SF70-H League Sign-Up *Prizes*

A first for FtF, there will be 4 PRIZES at the end of the season in the form of Steam gift vouchers:-

1st place – £50, 2nd place – £15, 3rd place – £10

Fair play award – £50 (based on attendance/clean racing)

Races will take place every Tuesday starting 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). Race distance 50% with scaled fuel & tyre wear. Assists will be manufacturer only.

Your best 9 out of 10 results count towards your standings.

To reserve a skin or enter a team, please leave a comment below.

Car Available here (Ferrari Pack)  SF70-H Physics (1509 downloads) SF70-H Skin Pack (1382 downloads)  Guidelines Here

Required Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2170 downloads) KMR App (836 downloads)

Event Info: 

  • Meet up in Discord by 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). All communications are by voice channel. Speaking is not compulsory.
  • Please use push-to-talk during races if you are using a mic/headset.
  • 18 minute quali, 50% race – grip at start of quali 97%, rubbering in to 100% during race.
  • Return to pits button allowed in quali only.

Confirmed Skins/Drivers

  1. Jan, Jakki – Ferrari
  2. Bob, Storm – Force India
  3. Mixa, Crucifier – Jaguar
  4. Matt, Tas – Haas
  5. Emerty, Jusp – Williams
  6. Nivec, Dmitry – Aston skin tbc
  7. Albano, Olger – Red Bull
  8. Charmander, Travisty – Beanies
  9. Nugen, Sebastien – Renault
  10. Blessed44, Sonic – Toro Rosso
  11. Imran, Peace Pipe – Mclaren
  12. Yayovich, Victoriano – Alfa
  13. Frogger, Copyrofire – Sauber

Available Skins (or make your own)

Sauber, Lotus, Mercedes

48 thoughts on “SF70-H League Sign-Up *Prizes*

  1. Me, Dave obviously, Dmitry will definitely be up for it, Haago interested, Matt for sure, Mixa/Crucifier also keen but more guest-like appearances, VSX is going to try and get some mates to join, Maxi can join for start of season, Cyplix up for guest appearances, Jay possible, Rage will post on his forum. All good for existing guys, but we need some new blood for sure.

  2. Hi I am in, no teammate.

    And two questions:

    *What is the calendar?
    *The sf70h physics you provided, will it refer to a sort of fixed setup?

    • didnt see 2nd question – setup is same as Kunos – ie: what you want. I havent been able to open diff settings, but Ive changed the default to feel a lot less like a barge. Calendar is the picture above

  3. That’s done – Watch out for announcements in Discord, won’t do skins until the custom ones have come in, so random for now.

  4. I’m in! if any slots available please. I would like to know if there will be custom Jaguar skin? Otherwise Id like to have a seat in any “Official f1 2017 livery” car :D Thank you

    • Great, skin will be updated next few days on server. Teammate is Maatheus (great guy)., so get in touch and he might help you with setup etc (or vice-versa). All downloads are on the race event post. Discord server is here, we meet in voice channel before race. https://discord.gg/FGvrE8d

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