About Us

Welcome to Flag-to-Flag, a racing community set up by like-minded F1 enthusiasts. It was founded back in August 2012 by 3 guys who just wanted to share their desire for fair and competitive racing, but most of all to have fun!

Meet the Team

Here’s a brief run-down of the people who make things happen in our community, including Mercedes-style job titles :P

Active Leadership

  • Rhobium: Executive Director (Technical) – Community co-founder, Assetto Corsa league steward and website administrator. A perfectionist who struggles to delegate.
  • BobbyDeacs: Assetto Corsa league organiser, applying his years of wisdom to proper sim racing. Alas, yet another admin called Rob.

Site Leaders the founders and orchestrators of our community since 2015 who hope to set a good example for all our members:

  • YuckierDragon: Executive Director (Minigames) – Community co-founder and event organiser. Never short of an opinion or twenty.
  • MinedPolecat34: Executive Director (Chaos) – Community co-founder and FSR team manager, the Lolcat is always up for some fun.

Contributors – previous league organisers and others who have contributed to our community:

  • puluminati: Dirt Rally supremo and league organiser. Brimming with self-effacing modesty, especially about his homeland.
  • SirRobSmith: Executive Director (Mystro’s mum) – Kind provider of server hosting and technical support, expert teaser who doesn’t mince his words.
  • CMR_18: FSR team manager and past AC league organiser, Cameron’s youthful exuberance has found its place in arranging a variety of open-wheel leagues and events
  • Mystro: Video editor extraordinaire. With a mic and a proper wheel only bad luck can stop him now. Which it does. Constantly.

If you think you can contribute to our community in any way just like those above, please chat with one of the site leaders :)


To get in touch with us, you can:

  • Shout very loudly
  • Take down our website (then we will shout very loudly at you)
  • Send a message to one of the site leaders, either on our site or through steam. Just click one of the names above.