Emil Praga

  1. Unfortunate accident in T1, had a good start but Church kept boxing me towards edge of grass on left, so i lifted off early and let him go, tried to squezze the apex but Storm showed up from outside right infront of me and tipped his rear wheel (sorry but i couldnt do much).

    Burned my rear wheels doing a 180, got to last place, catched Pensionisti wich i had another collision with and span the car again, at this point i was +35 sec behind Raven after Lap 3…..
    So i went for 1 stopper, did 17 laps with HS and changed to SS until end, worked out, was fun, but im sad that we couldnt go full fight together for P1…. better luck next time

  2. in the runs i did last week with these cars i would pick as my favorite SF18 just because you need to correct the car much more and also is more sensible on throttle input, overall it keeps me more aware of mistakes while driving it, its more challenging.

    the RRS is quite shit because i feel its the laziest of them all, coming out from the slow corners i fall asleep until it picks up speed, you keep pressing the power and it doesnt go as fast as you would expect it.
    The brakes are lets say the most sensible but not difficult to adjust to them.
    The handling is nice tho and the sound of the engine is the best.

    I know i said my favorite is the SF18 but that is a personal preference.

    Thinking at the league and everybody else, i think SF71 is the way to go and also the car that can keep things more in balance. Everyone should adapt to it faster than the other 2.

  3. Shit QF, fucked up the strategy on 2nd stint and also missed the PIT and had to Reverse a bit, but except the chair that slided backwards when i braked and almost made me spin, had no mistakes this race, decent P2, felt that i could be quicker but didn’t took the risks.

    Congrats to Coret3x!!!

  4. I’m pleased with 3rd considering i had a few laps before race to prepare the car.

    Had issues with the slow corners, the car was not turning as i wanted, it was too stiff and not agile, the strategy was not good either, just guessed it mostly, always over fueled the car because i didn’t knew the values exactly.

  5. I can say it was one of the most interesting race i had in last couple of months, entertaining and annoying here and there. I managed to figure out in my 30 mins practice before the race, how much the Mediums would last for me and how much fuel to use. I preffered to use a 2 stop on Mediums strategy, just to keep it in the comftarble zone as speed and grip, the track was slippery almost everywhere, but wasn’t a big problem, better to have Oversteer than Understeer.

  6. A shame that i span 3 times, got up to 2nd place before the 1st spin, was right behind 1st place….didn’t payed attention to the tyre wear… after 3rd spin i was 11th at 49 seconds from 1st place….considering all that, 5th is a damage limitation…might have had the chance of a win here, the car felt good, i’ll make a video of my race soon