1. After re-installing the game it started to work properly.

    Got in to the pitlane in Silverstone in practice mode and checked server list and it showed that I have correct track.

    Now just need to install all required content back and will be ready to race.

    Hopefully this also fix my car’s handling that has been awful in last two races. Have felt like front end is so high up that front tyres barely touch the grond and rear end is so low that diffuser is digging in to the ground. Changing setup in pitlane didn’t make any difference in handling on track.

  2. Deleted game already and I’m currently downloading it back from steam. Hopefully re-install will help to solve my problems.

    Didn’t try to join other servers. Also couldn’t join in the F3 test server for same reason.

  3. Can someone tell where I can download correct version of Silverstone circuit that is used in the server so I can race tonight.

    I only have one version of Silverstone circuit that came with the game but it is not the same so can not join in the server because of missing content.

  4. No one told me that I was suppose to be in Williams in last race. Thought I was still teamless is why I signed for Mclaren seat.

    I will stay in Williams so it is easier to keep track point tables when I’m not driving in different team every race.

  5. Not sure if I will be driving tonight.

    Semifinal match Canada vs USA in ice hockey world championships is about to start and I’m goint watch it to see who will go against Finland in the final tomorrow. Depends how the game goes I either watch whole game or will join you guys in germany.