FtF F2002 League Sign-Up

Hello all,

We are proud to announce that we are starting a new league in Assetto Corsa with the Ferrari F2002 car. The race calendar is presented in the picture and can also be seen in our events calendar.

See the F2002 League menu at the top of the page for links to the league results, standings and other info.

The races will take place on Saturdays at 20:30 Central European Summer Time.

Race settings:

  • 15 min qualification
  • 50% race distance
  • all assists allowed

If you would like to participate, please post a comment and present your 3 preferences for skins. Drivers signing up as a team (including a team name, which can be provided later) have dibs on the skins.

Confirmed Teams:

  1. The Flatspotters – YuckierDragon & Waffen – Arrows
  2. Gasgano – Puluminati & Frenzy – Jordan
  3. Beat-Town Racing – Raven & Shayan Najam – McLaren
  4. Console Geeks – PedroRC & Bobbydeacs – Jaguar
  5. The Spanishers – Bolea18 & John Stingu – Renault
  6. Balkan Racing – Emil Praga & Galin Dimov – BAR
  7. X-men – mattreX & coret3x – Minardi
  8. Race4Life – JuhohFin & Marcelinho – Williams
  9. Fritz Simsport – Marcello & xNinja – Toyota
  10. “Team name” – SirRobSmith & Hellas Panos – Ferrari

Skins still available: Sauber and Audi

Confirmed Drivers (still in need of a team):

  1. SamW6540
  2. alanhill120
  3. RafaFeher
  4. Rhastalord

Inactive list:

  1. Axlslo
  2. Ton van Egmond
  3. Tasty Chevelle
  4. Jan Kiermeyer
  5. willv44
  6. CrookedDeebz

Drivers have to download and activate the apps provided here. League rules and regulations can be found here.

66 thoughts on “FtF F2002 League Sign-Up

  1. Desi (Team announced at later date)

    Skin preference

    1. Custom skin Renault 2016 link here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/renault-r-e-16-livery-for-ferrari-f2002.9454/

    2. Renault


  2. I’m back! I would like to race with F2002!

    For me and tato-f1 (‘Spanish Team’) if he joins today:

    1.- Renault

    2.- Williams

    3.- Jordan

  3. I did some testing yesterday(with TastyChev and some others) and altho I wasn’t that quick, I thought I wasn’t to far off.

    So if it’s cool with u guys, I’d like to sign up as a reserve. I’m not sure how many I will be able to attend but when I can I’m definitely down to partake.


    Teams don’t matter to me, whichever is free.

    • I team up with palamies. Our Teamname is “Beat-Town Racing”. Car preference is still the same

  4. Hi, i would like to sign-up for F2002 league.

    i will be Bobby’s teammate.

    my steam: PedroRC 99


  5. Im interested in joining:

    Marcello Tocco

    Teamname: Scuderia MTR

    1. Minardi (Mark Webber)

    or join 2. McLaren

    3. BAR Honda

    • Hello Marcello, welcome to the club.

      You are welocme to join the league race, however the skins you suggested are already taken by teams.

      Williams, toyota and sauber are still available.

  6. I’ll sign up as a reserve in the unlikely event I’ll be able to race. I don’t mind which team or skin I’m involved with.

  7. A friend of mine and myself would like to join the league as a team.  I guess Sauber is the only one left? Then we would take that skin. Or is there another one?

    The name of the Team would be Race4Life.

  8. Hello guys,

    I would like to Sing-Up for your leauge. Is there a list where I can see the cars that are even free and not driven by anyone? :) My team name is Fritz Simsport.

    • Hey Jan, welcome to the club.

      we will try to hook you up with another teamless driver for the upcoming race.

      What would be your preferred skin ? Sauber, Toyota or Audi.

    • The skin dosen`t matter. :) I had written with Marcello, that I`m maybe racing with him in a Team with the Toyota.

      I will keep this post up to date. :)

  9. shit! i didnt realize it was 230pm EST.

    I can totally make that if there is space.

    I have no preference on skin.

    See you on the ts/server

  10. by the time i get online everyone is gone…I have resorted to practicing with AI for now…too bad.

    Anyone practice late on Friday or any day?

    • Apart from us admins nobody really looks at this thread, so use the main chat box on right side of homepage and maybe just say “I’m gonna be on server later at x pm European Time, anyone around?”.

      BTW, I use AI as well for race practice (set track to green at start) and make sure tyre wear, temps match server. As we do quali and start race at 98% grip, its always worth putting in some hot laps and stints on server to confirm your tyres will last.

    • Better still, stick a comment on the Imola event post if you want to talk about practice, strategy etc :)

  11. Hey guys I would like to join, Are there any seats available??, If so Livery does not matter, Kindly let me know how can I Participate

    • Welcome :) there will be a spot for you.

      Since a few people have dropped out we’ll review the skin assignments next week before the next race.

  12. Hi guys! I know I’m a little bit late, but I would like to race with you guys, if still have spots avaliables, of course. If not, I’ll just practice to keep the pace with you (or not). Thanks!

  13. Hello RafaFeher and Rastalord,

    I think we can still accommodate some new drivers. Welcome to the club.

    Check the required content page to get the show on the road.

    • Nice man! The Monza track that will be used is the original from Assetto Corsa, am I right? Do you know which skins are still avaliable? Thank you.

  14. Hi guys, is there a place on the grid for the remaining races of the season for one more lost soul who is late to the party? :)

  15. Sorry for the double post but I can’t edit my post. Looking at the available skins, I’ll choose Renault please.

    I also see there is a slot in the BAR team (alongside Emil Praga). If possible, then this will be my first preference :)

    • Emil’s teammate has gone inactive so joining the BAR team sounds like a good plan. I’ll pencil you in there.

      If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the race organisers (YuckierDragon and BobbyDeacs). See you on the server :)

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