Fair Play System – Explained

This season we are running an extra prize for our cleanest driver(s), so here it is:-

  • A minimum of 6 races must be held for ANY rewards to be made.
  • ALL races will be counted.
  • Stewarding decisions will be made by an independent panel.
  • The winner will receive £50 in Steam vouchers and in the event of a draw the £50 will be spread evenly amongst the winners, so 2 winners = £25 each etc.

Points awarded per race:-

100 points – 100% completion of race (including those lapped)

Points deducted per race (note for any race, zero points is the minimum):-

  • Minus 10 points – per warning
  • Minus 25 points – per reprimand
  • Minus 50 points – per place penalty
  • Minus 100 points – disqualification