1. Fun race at start holding off the fast boys and seeing Jan struggle ahead of me for a change. Came in a lap after teammate to make sure track was clear. Was having the most boring race of my life then (not that it was a problem at all) when I got the 2 second screen-freeze and the screen came back to life in the gravel pit. Lost 7 seconds which was perfect to bring Church right on my tail for the last lap, so lots of stress watching him reel me in.

  2. A bit of me was dreading this race (this is a big departure from the standard Tilke F1 track), but surprisingly only 3 collisions to look at for the stewards in the whole race, so hats off to everyone for that.

    My race – very conservative in both driving and strategy and that probably cost me one place – but who knows!

  3. I got rid of the one on the start-finish straight Oli, Cameron said it was too dangerous going into a flat-out corner and I agree. The game takes the DRS zones file from the server by-the-way and overrides the file you have on your hard drive.

  4. Big opportunity thrown away by me as my race pace was spot-on “for a change”. Alas, I spent 10 laps stuck in traffic (even after diving out of the traffic on lap 3 to find some space) and lost 2 – 3 seconds per lap. I won’t be running medium downforce here again. Anyway, great/frustrating (delete as applicable) fun trying to find a way past Husky that didn’t involve him sailing back past me again on the Kammel straight.

    Stewarding will tell-all, but overall I’m quite proud of the way you all drove :)

    RE: CAR CHANGES FOR NEXT WEEK – I have calmed down the fronts in particular, but unless I reduce downforce we are still going to get these big spikes in the high speed corners – Kunos are too clever for me with this thing called “physics”…. but I think these tyres make it really interesting especially with so many high-speed tracks this season.

    For normal people who enjoy life :) please stop reading this now, but for those who are interested, here’s what I did/tried to do with the tyres>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-

    There are 3 co-efficients of friction you can adjust – I would describe them roughly as follows (though I am no physicist) – 1) “Traction” – friction through braking and accelerating (they call this one SURFACE_ROLLING, but really it’s traction) – 2) “Rolling” – I would call this “longitudinal” friction, heat built up by driving fast over the tarmac 3) “Friction” – more to do with lateral grip – if the car doesn’t slide, the heat has to go somewhere.

    I figured quite logically that reducing 3) and increasing 1) & 2) would give me the desired effect of calming the tyres in high-speed corners. However after a lot of tuning & testing, even running 2) & 3) on zero and 1) “Traction” at a high-level, the overall results were very similar. Yes I drove out of the pits and by the end of the Kammel straight I had silly hot rears and freezing cold fronts, but by the time I had gone through Pouhon the fronts had gone crazy too – and a LOT more than the rears!

    So back to square one! I kept the values as they were (which was basically the Kunos values, but I have 5 of them instead of 2 as Kunos were too lazy to make 5 “truly” different compounds.

    Next I started to play with the heat transfer. Loosely speaking, there are two coefficients here:- 1) the heat transfer rate to the rubber in the tyre and 2) the rate of transfer from the rubber to the air/gas inside the tyre. By reducing 2) I managed to get more consistent results as this had the overall effect of warming and cooling the core temperatures in a slower and more progressive manner. They will take a bit longer to warm up, but probably not even enough to notice. This is what I stuck with in the end.

    I could of course, simply reduce the overall heat and get them perfect for Spa – that was never going to be a problem, but the issue then is that even the Ultras could not get up to operating temperature on tracks like Monaco, Singapore & Abu Dhabi and I want our car to be better not worse than the Kunos version in this respect.

    Anyway, now I have “some” insight into how difficult this is for Pirelli and that’s for sure why they went for much harder compounds last season, just to give themselves a break!

    Edit – I could also have widened the operating ranges, but that’s a bit of a cop-out. Still an option though.

  5. Haas is available, will update server later. Important stuff – Discord is used for all pre-race comms – not speaking is an option, but not listening (apart from when I’m waffling) isn’t :) – Link on right.

    ACRL DRS app – use our version. FtF Rules app also mandatory. Server can be found by typing “flag” into search. Hope you can make Spa.

  6. Good stuff – make sure you have all the apps and the data.acd and join us on server any time for practice – just put “Flag” into server search. Password is on Discord which is used for all race communications. Discord link is on the right.

  7. What I really like about no refuelling and starting on the softest compound is it allows you to think on your feet.

    In practice I was burning up the front left tyre on the softs within a few laps, so decided I was going to 2-stop and get onto mediums very early on.

