1. I see in replay that I bumped Marcelinho off track in T3. Very sorry dude! I am okay with us changing positions in the end results if race control decides so.

    It was a fun race and I really enjoyed the DRS app. At the end it was a bit lonely, so I am hoping for more people attending. I found the SF15-T modification a lot better now and I am hoping to do some practice before next race. A vacation coming up, so I’m probably back at the Hockenheim race.

  2. I ran this race using hards, mgu-k 6, hotlap mode and engine brake 12.  Tried my Spa setup and modified it a bit, but the car did not handle good for this track. My high engine brake helped me brake late, but that unfortunately made me brake into people, far too late. Sorry guys.

  3. i think that actually is somewhat a bug. not sure what happens but the server waits for everybody to finish their qualify lap within QUALIFY_MAX_WAIT_PERC defined in server config. Sometimes this just fails and the server thinks it has to wait a very long time. I don’t know the config of that server but I think there still was one car that could set a better time even during the 5 extra minutes as the server was thinking that a car missed the qualify time.

  4. HOW-TO disable DRS:

    1. open in notepad documents\assetto corsa\cfg\controls.ini

    2. In example, I have Button 6 set to DRS.
    Under [DRS], change BUTTON=6 to BUTTON=-1  (-1 is disabled).

    3. File > Save file in notepad

    …or make a backup by using a semicolon like this:


    When you want DRS re-enabled, just change it back.

  5. Thanks :) I also have this chair sliding problem. I have to move myself a bit each 5-6 laps. What kind of chair? I searched ebay for “rubber chair protector” and found some items that might help. I’ll order and see if they are any use.

  6. looking forward to this race! I hope people will take care in T1 :) have a hard time getting laptimes below 1:22,7. I lack setup knowledge. Tried mixing a setup yesterday and ended up with crazy handling that just left me off-road.

  7. This was very fun. And this oculus stuff had a great impact on my racing. Unfortunately, I did not test PitConfig before this race. It turns out that it does not work. So at first pitstop I messed around with my mouse which is kind of strange in Oculus. Then on my second stop I forgot to add tyre change, so I had to pit a second time for tire changes. I did not click for repair damage this race, as I have completely forgotten where to click after running PitConfig for ages now. Then my last stop was kinda fast, just loosing like 3 seconds on my last stop compared to pitconfig.

    This race was very fun and exhausting, both from pit clicking and the oculus immersion that really makes me feel exhausted from a race. :) I’m sure I’ll get these problems solved by next race somehow. Congratulations to all top drivers! It was fun!

  8. Qualified 7th. Had a crash at T1 and ended 16th before mission “catch up” started. So after 14 laps I was up to 3rd place.  I had planned 2 pitstops, Mediums and then final stint Softs. My big mistake and had my final pitstop one lap too early! I see now from my POV that I had fuel for one more lap… So then I had to one more lap on softs and that totally ruined my 3rd position. At the last lap, my fronts were like 69%. I turned my wheel, but the front tires just went straight, so I had to be really careful. YuckierDragon would probably take 3rd anyways, but loosing to Raven and puluminati in the last few turns was really baad! :)

    Well well, I think this was an awesome race and I had great fun.

    I’ve uploaded my POV:  (Sorry I dont use a virtual wheel so it’s not that fun to watch).

  9. Post race thoughts: well this went really bad. Was catching up on 2nd place when I discovered I had 120C in my rears and then I lost control. I wonder how you all managed to prevent this heating. Not use to tire preservation in my earlier races :).