1. Ah crap. Had 1 hour with the car beforehand to try and make a set and gauge tyre wear, fuel, etc. Q was quite good but it kind of fell apart in the Race, couldn’t keep up with Jan and wasn’t confident with rear of the car so spun 2 times into the barrier and acquired FW damage. 3rd not bad in the grandscheme of things :).

  2. Welcome!

    We do have a server up and running called Flag-to-Flag and the password is located in our Teamspeak. We are strictly enforcing no DRS and no Refuelling aswell.

    Feel free to use any tyre compound you want, apart from that, look forward to racing you at the finale! :)

  3. Wasn’t happy at all with this, had a good launch but nowhere to go at the start per usual. Got into a decent position but kept making mistakes and decided to go for a 0 stop. Even though it was a bad decision, wasn’t a big fan of a few moves that were pulled towards the latter part of the race.

  4. Think we should lower the temperatures just a tad bit. Would bring into play Super Softs, Softs and Mediums. The Hards shouldn’t be viable around this track in all honesty as Valencia is a track which suits the Softer compounds better.

  5. The skins we will be using are from the 2016 season in F1. So just pick your top 3 preferred teams. E.g. Manor, Williams, Mercedes. And we will allocate them to you. (I believe preference goes to members who have already teamed up)

    I believe a skin pack will be up within the next week or so for you to download the 2016 skins :)

  6. Both cars are absolutely brilliant but for some reason i am drawn to the SF15-T, I have fallen in love with the ERS System on it (Even though i still don’t have a clue what Engine Braking or MGU-H Mode does). It just feels different from all these same old F1 cars which only have basic KERS and DRS  systems. The F138 is a brilliant car as well but at the end of the day, my vote would have to go to the SF15-T

  7. Was very happy with Pole until i got a shit start. Very fun race from there onwards though as i was battling with a lot of people and just managed to clinch 3rd after increasing pressure from Shayan during the last few laps

  8. Vallelunga: Had a very good start and jumped a few people but car felt like a sloth so i kept on dropping back and made some silly mistakes. Had good fun defending off MinedPolecat, realised he was soo much better than me in the braking zones but never the less held him off until we came together. Managed to recover but ended up in 8th (Thanks for letting me back past on the last lap! :))

    Nurburguring: Decent launch, nothing special. Fun race but i found slip stream to be very inconsistent in this car so found it hard to overtake. I accidentally out braked myself and took Polecat with me (Sorry Buddy! :(). Me and Cameron had a very close finish to the line aswell which was fun!

    Mixed feelings about this F3 car. It feels as if it has too much grip and even with TC off, its hard to get the back end to step out through a corner. It is a good challenge to drive though