    In race I got held up a bit in traffic at the start and realised that the tyres were not bad at all, so once I got clear I tried backing off a fraction in Copse and Stowe and the tyre kept going. Came in finally on lap 11 for a 1-stop.

  8. Well, I thought that my version of Intelliboost app had given me an advantage last week which I took gratefully, but it seems the “Captain” isn’t quite so “Slow” in this car as there is nothing to gain boosting at Silverstone.

    Soon be back in midfield, but enjoying it whilst I can.

  9. Final tweaks made to SF70H (servers updated), please re-download the data.acd:-

    1) Fine-tuned tyre thermals so that ultras run a bit cooler & hards a bit hotter (should bring all compounds into use over the season).
    2) Ride-height scales brought into line, plus fine-tuning of rear height now possible
    3) ARB range tightened slightly (ARB=0 gave too much traction before).

    Skin pack also available here (just unzip and copy these into the ks_ferrari_sf70h skins folder):-

    Sign-up post coming soon!

  10. Give Estoril a run for it’s money some time guys – it’s probably the highest quality modded track there is, really suits these cars and a feel similar to Brasil – easy to learn, hard to learn well.

    Once you start to hook it up, it gets better and better and has the best entry sequence into the main straight since Tilke ruined Mexico.

  11. 1st race will be jan 24. There will be 1 or 2 practice races beforehand.

    Car – TBC, the F2004 is a contender even though we don’t normally run the same car consecutively.

    Sorry, I know I’ve answered you on Discord, this is really for other’s benefit.


  12. Nice battles tonight, shame I didn’t have pace to hold off Church longer at the end. Could blame the fact I was using Hards, but don’t think that was a problem tbh.

    Sorry I didn’t get chance to hold up Jan for my teammate – I doubt I’d have managed more than a couple of turns anyway had he come out behind me on his 1st stop.

    Great season from Jan as ever, well done to Storm Cloud for all his recovery races, nice to see Thomas join right in the mix and big congrats to Coretex for finding so much more pace.

    Great to have some really good new guys in midfield as well. Don’t practice too much, I need you for next season and I don’t want leaving behind!

  13. Servers are up for last minute practice Alistair. There is an issue with timing-stats which I’ve informed our server host about, but probably best NOT to know how fast some guys are going :)

  14. Really pleased with how well everyone responded tonight – even the practice starts were “mostly” clean – so much less hectic, but we still raced competitively.

    Had great battle with ysag at start until the kerb glitch chucked me off and nearly took him/Storm Cloud with me. Sorry for holding you up BTW, I kept nailing the exit if not the entry, but clearly a big speed gap between us!

    Then had a nice run-in towards the end with Kost Church just as things seemed to be getting quiet.

  15. Have downloaded crew chief, very clever software working over all those games.

    I have changed this in assettocorsa.ini from FOV=10 BTW


    The blindspot is reduced, maybe even eliminated. Also, if people don’t think it’s realistic enough, I would point out that Vettel’s mirror in real F1 is definitely curved not flat.

  16. As I said (and Amereto) – they don’t work for me. I am hopeful that I can find a good mirror FoV which covers more angle with my discovery above – well its new to me. If I get it right, might even be able to see DRS wing opening with SF70H.

  17. In assetto_corsa.ini there is this section. I’m going to have a play with it, but looks like its global for all cars – a wider FoV will reduce blind spots:-


  18. I can’t get HC to work on triple screen (or just problem with my PC) – and the app with guy who shouts out “car on yer’ left”, “clear on yer left” doesn’t seem to work either – but TBH, with triple screen, I rarely don’t know if someones’ there or not.

  19. I agree with your sentiments 100% and the “rush for corner 1” does get me down a lot, especially after the number of times in the past that I have preached coast-and-lift – I even felt myself sucked into this at Mexico. I too was tagged twice on lap 1 yesterday just “minding my own business” and had a horrible car until I came in for repairs.

    HOWEVER, there are two sides to any coin and I am NOT judging you to blame for any of your last 3 big incidents (2 are still open to stewards anyway, so I can’t) BUT there are some people who would say you didn’t leave a lot of room.

    Please at least look at these to see the different POSSIBLE viewpoint – it doesn’t detract from the fact that we have two many “torpedos” though :)

  20. Singa is a shame too, but maybe they are still “posturing”, we’ll soon find out. I’m not mad about the track, but its such an amazing thing to do in the middle of the night through the heart of a big City.

