KMR/Penalty Guide

As we are using the KMR admin app on our servers, here’s the explanation of it:

First of all you download the KMR app here KMR App (915 downloads) and make sure to activate it, both in general tab, and on the side bar. it is advised that you activate both “kissmyrank link”, and “kissmyrank flags” you can also refer to the first sector of the video below.

  1.  If in quali you cut the track and app tells you to pit, do so or you’ll get DT penalty (you can also ESC, back to pits)
  2. If during quali you cut and app tells you did a cut, back off and don’t improve your lap-time, or you’ll get DT penalty
  3. If you improve you laptime with infractions and you get DT penalty in quali, you will have to clear it during the race.
  4.  All warnings you get during a race with voice message, will be viewed by stewards, so if you cut the track better slow down a bit so you don’t get the warning and avoid any penalization from stewards.
  5. When VSC comes in, slow down asap and be sure to be within the speed limit, or you’ll get DT penalty. if by mistake you get over the speed limit, back off asap in order to not get a DT penalty.
  6. Under VSC if someone crashes or going too slow (under 90kmph) you can overtake it, but if app tells you to back off and give position back, do so or you’ll get DT penalty.
  7. If app warns you to give the place back, do it within 20 seconds or you will get DT penalty, but you can still pass someone that is too slow (follow the app warnings, if no warning you can continue and pass him).
  8. If you pit during the DT penalty, DT will be aborted and you will still need to clear the DT in next lap.
  9. In order for a DT to be cleared correctly you should slow down under 80kmph before the pit speed limit line, otherwise it will be aborted and you’ll need to serve it again next lap.
  10. If big crash happens in first corner race will be restarted, but will still be under stewards investigation and count after the race, so be careful.
  11.  if you don’t obey to clear the DT penalties you will be kicked from server.
  12. The above are just explanations of the rules, but you don’t have to remember all the above cause app will warn you on any case, so you just follow the warnings.

you can also see the guide video below.