1. The show went on indeed. Looked a good race, I enjoyed watching the action especially mid-race. Hard luck for church who ran out of fuel last lap on the hangar straight!

    I guess two-stops turned out to be the better strategy this time. It’s been an interesting balance in different races, nice to have that variability

  2. I thought it was a fun event on the whole. Nice to get back to the sprint racing we used to enjoy in the olden days of flag-to-flag :)

    Go-karts were a bit tricky but all the races were action packed and very close. The mazda got a lot more strung out, I guess that’s inevitable since you need a lot more precision to drive it fast, but I actually really liked the car. Some great drifting!

  3. Sorry your comment didn’t appear straight away, I think with all those links it was flagged.

    I haven’t seen any race action recently so I can’t really comment on any of these incidents. I just hope that your bad luck will even out over time, that was always my experience.

    Maybe some are getting too gung-ho on the brakes – not that getting braking points right is easy in F1 cars, though, especially at the start. I will talk with Bobby about whether we have patterns bad driving that we can address.

    But I can say one thing: “nothing in mirrors” is a rather feeble excuse. If the combination of your camera view and the car model means you can’t see much in the mirrors, then you ought to (a) turn on the virtual mirror or use a look back button, and (b) install Helicorsa as recommended so that you know where cars are around you. Otherwise I fear you might take some blame for poor positioning of your car relative to others.

  4. I have to point out that raising the damage level would only make the problem worse.

    Nobody brakes too late and hits the driver in front on purpose. Lap 1 where the cars are all bunched up is difficult for everyone, and a higher damage level won’t solve that. Drivers might be less brave but they will still misjudge braking points.

    All it would achieve is to make those unfortunate incidents into race-enders. How does that help?

    Everyone makes mistakes and what we care about is seeing the right reaction. That’s why we rarely give a penalty if you bump into another driver but are polite enough to wait for them.

    Deliberately crashing into a fellow driver is not the right reaction.

  5. Hi Maxuus, welcome to FtF :)

    Looks like there is still space, we had a lot of people coming and going in the last few weeks. Grab the downloads listed above and just let me or BobbyDeacs know if you have any questions. See you on track soon!

  6. Great race. Ended up last on lap 1 so I had fun coming back through.

    Jakkinen, that 10-lap battle in the middle stint was brilliant, you were too good at defending the inside line :) I was just lucky to come clear after the 2nd pitstops.

  7. Hi, we certainly do have free spaces. Not sure about exactly what teams because we need to check who is active but you are most welcome to join.

    Let us know if you have any queries and see you on track :)

  8. The corner-cutting detection was a bit too harsh at the left-hand part of the fast chicane (T11).

    With those warnings removed we had no corner cutting penalties at all, I think for Melbourne that’s an FtF record :)

  9. Welcome Dani. See Bobby’s advice in the message just above on what stuff you need to download and install – just let us know if you get stuck.

    You can find our practice server by searching for “Flag” in the in-game server browser, that’s the best way to get familiar with the car and our race conditions.

  10. Yep, I would definitely recommend that or using a mute key (Settings -> Keybinds, toggle mute).

    You can also adjust the activation threshold under Settings -> Voice -> Input Sensitivity (untick the box and move the slider). It’s probably too low by default.

  11. The timing stats (linked in the menu at the top) come from stracker, while we get the results directly from the game.

    Car setup is also a familiarity thing I guess. Once you find some tweaks that suit you and make it a bit more predictable to drive they’ll probably work everywhere :)

  12. Not late at all, more signups are always welcome :)

    Make sure you download the files now listed in the post above. The server is online for practice, details on the right – let us know if you have any issues.

  13. The game isn’t that good at estimating fuel consumption, I think apps like RaceEssentials are more useful for that.

    As for pace, I wouldn’t worry too much – fast tracks like Mugello tend to exaggerate the difference between drivers. It’ll probably be much tighter at Hockenheim next week :)

  14. The idea is that a lower setting means less engine braking, so longer braking distances and more fuel consumption, but a more stable rear end under braking. And the opposite for a high setting.

    It’s not actually related to KERS, just helps counteract the effect of harvesting under braking in cars that do have KERS.

    That all said, I haven’t tried it in this car. Not sure how big a difference it makes.

  15. Interesting to hear that you think the F138 feels more alive. Do you feel the same on a track with fewer high speed corners, like say the Nurburgring?

