AC SF70-H Results & Standings

Championship Events

# DateEventDistanceDownloadWinner
1 Tue 23/02/2021 20:30Australian GP – Melbourne29 LapsReplayBlessed44
2 Tue 02/03/2021 20:30Bahrain GP – Sakhir29 LapsReplayBlessed44
3 Tue 09/03/2021 20:30Malaysian GP – Sepang28 LapsReplayBlessed44
4 Tue 16/03/2021 20:30Italian GP – Monza27 LapsReplayBlessed44
5 Tue 23/03/2021 20:30Portuguese GP – Portimao33 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
6 Tue 30/03/2021 20:30British GP – Silverstone26 LapsReplayBlessed44
7 Tue 06/04/2021 20:30Austrian GP – Red Bull Ring36 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
8 Tue 13/04/2021 20:30Cascais – Estoril (no chicane)35 LapsReplayBlessed44
9 Tue 20/04/2021 20:30Canadian GP – Montreal35 LapsReplayBlessed44
10 Tue 27/04/2021 20:30San Marino GP – Imola31 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
11 Tue 04/05/2021 20:30United States GP – Road America24 LapsReplayBlessed44


  • Only your best 10 out of 11 results count for the drivers championship.
  • Points are given to the first 12 finishers, allocated as follows: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
  • To score points you need to complete at least 75% of a race and not quit deliberately.
# DriverTotal
1 Blessed4411113141121233
2 Jan Frajbis42321212312195
3 Mixa Mortiferum54238564254125
4 Storm_Cloud6565238533114
5 Columba The Crucifier2658473476100
6 BobbyDeacs777676766572
7 Frogger458935468
8 Dmitry Kamyshov33476566
9 Jakkinen129427649
10 Sebastian18081011991191078838
11 Jusp12101011131111810925
12 f1simvids88141013
13 cypylix76
14 CharmanderNerd1196
15 Nivec10106
16 TheZombie6485
17 Albano Pensionisti85
18 copyrofire131295
19 Peace-Pipe94
20 Travisty1212123
21 maatheus140
22 SonicTheHedgeman0

Drivers Standings

# DriverTeamTotal
1 Blessed44Toro Rosso233
2 Jan FrajbisFerrari195
3 Mixa MortiferumJaguar125
4 Storm_CloudForce India114
5 Columba The CrucifierJaguar100
6 BobbyDeacsForce India72
7 FroggerSauber68
8 Dmitry KamyshovAston66
9 JakkinenFerrari49
10 Sebastian1808Renault38
11 JuspWilliams25
12 f1simvidsMclaren13
13 cypylixRenault6
14 CharmanderNerdHeinz Beanz6
15 NivecAston6
16 Albano PensionistiIllyrians (Red Bull)5
17 TheZombie64Alfa Romeo5
18 copyrofireSauber5
19 Peace-PipeMclaren4
20 TravistyHeinz Beanz3
21 maatheusHaas0
22 YAYOVICH09Alfa Romeo0
23 SonicTheHedgemanToro Rosso0

Team Standings

# TeamDrivers Total
1 FerrariJan Frajbis, Jakkinen256
2 Toro RossoBlessed44, SonicTheHedgeman245
3 JaguarColumba The Crucifier, Mixa Mortiferum230
4 Force IndiaStorm_Cloud, BobbyDeacs186
5 SauberFrogger, copyrofire73
6 AstonDmitry Kamyshov, Nivec72
7 RenaultSebastian1808, cypylix44
8 WilliamsJusp25
9 Mclarenf1simvids, Peace-Pipe17
10 Heinz BeanzCharmanderNerd, Travisty9
11 Illyrians (Red Bull)Albano Pensionisti5
12 Alfa RomeoYAYOVICH09, TheZombie645
13 Haasmaatheus0