  21. There was also some lag – it will all get investigated by stewards:-

    Your contact with Storm Cloud occurred 6m earlier than his contact with you, which means basically that you got a bigger hit than he actually gave you.

  22. I’m guessing you’re a friend of Marcel, if so he can fill you in on details. Do you want a regular seat or will you be guesting every couple of races or so (which is fine BTW :))?

  23. Good choice – we’ll get you a teammate as soon as we get even numbers again. Make sure all the apps are installed (downloads are on race post) and join server any time for practice. Also join us on Discord on Wednesday as that’s our only way of letting everyone know what’s going on.

  24. Sounds like you found a track glitch, but pitstops are always an issue when you start. Wait til you overrun the box, then reverse, then forget you’re in reverse and pull away backwards – doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t done that :)

  25. Made a one-stop and it “just” paid off, did feel like a sitting-duck though.

    I think the balance with fuel/pitstop timing etc is perfect and puts 1-2 stops within seconds of one-another – this is gonna be a good season for us all, the car Kunos has made is not accurate (it has way too much grip for the era) but its great fun.

  26. Welcome on board :-

    Check out the downloads above.
    Our AC server is found by typing “flag” into search.
    Discord is used on race day for all communications and is mandatory.

    Select your favourite 3 skins from the list above and we’ll find you a teammate unless you already have one in mind.

    If enough turn-out, Cameron is running a race event tonight at Malaysia, so you’re welcome to join in. I don’t think many have practised ther, so shouldn’t be at too much of a disadvantage :)

  27. Only 5 days to go, so choose your cars (and teammate if you have one) now – skin colours are as follows (choose top 3 skin preferences):-

    FtF Toro Rosso – Blue-red
    FtF Force India – Pink – white
    FtF Jaguar – Racing Green – white
    FtF Jordan – Yellow – black
    FtF Mercedes – Grey-Turquoise
    FtF Red Bull – Dark Blue-yellow
    FtF Renault – Sky blue-yellow
    FtF Sauber – Blue-sky blue
    FtF Williams – White-blue

  28. I think this is also AC physics – it still doesn’t quite allow properly for the big, fat, soft, squidgy tyres (or drivers, in my case) that F1 has. I think that’s why all the good F1 mods including ours have such low pressures – that’s why I did it anyway, to take a bit of the sting out of kerbs.

  29. Looking forward to this one despite the recent demise in my own driving. Clever/simple idea to put a big black dome around the City to block out the sun then turn some lights on to make it look like it does in real life – not sure why the Bahrain & Abu Dhabi night track modders didn’t do this.

    Make sure you have reflections set to as high a level as your GPU will take.

  30. Just a single F1 league at the moment. We may start running 2 leagues again in the future, but lots of possibilities including F1 2017 which is starting to get much better reviews. Whatever, we hope to get a sim league alongside a more “fun” league going at some point.

  31. We look into all incidents and unsafe returns to track are high on the list, but I’m not prejudging in this case.

    I don’t know what the best level is, we have had some races where someone has been punted off the track due to lag, for example – in that case the “offender” has no impact and would carry on with no damage at all (no matter what % you set) whilst the “victim” carries on with an uncontrollable rear end.

    We will review, maybe others have an opinion?

  32. As you probably know, Ive been away and just got back now. Will attend to above later this week.

    Any new guys who wants to race, just turn up later and we will fit you in. Make sure you’re signed into Discord server & have all the apps.

  33. Shame there weren’t more of us tonight as this was the most interesting race strategy-wise so far:-

    Softs-Mediums proved the best, but it wasn’t easy at all – I was panicking big-time at the end.
    Softs-Hards would have been piece-of-cake, but the hards grain quite a bit and simply aren’t fast even though they last forever.
    Softs-Meds-Meds probably the best time-wise, so long as you don’t get stuck in traffic
    Softs-Softs-Softs also OK, but the front left blisters, so you’d get a fast start to each stint and struggle towards the end.
    Some also did Softs-Meds-Softs, only problem being that extra stop.

    …and with the old system, we’d have all done one stop Mediums.

    Enjoyed the race, but really thought I’d mucked it up big time when I span-out early on the mediums – I simply forgot to short change out of turn 3. Luckily Jakki was all over me one lap too late to steal 2nd place, but last two laps felt like the car was going to go on me any time with about 93% grip at the end.

  34. Great to have you on board. Note all the apps you need above plus Discord is used for all race comms (compulsory) – server is here

    To find our AC race server for practice/race, type “Flag” into online search and we should be there. Note the “data.acd” for the SF15-T has been altered, this car is much quicker than the SF15-T, but still “feels like” an SF15-T.

