SF15-T Pre-season Race: Nurburgring

# Driver CarGridBest Time Pts
1 Raven Ferrari SF15-T11:36.376 49:30.840 25
2 Emil Praga Ferrari SF15-T11:35.282 +20.120 18
3 Knonkh Ferrari SF15-T41:36.735 +32.182 15
4 xNinja Ferrari SF15-T11:35.960 +33.132 12
5 coret3x Ferrari SF15-T31:37.495 +49.713 10
6 Shayan Najam Ferrari SF15-T21:34.613 +57.895 8
7 Storm_Cloud Ferrari SF15-T11:35.372 +1:26.807 6
8 YuckierDragon Ferrari SF15-T21:35.873 +1:31.782 5
9 Hellas Panos Ferrari SF15-T61:35.035 DNF (24L) 4
10 Waffen Ferrari SF15-T11:40.809 DNF (6L) 0

Replay : Test Race 1 - SF15-t - Nurburgring (340 downloads)

This week’s test race will be at the Nurburgring GP circuit with the SF15-T.

The event will be the same format as our league races – practice up to 20:30 CET, followed by practice starts, then 15 minutes qualifying and a 50% distance race.

Just click the attending button if you’re interested. With all the new gizmos and buttons we all need plenty of race practice before the league starts, so if you’re taking part in the league please come along :)

See you on track!

8 thoughts on “SF15-T Pre-season Race: Nurburgring

  1. not for 100% if participate (i just bought new graphics card and need to reinstall my computer). But, hopefully I’ll manage do it until Saturday night.

  2. I’ll be there, but I need to pick my wife up from the ferry so if I quit near the end (it will only be if we are running late I hope) it’s not being disrespectful to the league :)

  3. HOW-TO disable DRS:

    1. open in notepad documents\assetto corsa\cfg\controls.ini

    2. In example, I have Button 6 set to DRS.
    Under [DRS], change BUTTON=6 to BUTTON=-1  (-1 is disabled).

    3. File > Save file in notepad

    …or make a backup by using a semicolon like this:


    When you want DRS re-enabled, just change it back.

    • Looks like you can just clear the DRS Activation button under Secondary in the controls settings, should be fairly easy to enable and disable it.

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