F2004 League Results & Standings

Championship Events

# DateEventDistanceDownloadWinner
1 Wed 04/10/2017 20:30Malaysian GP – Sepang28 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
2 Wed 11/10/2017 20:30Japanese GP – Suzuka27 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
3 Wed 25/10/2017 20:30United States GP – Austin28 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
4 Wed 01/11/2017 20:30Mexican GP – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez36 LapsReplayCMR_18
5 Wed 15/11/2017 20:30Brazilian GP – Interlagos36 LapsReplayJan Frajbis
6 Wed 29/11/2017 20:30Abu Dhabi GP – Yas Marina28 LapsReplayThomas
7 Wed 13/12/2017 20:30Italian GP – Imola31 LapsReplayThomas
8 Wed 20/12/2017 20:30Bahrain GP – Sakhir29 LapsReplayJan Frajbis


  • Only your best 7 out of 8 results count for the drivers championship.
  • Points are given to the first 12 finishers, allocated as follows: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
  • To score points you need to complete at least 75% of a race and not quit deliberately.
# DriverTotal
1 Jan Frajbis11111125
2 Storm_Cloud23222323120
3 coret3x52437234100
4 Thomas11268
5 BobbyDeacs45511667859
6 Marcelinho336353
7 Olivier Prenten6445552
8 Kost Church967576748
9 CMR_181535
10 Alarisico(Al)878888935
11 Ali Gocmen44632
12 Amereto786725
13 Husky412
14 Afonso Carvalho910911
15 Denis510
16 YuckierDragon989
17 Jakkinen103
18 Bunta103
19 Senninho0
20 Raven0
21 fabrice.prenten0

Team Standings

# TeamDrivers Total
1 Force IndiaBobbyDeacs, Storm_Cloud196
2 Red Bullcoret3x, Kost Church154
3 WilliamsJan Frajbis, Jakkinen128
4 JordanAlarisico(Al), Husky, Thomas90
5 FerrariOlivier Prenten, Amereto77
6 RenaultMarcelinho, Raven53
7 McLarenCMR_1835
8 SauberAli Gocmen32
9 MercedesAfonso Carvalho11
10 JaguarBunta3

Accumulated Reprimands

  • Drivers who receive 3 reprimands will be given an automatic 1 position penalty.
Driver #
Olivier Prenten 2
Afonso Carvalho 2
Storm_Cloud 1
Denis 1
YuckierDragon 1
Alarisico(Al) 1
Senninho 1

Stewarding Decisions

Driver Incident Description Decision
Malaysian GP
Bunta c1: Caused collision with Alarisico and didn't give place back 1 place penalty
Olivier Prenten c2: Caused collision with CMR and didn't give place back 1 place penalty
Japanese GP
Senninho 5:34 Nudged Church off in esses and both lost places Reprimand
Storm_Cloud 12:03 Caused collision with Oli at hairpin and cost both of them a lot of time Reprimand
United States GP
Afonso Carvalho Corner cuts (x10) 2 place penalty
Olivier Prenten Reprimand + 2x quali-ban for rage incident Reprimand
Mexican GP
BobbyDeacs 1:32 Outbraked into c1 causing mayhem 1 place penalty
BobbyDeacs 3:52 Unsafe return to track after collision with Amereto 1 place penalty
Bunta 2:46 Caused collision with Afonso and gained a place 1 place penalty
Brazilian GP
fabrice.prenten 0:40 Unintentionally drifts across Bobby when pass incomplete causing contact Verbal warning
Amereto 2:05 Unintentionally pushes Al onto kerb causing Al to spin into him Verbal warning
Olivier Prenten 5:23 Over-optimistic overtake manouevre on Afonso into corner 1 Reprimand
Alarisico(Al) 5:30 Not paying due attention to yellow flags causing collision with Oli Reprimand
Afonso Carvalho 30:40 Causes small collision with Marcelinho after being passed under blue flags Reprimand
Abu Dhabi GP
Afonso Carvalho 2:53 Outbraked himself into chicane trying to outbrake Storm Cloud and caused collision with Yuck. Reprimand
Ali Gocmen 15:03 Caused collision from Storm Cloud on 2nd straight. Verbal warning
Italian GP
Denis Quali: Blocks Storm Cloud Reprimand
YuckierDragon 2:31 Causes collision with Bob Reprimand
coret3x 3:38 Causes collision with Storm Cloud 1 place penalty
coret3x 39:08 Causes collision with Thomas Verbal warning
Bahrain GP
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