Accumulated Reprimands

  • Drivers who receive 3 reprimands will be given an automatic 1 position penalty.
Driver #
Columba The Crucifier 5
Blessed44 4
maatheus 2
Frogger 1
f1simvids 1
Peace-Pipe 1
Storm_Cloud 1
CharmanderNerd 1
Travisty 1
Albano Pensionisti 1
Mixa Mortiferum 1
Jakkinen 1
Sebastian1808 1
cypylix 1

Stewarding Decisions

Driver Incident Description Decision
Australian GP
maatheus 1:40 Caused collision with Mixa and gained a place 1 place penalty
Storm_Cloud 2:12 Not leaving Jan enough room. Warning
maatheus 2:28 Doesn't leave Jan enough room Reprimand
maatheus 6:10 Unsafe return to track Warning
maatheus 9:10 Forced Storm off track after spin, accident but should have waited until he went past. Reprimand
Peace-Pipe 16:52 Caused collision with Jusp coming out of pits Reprimand
Sebastian1808 36:08 Blocks Jan under Blue Flags Warning
Sebastian1808 2:38 Causes collision with Adam and gains place - place given back & turned down! Place swap
Bahrain GP
YAYOVICH09 1:44 Mistake entering corner, collision with 2 cars Reprimand
Sebastian1808 9:29 Loses control into C1 behind Imran then returns to track unsafely impeding Mostafa Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier 18:58 Doesn't leave Sebastien enough room entering final corner Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier 19:22 Doesn't leave Jusp enough room, forces him off track Reprimand
Malaysian GP
Columba The Crucifier Corner cuts plus extensions, place pen due to 3 accumulated reprimands Reprimand
CharmanderNerd Qualifying: Blocked Storm Cloud into c1 on a hotlap - please all use Map Display app to help pick your outlap timing Reprimand
Mixa Mortiferum 1:34 Caused collision with Jan, deemed that Jan was going slower than he would have expected. Reprimand
Blessed44 11:42 Doesn't give Zombie enough room Reprimand
Italian GP
Dmitry Kamyshov 1:51 Caused collision with Kevin and gained a place 1 place penalty
Frogger 1:55 Frogger rear-ended Bob, no place back. 1 place penalty
Dmitry Kamyshov 5:52 Caused collision with Sebastien, no place given back 1 place penalty
Columba The Crucifier 5:57 Caused collision with Bob, no place back 1 place penalty
Columba The Crucifier 12:02 Gave Kev no room in C1 Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier Repeated corner cuts on Della Roggia chicane entry 1 place penalty
Nivec Repeated corner cuts on Della Roggia chicane entry 1 place penalty
f1simvids Missed Della Roggia out a few times without sufficient lifting Reprimand
Portuguese GP
Jakkinen 1:47 Causes collision with Storm, gains place 1 place penalty
Blessed44 20:30 Causes collision with Bob, gains place 1 place penalty
Travisty 24:28 Under blue flags, doesn't cede to car behind and collides with Dmitry corner after being lapped Reprimand
Jakkinen 34:22 Small collision with Mixa, gains place 1 place penalty
Blessed44 Extending c1 multiple times Reprimand
Jakkinen Extending c1 multiple times Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier Extending c1 multiple times, incl 1 overtake 1 place penalty
Frogger 23:39 Causes collision with Nivec Reprimand
British GP
No actions required
Austrian GP
Storm_Cloud 7:15 Tiny collision with Frogger helps him get past, then loses place next corner. Should wait until next straight. Warning
Blessed44 4:27 Caused collision with Seb, gains place 1 place penalty
Storm_Cloud 14:03 Caused collision with Jakki Reprimand
Storm_Cloud 22:34 Overtake on Jakki after small nudge 1 place penalty
Canadian GP
Frogger 3:46 Forces Jakki to take evasive action through WoC chicane, then doesn't back off Warning
Albano Pensionisti 31:00 Blocking under blue flags Reprimand
San Marino GP
Blessed44 1:29 Corner 1 shunt Reprimand
United States GP
Blessed44 Multiple extensions of corner 12 Reprimand
Columba The Crucifier Multiple extensions of corner 12 Reprimand
cypylix Multiple extensions of corner 12 Reprimand