  35. Well, that went as bad as I can do I think – strategy wrong, got undercut by Coretex and too low wings. Nice battles with my teammate and great fun trying to hold Marcelinho off at the end. I nearly did it too as he couldn’t really get a run on me.

  36. Post-event thoughts from me:-

    It is clear that the RSS didn’t go down well “overall” given the number of spin-outs and quits. The post-race poll was 80% against it as well.

    However, its also clear that the SF17T needs more work and some characteristics of the RSS are actually favourable. I don’t think it’s the grip per-say, it’s more the “tightness” for want of a better word – it’s too tight. I will adjust accordingly (preserving the “fun” element), get some testing done & post the next event/update server ASAP for Canada test.

  37. You did well and great to have you on board. Join us on Discord next time (server Flag-to-Flag) and make sure you have all the apps mentioned in post (we do all our race communications by Discord). We weren’t quite on the same mission tonight as you may have gathered, but that’s fine :)

  38. Enjoyed the racing and especially the novelty of driving the SLS. The Dallara is a great drive as ever, I think that steering ratio needs adjusting though – 5 minutes job to fix it.

  39. So grateful you guys could at least get together and see the season off this weekend.

    I never lost my enthusiasm, simply have had issues with a “life” that starts around 7pm on a Friday and ends the same time on a Sunday. This will be fixed next season!

    Looks like some still had a great race and look forward to putting together the final video.

  40. There’s one race left this season, so a bit late to form a team. However, with the championship decided it’s a perfect time for you to join in and see whether you like us or not :)

    The server is available 24/7 for practise, use of Discord is mandatory on race days – it’s our means of communication (when my headset works!). Password for server is in chat heading. Ftf rules app also mandatory. Any other info is also above.

    Great to see new faces on track.

  41. You’ve just joined the “Reprimand” club – membership is compulsory. We just have to get my teammate Ninja on-board now (think that’s why he’s rarely seen, wants to keep his clean sheet)!

    There were other things that surprised me at San Marino a lot more than your minor incident. Hope they were a one-off folks ;)

  42. Hardly made any mistakes – which is a sure sign that I was back in “Captain Slow” mode :(

    Fastest grid we’ve had this season, hope some of the “medium-paced” guys make a return for the last 2 races.

  43. Pleased with my pace, defo not Captain Slow in this car. My race craft on the other hand – very naive driving! 3rd was more than in the bag. At least we seemed to have a couple of bunches to keep it interesting.

  44. The pit thing is fine, I was just expecting a bit more imagination from Kunos really. They have held back the D-pad/arrow keys from us for years (would have been nice to use them to adjust brakes forward/back, for example) and I was hoping that when they finally revealed why they reserved them, it would be for something more than just a copy of pitconfig.exe with tyre pressures added.

    Melbourne is great fun, not a shitty Tilke corner in sight.

  45. Great stuff, see above for details of FtF app, Discord/server details etc.

    One heads-up with this car by-the-way, we are pretty much all using stability control (and a touch of traction too). It’s not very “sim-like” to do this, but there’s something odd with the geometry of this car when you clip an inside kerb, so I do recommend it as the behaviour is more realistic with than without IMO.

    Join server any time for practice, it’s up 24/7

  46. Yes Milvus, there is still room. Make sure to install the FtF rules app and download our physics update to the VRC car – all in discussion above.

    Race days requires us all to use Discord (it’s our communication tool), server is

    Join server any time for practice – put “flag” into search to find us.

  47. Gutted I can’t make the race again, but other things take precedent sometimes and a weekend of beer and curry in Brum beats most things in my book.

    My enthusiasm for this league certainly isn’t waning, normal service will be resumed :)

  48. Welcome on board, The rules app/car physics/skin pack is above and the track is on the race event post which is the first thing you see when entering the flag-to-flag site.

    Join server any time for practice, password is in Discord at top of #chat

  49. Yes it is, consider it done. Be sure to download & activate the FtF Rules app and our physics/skins for the VRC FW31

    Also, we use “Discord” for all our race communications – the Discord server is “Flag-to-Flag”. The password for the AC server is at the top of the #chat window, feel free to join for practise any time (put “flag” into AC search to find it).

  50. Looks like it was another fairly epic race and with fewer lagged incidents than last week. Great effort especially from the new guys who seemed to all want to do things the right way. Given that my first few laps put me back in the field, it meant I was able to race with most of them first hand.

