Hellas Panos

  1. my opinion:

    1) the tyre choice for race and qualifies should be two tyres just like real f1 2015 (for example s and ss or m and s etc..) for each track.

    2) the temperature should be defferent in each track (cannot imagine a race in malaysia with 15 degrees asphalt temp)

    of course these two parameters demand practice from admins for each track to make the right choices  for temps and tyres.. i know it will be hard for admins but thats just an opinion..thank you

  2. My pc had issues the whole qualification session which made me playing with 15-20 fps and freezing screen.. I managed to be competitive at qualifies but the issues were still there which caused me some tenths…Then i decided to retire from the race because i didnt want to cause a chaos at the start.. I was really dissapointed because i waited for this for many days.. I hope you enjoyed the race… Btw i couldnt believe how closse our laptimes were at qualification…

  3. Hi everybody.. I m new here and would like to participate in practices with you before i sign up to the league to test my skills. I have 7 months to play and need a lot of practice.. Is there any server up? Thank you