gained advantage 1 place penalty
Luca D'Amelio 29:39 Caused collision with Toolo and gained advantage 1 place penalty
Waffen 59:08 Caused collision with Jakkinnen, losing Jakkinnen a lot of time and giving Storm Cloud a heart attack. Reprimand
Belgian GP
Ton van Egmond Corner Cuts - Numerous x12 2 place penalty
toolo4sno Corner cuts - extended Blanchemont entry x2, pit exit x2 Reprimand
Waffen 30:08 Caused collision with Raven and subsequent traffic jam at corner 1 Reprimand
Tolomb 30:53 Collided with Frenzy and gained a place Reprimand
The_Pazman 31:59 Unsafe return to track causing collision with Bobby 1 place penalty
BobbyDeacs 33:18 Caused collision with Toolo costing him significant time Reprimand
Italian GP
Waffen No attempt to keep to the pitlane speed limit Reprimand
erodo 21:35 Caused collision with Mattrex Reprimand
Jan Frajbis 40:59 Caused collision with Ton and gained advantage 1 place penalty
Waffen Accumulation of 3 reprimands 1 place penalty
Indian GP
Ton van Egmond No attempt to keep to the pitlane speed limit Reprimand
CMR_18 Corner cuts x3 + Pitlane Speeding x2 Reprimand
Jakkinen Corner cuts x4 + Pitlane Speeding x1 Reprimand
The_Pazman Corner cuts x12 + Pitlane Speeding x1 3 place penalty
Australian GP
The_Pazman Qualifying: Blocking Coretex by stopping on the racing line before returning to pits. Reprimand
Bahrain GP
Shayan Najam 17:28 Caused collision with Marcelinho and gained advantage. Reprimand
San Marino GP
coret3x 17:24 Caused collision with Storm Cloud and gained advantage 1 place penalty
Waffen 17:26 Collided twice with Raven without taking evasive action on 2nd collision. Reprimand
Ton van Egmond 18:06 Took advantage of collision with Raven during overtake manoeuvre Reprimand
Raven 19:47 Caused collision with Toolo who lost significant time 1 place penalty
Emil Praga 21:40 Caused collision with Jakkinen and gained advantage 1 place penalty
Storm_Cloud 57:45 Gave Emil no room Reprimand
Spanish GP
Jakkinen 29:50 Caused accident with Cameron (no problem), but didn't give place back. Reprimand