    Also interesting to see a 1-stopper actually working well plus a mixture of people who sacrificed a little bit of laptime in exchange for better overtaking with lower wing settings.

    Had some good tussles with Cameron & Toolo and an epic chase at the end with Hunter!

  51. Hi Tolomb, join the server any time for practice. For the weekend you will need our stewarding app installed and activated in-game –

    you will also need our version of the car physics file which needs to go into /content/cars/fc1_2009_williams_fw31 –

    we are still using version 1.3.8 which is here:-

  52. One of my favourite tricks is to install the cars in the wrong place – make sure the path for the fc1_2009_williams_fw31 folder is correct –


    The Williams icon should appear very near the end of the list.

  53. What’s good is you have company this season, last season was top heavy. Also, nobody there was slow including yourself – we’re all quick! …..but yes it does come as a shock when you meet the Shayans, Ravens & Piots of this World.

    Bad news is we also have Emil our current champ, Jan Frajbis, Storm Cloud will be quick again, Coretex seems quicker too, Ton is fast if he practises, my teammate Ninja can also win races, Max Verstappen is no slouch, Waffen is proper fast, Rhobium on his days away from college is right up there and the old man Yuck has his day too.. and no doubt I missed someone from that list!

    First target is get past me – won’t take as long as you think :)

  54. Well, I just loaded the video up to see what kind of race people had and looks like there was a lot of fun in the midfield, which is great. I also saw a lot of respectful driving which usually means that the new guys have some experience, so all bodes well for the season.

    Shame for me that my pace was in-between the front and midfield, so once I got past Bolea it was a bit lonely, but I have a feeling the midfield will catch me by the time we get to the Nuerburgring.

  55. The car that the modders are developing with us (there are a few small problems with ground clearance etc) is the non-KERS version, so that is the default until we have tested the updated KERS version. Yes, we would like to use KERS, so long as the mods are up to scratch.

    The modified data.acd will be posted shortly in the Race Event for the Saturday test at Mugello.

  56. Saw you all signed in when I got home from mum’s, but had been on the road for nearly 6 hours by then. By the time I joined T/s, Discord you were all done and dusted.

    Nice videos, lots of good carnage :)

  57. We could try this sometime December, with a track that improves quite quickly it would be kind of like going from wet to dry. As Rhobium says, tyres will simply get better rather than needing a change of compound.

    PS:- Not a stupid idea, we’re all craving the stuff we took for granted with Codemasters’ F1 – though not the crappy physics etc :)

  58. Got swarmed first few corners towards back end of grid, then too much downforce meant I couldn’t get past Milan early on – stayed on his case til softs started to go, but couldn’t break him – well done!

    Undercut onto mediums finally sorted that battle out, but no pace whatsoever on them – don’t understand why.

  59. This would require some more code in the FtF rules app (I’m assuming) just to check people remember, but I totally agree – if it could be achieved. We could then also consider 200% tyre wear as no-one could just do two hard stints any more.

  60. This is what I want too Storm Cloud, but it assumes that the tyre physics and the modded track’s surface are realistic too – which they clearly aren’t. Picking the temps to match the race conditions/tyres is far more realistic in my opinion – would you want to do Singapore on hard tyres, for example? You would have to with realistic air temps (and for that matter air temps , which we also have set low).

  61. What I’d suggest is this – we decide in advance which tyres we should “aim for” and it should reflect the real life choices as best as possible. It won’t be that accurate as surfaces/track layout varies, but something like this:-

    • SS & S – 10 degs
    • S & M  – 17 degs
    • M & H – 24 degs

    What do people think?

  62. It was originally at 10 degs on the server, changed quickly to 20 degs, so that’s probably the half second. It does also seem that an increase of 10 degs in air temp adds roughly 10 degs to the running tyre temps.

  63. This makes a lot of sense.

    So –

    • SS: Just about viable at 10 degs.
    • S: Again, only at low temps
    • M: Work well at high temps
    • H: Work well at very high temps.

    Seems like there’s no middle ground for this tyre model – has to be hot for Ms & Hs, has to be cold for Ss & SSs.

  64. Enjoyable race, but damage limitation for em from the moment my front wing turned the same colour as the Renault on the Kemmel straight accident. Lacking front downforce made the car very stable, but way too slow in the middle section.

    Remember some nice wheel-to-wheel with Storm Cloud (epic “Verstappen” overtake at Blanchimont!) and Coretex, plus myself and Rhobium running our own version of the “Tortoise n Hare” with the tortoise winning for a change.