    The FW31 does have so much grip, it feels a bit too much. We would probably reduce the track grip a bit if we drove it compared to the other cars.

  16. Sounds good!

    The calendar will be published along with a sign-up post for the new season some time after Christmas.

    With regard to being notified, there will be a post on the homepage before each race with a vote to say if you will attend. You can also keep an eye on the calendar and we try to publish the events on our steam group. If you have any suggestions for other ways to notify drivers of upcoming races, let me know :)

  17. Hi guys, great to have you onboard :)

    Planning is underway for a new season hopefully starting in January. We’ll have more news in the next couple of weeks.

    Currently the FW31 mod is the favourite for our choice of car. You may want to download it and let us know what you think.

  18. We’ve been in touch with the current developer of the Williams mod, so if you have any feedback about what could be improved on the car feel free to comment below :)

    So far we are looking at fixing the fuel consumption and repair times, and making the ride height a bit more forgiving when off-track.

  19. Nope, this is the first official outing for the Williams.

    We’ll leave the server online afterwards with the F2002 & FW31 if you fancy trying them out at some point.

  20. Server is now online if you want to get an early taster :)

    First impressions: of the 3 cars, I find the F138 a bit boring and predictable. The F2002 and FW31 are both great, my personal favourite is the Williams for its directness – I guess it suits my driving style a little better.

    Oh, and make sure to map a KERS button since the F138 and FW31 both have it.

  21. Oh, is the app not detecting that? Another turn to check on the replay then.

    All this is because for some reason Kunos has specified lots of the run-off areas as being part of the track. It’s a bit frustrating.

  22. That’s right. The Silverstone race is next Saturday at 20:30 Amsterdam time.

    We can’t set a very long practice period without it breaking the server, so it will just loop through practice-qualifying-race sessions. You can always use the skip session vote.

  23. We have only identified one area: it’s not allowed to use the second pit lane exit before turn 11 (end of the second DRS straight) to get a better entry to that corner.

    From now on there’ll be a short drivers meeting on TS at 20:30 when the event begins, before we do the practice starts, just for a couple of minutes. Yuck will introduce it this weekend. We hope this will give a clearer opportunity to make sure everyone is familiar with any particular rules :)

  24. It would be possible but somewhat more effort – and rules that require you to do something (e.g. using multiple tyre compounds) are much easier to accidentally break. Not a big fan of adding more things to penalise people for.

    From what I’ve seen at Spa and Valencia, it looks like 150% is a good balance. I used hards for two thirds of the last race and it was a nice strategy option to have, but that’s not viable at Valencia.

  25. Well, for me at least the softs work fine at Valencia in the current conditions. So it’s only super-softs that would necessitate really cold temperatures.

    However, for most people the super-softs only last 25% of a race distance so I don’t think it’s worthwhile trying to make them viable as a race tyre. And temperatures are no problem in qualifying if you only do 1 hotlap.

  26. It does rather depend on the nature of the track as well. Personally, I think it’s better to choose tyres that suit the conditions but it’s an interesting concept.

    The drawback to random temperatures is that we’re just making things harder, I feel the car presents enough of a challenge as it is. Also, assuming they were set on the day it’s a bit unfair for people who aren’t able to practice on the server on Saturday afternoons. I’m more comfortable when we have time to test that the conditions are reasonable.

  27. Any thoughts on the tyre temperatures?

    For me, supersofts overheat at the rear but softs and mediums are fine. I treat supersofts as a qualifying tyre with this mod so I don’t see that as a big concern.

    Of course, managing the tyre temperatures should matter just like in the real sport, be that through driving style or setup.

  28. The low temps are nothing to do with hotlap times, we don’t care about that. We’re just trying to have the most options possible on race strategy.

    Before AC 1.8, the softer compounds overheated way too fast to use in the race. The 1.8 update has changed things a bit so we will do some more testing in the coming week and adjust the temperatures appropriately.

  29. I did my best to set a record for most spins in a race while still scoring points :p

    Well done to John for his debut victory, and Raven and Shayan on the podium :) Also a great debut result for Storm Cloud.

  30. Lol, no exploding tyres in our league I hope although you might cannon into the wall instead :p

    We just go by what the rules app says in such situations. Spa kerbs are probably treated as part of the track so that wouldn’t be a warning. We mostly care about people who are just taking the mickey, rather than being super strict.

