AC F2002 League – R5 Canadian GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Shayan Najam Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)01:13.556 44:21.293 25
2 Emil Praga Balkan Racing (BAR)01:14.102 +7.650 18
3 YuckierDragon The Flatspotters (Arrows)21:14.061 +14.340 15
4 puluminati Gasgano (Jordan)91:14.801 +37.455 12
5 Marcelinho Race4Life (Williams)61:14.337 +38.837 10
6 xNinja Fritz Simsport (Toyota)21:14.471 +46.883 8
7 SamW6540 71:15.131 +55.214 6
8 Waffen The Flatspotters (Arrows)11:14.080 +56.566 5
9 coret3x X-men (Minardi)11:14.261 +57.016 4
10 Frusty Gasgano (Jordan)41:14.838 +1:00.853 3
11 PedroRC Console Geeks (Jaguar)11:15.110 +1:00.888 2
12 alanhill120 31:16.376 +1 Lap 1
13 mattreX X-men (Minardi)41:15.298 +1 Lap 0
14 JuhohFin Race4Life (Williams)21:16.667 +1 Lap 0
15 SirRobSmith Ferrari31:14.697 DNF (16L) 0
16 Hellas Panos Ferrari13 DNF (0L) 0

Race Video:

ReplayF2002 Race 5 - Montreal replay (348 downloads)

Round 5 of the AC F2002 League is the Canadian GP at Montreal, on Saturday 11th June.

A reminder for drivers who didn’t compete at Imola to download the updated data file from a few weeks ago: [Download not found]

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38 thoughts on “AC F2002 League – R5 Canadian GP

  1. Hard track with even harder kerbs.. Really enjoyed today’s practice with the guys.. Looking forward to practice again together and of course in near future racing against you in the championship…

  2. Monza pic? Ooops – Rhobium’s picked a nice replacement though!

    The track is really just a bunch of chicanes – but probably the most interesting set of chicanes in F1. See you on the server.

  3. here ‘s some homework for us–11-infamous-crashes-at-canadas-wall-of-champions.html

  4. I’d really like to be there, but having some issues with my computer the whole week. And it seems like I can’t solve them in time, or rather I won’t have enough practice … =( Maybe i’ll make it in time

  5. To all new drivers with no team assigned.

    A seat has come available in the McLaren team. If you intend to drive the remainder of our league season, you are eligible for this seat.

    First responder will get the seat.

    • Hello Juhohfin,

      We already assigned you a seat with Race4Life Team with Marcelhino in the WIlliams. My mistake was that I put in the wrong ID for the Imola race so you were still in a Sauber.

      However, If you rather take the McLaren seat, thats ok too. Just let me know what you want.

    • No one told me that I was suppose to be in Williams in last race. Thought I was still teamless is why I signed for Mclaren seat.

      I will stay in Williams so it is easier to keep track point tables when I’m not driving in different team every race.

    • I thought I notified you through steam message, my apologies.

      Thankx for sticking to the williams then, safes me some work ;)

  6. Guy is it possible to have a different Skin if available??

    I have a sauber one and certainly dont want to be stuck with it for the remaining Season, Thank you

  7. could the practice server have constant grip? its hard to compare setups when the grip differs from 98 to 100% grip. that’s a lot.

    • Checking the server settings, I don’t think we can do separate settings wrt dynamic track for each session.

      If you want to have constant conditions, I recommend the offline mode for the time being.

  8. Will be racing for the remainder of the season, So don’t mind the Mclaren seat if there is an opening :)

    • Hey Ninja,

      unfortunately you are a bit too late for the McLaren seat, however as soon we got a new seat available you will be the 1st to ask.

      We have to check with some people but there is a good chance we got another available before next race. I will let you know as soon I know more.

  9. sorry for bad framerate. dont know how to do a proper recording. also note that this is not the FOV that you see inside the rift. this is a lot wider

  10. after racing for a day I conclude that for fast cars like F2002 this is a big advantage. Go and buy at . They won’t charge you before they send it so you can save money while you wait.

  11. My pc had issues the whole qualification session which made me playing with 15-20 fps and freezing screen.. I managed to be competitive at qualifies but the issues were still there which caused me some tenths…Then i decided to retire from the race because i didnt want to cause a chaos at the start.. I was really dissapointed because i waited for this for many days.. I hope you enjoyed the race… Btw i couldnt believe how closse our laptimes were at qualification…

    • Probably you need to turn down some settings so your PC can handle lots of online drivers on the circuit at once. Hope you can get it working for next time :)

  12. This was very fun. And this oculus stuff had a great impact on my racing. Unfortunately, I did not test PitConfig before this race. It turns out that it does not work. So at first pitstop I messed around with my mouse which is kind of strange in Oculus. Then on my second stop I forgot to add tyre change, so I had to pit a second time for tire changes. I did not click for repair damage this race, as I have completely forgotten where to click after running PitConfig for ages now. Then my last stop was kinda fast, just loosing like 3 seconds on my last stop compared to pitconfig.

    This race was very fun and exhausting, both from pit clicking and the oculus immersion that really makes me feel exhausted from a race. :) I’m sure I’ll get these problems solved by next race somehow. Congratulations to all top drivers! It was fun!

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