    Great to see a newcomer victorious first time out, hopefully we will give him a run for his money as the season progresses.

  65. Chat post race will be good. I would personally like to have everything scaled correctly (including fuel), however I have to say that IF we could enforce a stop, then 1x tyres would give us far more options – literally.

  66. A tip for tonight – decide what fuel you need for the race (I’ll be using 100 litres). Divide that by the number of laps (100/29 = 3.45 litres/lap for me). Use that value to manage your fuel during the race – if you dip below, you can rev more etc.

  67. I’ll be 2-stopping. I agree it would be nice if you could increase the speed limit a bit in pits so that the pitstop duration is a little bit closer to 50% as well.

    If we changed tyre wear to 100%, we would still have same problem as you could zero-stop then.

  68. nice, so we could go with double fuel rate and then we’re getting closer to real life, so to say! Then you might plan a 1-stop on hards, find you’re struggling and come in early for 2 medium/soft stints without having to panic with pitconfig to stop it over-fuelling you like now. The tyres would become totally fluid, rather than fixed intervals like now.

  69. Refuelling – test. Just like F2002, has hardly any impact on pitstop duration so a 3-stop will require a quarter of the full fuel, 2-stop a third, 1-stop half. Is there any way anyone knows of that we can block refuelling on the server as its another part of the sim aspect of F1 (starting race on a heavy car-finishing light) that would be nice to have?

  70. Same view here Cameron, for straight wheel-to-wheel racing like we’ve been doing for years, the F138 is by far the best car….but for something completely different and like nothing else we’ve ever done, the SF15 is amazing.

    PS:- Also, the geekier it is the more chance BobbyGeeks has – not that he really does have much chance.

  71. Having my best race of the season until it came to an incredible end, was really looking forward to final laps battling with the Ninja. After the incident, downforce seemed to be just about OK, but wouldn’t go around the tight corners at all. Had fun holding Mystro off for a consolation 5th place.

    PS:- Just been through the collisions for stewarding (updating our spreadsheet with times etc) and wow, have we come on a long way since Day 1 – proud of you all!

  72. Apart from us admins nobody really looks at this thread, so use the main chat box on right side of homepage and maybe just say “I’m gonna be on server later at x pm European Time, anyone around?”.

    BTW, I use AI as well for race practice (set track to green at start) and make sure tyre wear, temps match server. As we do quali and start race at 98% grip, its always worth putting in some hot laps and stints on server to confirm your tyres will last.

  73. Great result for Emil, so gutted I couldn’t do anything but panic and replace data cables, press reset buttons and sit on the phone waiting for Plusnet to answer! Just tidying it all up now.

    On the big plus side, when I spectated on my 3x screens it all looked f*ing awesome and great turn-out too. I don’t think real-Sochi today will be anywhere near as good as FtF Sochi :)

  74. havent tried mediums yet, with softs I was getting front wear 4x faster than rears yet core front temps remained below 80deg – tried lots of setup changes to little effect. Not sure I like what theyve done, seems more like drift racing than F1 now, maybe sochi is the problem…gonna try mediums now

  75. More fun than I’ve had in years of league racing – a couple of unfortunate bumps put me out of the hunt, but without them I’d have probably sat in 4th or 5th place all race getting bored out of my skull.

  76. Damn, Ive had this too – just the once, hoped it was a one-off glitch. Just sat their in pits unable to change gear or accelerate – all inputs apart from keyboard dead.

    Think Rhobium needs to write one for us Emil

  77. We will try different things over the test races to see what we can do with the rear tyres, but some seem to be coping better than others and we don’t want to take that away from them either. At the same time, the general concensus seems to be that softs are pretty useless and it would be nice to find a solution that brings them more into play.

  78. Same problem for everyone, we will have it sorted by the start of the season. This car needs more grip until the devs fix the rear temps, which I think they will – they seem really keen.

    Tonight goes ahead as per practice. I managed to adjust setup so I could get 7 really good laps out of softs and 9 OK ones. I thought I’d cracked it, then tried same setup using mediums and got barely 6 laps from them.

  79. Birthday present means I’ll be away in about 2 hours and not back for weekend – I knew something was going on. We are also away 27th with no room in car for T300. Interesting to see how the Ferrari stacks up for league racing, it’s awesome to drive but likes pointing the wrong way sometimes as well.

    I’ll be back – have fun :)