  31. On the other hand, what makes a good league race is not half the field missing their braking points on lap 1 :)

    It’s a balancing act. We will still be doing practice starts before qualifying, we just have to consider whether some sort of warmup is necessary.

  32. Sad to hear about the washout this evening. Oh well, I guess a few too many people on holiday at once!

    We’ll be back next weekend with another event which will be announced in a few days :)

  33. Emil’s teammate has gone inactive so joining the BAR team sounds like a good plan. I’ll pencil you in there.

    If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the race organisers (YuckierDragon and BobbyDeacs). See you on the server :)

  34. After recent comments about rear tyre temperature, I had a look at the car physics and I don’t think it’s actually an issue.

    The tyres should only lose 1% of their grip at 35° above or 20° below optimal temperature.

    I suspect the actual problem is tyre wear: 95% grip is already difficult to drive with, and the difference between the compounds is quite small in terms of tyre life and grip.

  35. Hi folks and welcome to FtF!

    There’s no skill level test, anyone who drives fairly is welcome :) You can probably get an idea of relative speeds if you join our server for practice, there’s bound to be some people online before the event on Saturday. You can also check out the server timing stats.

    We will have a new sign-up post open for F2002 league shortly, so I will close the comments here for now.

  36. Welcome, that’s great :) The next season will probably start in early January next year, possibly racing on a Sunday rather than a Saturday.

    You’re welcome to try out the car in the mean time, of course. If you have any questions let us know.

  37. Welcome :) You asked to drive the Williams – one of the drivers in that team has disappeared so you can take his place, alongside Ukyo.

    Regarding the car, don’t confuse our ACF1 car with the french ACFL mod. They’re quite different ;)

    Make sure to download the required apps and circuits mods, and have a practice on the Flag-to-Flag server. Let me know if you have any questions.

  38. AC doesn’t seem to handle the 3rd/heave spring very well, or stiff suspension in general. The car is now softer but definitely more predictable and easier to control, in our view :)

    I would suggest fiddling with the suspension wheel rates and travel range settings instead, both have a large adjustment range. The packers are not that stiff either, so the car shouldn’t be too pitch sensitive.

  39. Welcome! Thanks for signing up here. The next race is Saturday 19th – the post where you can register as attending will be on the homepage from Tuesday.

    Our AC server will be online for practice all week as well.

  40. We follow the same rules as Formula 1: when the leader finishes the race, everyone else can only complete that lap. Hopefully you heard me say “Last lap” over teamspeak.

    There is currently a bug in AC that allows you to carry on racing, but that will be fixed in the upcoming v1.2 update.

  41. Sorry about that. It’s ok to join late in qualifying, but by the time we’re on the grid it’s too late really, there’s no time to prepare for the race.

    Hopefully see you there at Imola :)

  42. Welcome to all our new Spanish friends :)

    Take a look at the signup list above, which is ordered by priority to race. We expect members to be able to make most of the races, otherwise you’ll be demoted in the reserve list.

    A few of the regulars will be missing each race, so there’s a good chance that reserves can take part. If you’re on the reserve list, please send me a message before the race and I’ll check that there’s space for you to drive.

  43. If you’d like to use stability assist, you have to turn it on yourself. You can do this by choosing practice mode from the menu, configuring your assists in the session setup bit and going to track – then your assists should be kept when you go online.

    Naturally, it’s completely optional :)

  44. I’m still making a few adjustments, I’ll put a link online very soon :)

    I’ll probably try to make an installer or something as well, so it’s easier for people new to AC to get the mod working.

    Edit: I’ve done exactly that, see above.

  45. I’m gonna start off with wheel settings. I found at first that my Logitech G25 felt very strange – quite loose around the middle especially.

    But I found that by selecting the preset for my wheel first, then tweaking the button mapping, things were much better. I guess unless you choose a steering wheel preset, the steering is set up more for a gamepad.

    Anyway, here’s my current advanced wheel settings:

    All Deadzones: 0%
    All Saturation: 100%
    Steering Linearity: 1

    As for force feedback, I’m still not happy with my configuration so I’ll leave that for someone else.

  46. Also, if you visit the site on a smartphone you’ll now see a more mobile-friendly version of the website – for anyone who needs their FtF fix while out and about xD