1. Always good to get a win. 5th on the grid was effectively 4th as Mixa was blocked off on the inside by the front row. Sat closely behind the Trout boys knocking seven bells out of each other. At one point Magzire slipped behind but he had a run on the main straight so let him go as I didn’t want to fight and lose contact with the group. Was happy to wait and make moves towards the end of the stint. Paul and Urmas pit early for a two stopper so they were out of it and James retired shortly after, so just paced myself to 2nd place until the end. Good pace from Tim, will have to keep an eye on him.

    Quick word on driving standards – nowhere near good enough. I got away with most things in the race, but I was blocked at Lesmo 1 and then T1 in qualifying. One from an experienced driver and the other from a newbie. Having looked through the videos on Discord there’s a lack of situational awareness. Mirrors aren’t great in these cars, but pick spots where you can see a good way behind you (exit of Ascari etc) to get an idea of gaps. Also, use the apps. Finally, if you are fighting and you’re not sure where your opponent is then be careful and leave enough room for your rival to back out. Racing on tarmac is much better for these cars than gravel and grass.

  2. Really enjoyed that one. Moved through the pack and the leaders were messing around so got close and saw I the leaders two stopping. Wound up with a small gap to Seymorhe and he was really putting the pressure on leading to me losing the rear in T4 and slithering wide. It was even closer but okay then a screen freeze in T5 left me a half spin. Shame as I’m usually lucky catching those.

    Two stoppers caught me at the end and I was still ahead of Magzire at T4 on the last lap when I got nerfed. No problem though – when you have such a tyre advantage it can be unbelievable how slow the car on old tyres is in front of you. If I watched the replay I might say, “Ooh, I’d have left a bit more room” but in reality the speed difference is abnormally great.

    Mega track and some good racing though.

  3. No fun mucking around for me today as I didn’t want to get caught up and not make some time on Kost Church. I knew he wouldn’t stop so even though I was in the lead I was chasing him! It’s a much shorter pit loss in Brazil than Malaysia and that might have just swung it the 1 stoppers’ way – this time!

  4. Wow!

    Got nice and settled in with 2nd place early on and after about 5 laps the leader started to struggle with his tyres so thought I’d better pass. Then Kost Church comes thundering up behind and I decide to pit first to protect my lead with the undercut. Pushed hard for a couple laps to seal the deal then waited for Kost Church to pit. And waited and waited, but he didn’t! I closed down the gap but couldn’t get him because my mediums were going off a bit and Kost Church did the whole race on softs!

    Incredible job to keep the tyre like that. Chapeau Mr Church!

  5. Doh! Missed out on what should’ve been much more fun race. After practice, my One Big Thing To Remember For The Race was to be careful on acceleration in the first lap, especially if you fry the tyres at the start. You can guess the rest. Overtook a few people, but most progress was made avoiding spins – certainly a few close shaves. Shame, because I think I might have been able to give our friends from Trout a race, but there we go – easy to say it now :)

  6. That was intense! On the outside of Emil on lap 1 going up Kemmel but I got a tap from behind and because I was finely balanced on turn in I pitched into a spin. That was no problem until I looked right and saw someone who wasn’t going to be able to avoid me and wallop!

    Pitted on lap 1 with body and suspension damage and went to the SS, so a 2 stop strategy. Absolutely flying, but coming from the back of the pack I only overtook two guys, the rest were recovering from spins, so not as much fun as one might imagine :)

    Nearly caught Emil, but he drove a great race on the wrong tyre so grats on a great drive.

  7. Wasn’t too bad with lower grip.

    Ran wide at T1 and pretty sure I hit Dalimov, so I let him past at Curva Grande, but that let Magzire and Bobby through as well. Got back to 2nd and had a bit of a battle with Magzire and got a bit of a gap which I wasted by taking Della Roggia on lap 11 like Travis Pastrana.

    Anyway, decent gap again after the stops but at the Rettifilo I got a 2 second freeze and spun off, which would have been annoying but had a decent gap.

    Shame the server settings ruined the end of the race for some. Hopefully we take the results from before that happened.

  8. Made the last practice start and going from 2nd it was easy to get pinched on the apex and fall into the clutches of the pack, so I was very pleased when Mario pipped me for 2nd. Going from 3rd was easy – just drive behind Christoph and stay out of trouble.

    He was too quick for me, so I was hoping that he might be tempted to try Softs on the second stint which would have given me a few laps at the undercut on Mediums, which was a better race tyre. As it happened he spun and pitted on the same lap, but the spin gave me a gap and I was able to hold it until the end.

    Would’ve been nice to have a proper fight, but when you’re close on pace if the other guy gets a few seconds it’s so hard to catch up. On to Monza!

  9. Difficult race, especially early on. I didn’t notice the lights because from my spot they were obscured by the Santander sign so it was only when I heard the revs go up that the start was coming so a bit tardy away. Didn’t have any rhythm in the first few laps, probably because I was late home from work so I didn’t have time to get wasted first (if I’m on the server then I’m usually wasted). Coming off the bridge and the final hairpin were the worst spots but everything settled down on SS.

    I was just able to keep Kost Church out of range, but if I had made a mistake he would’ve been right there so just tried to hit my apices and get on the throttle smoothly in the second half of the race and managed to cling on.

    Silverstone is going to be unbelievable in this car!

  10. Yeah, I was hoping it was that so I found a local replay and it’s not much better. It’s not a problem, it’s not like I’m shit with the tyres.

    Anyway, the comparison for the race will be interesting as there are a few corners with different lines available.

  11. Phwoar – that was fun.

    Did a decent lap in qualification but I felt I may have cut the first turn so put a lot of pressure on to get a better one in and I was quite surprised to be front row.

    All seemed fine at the start then out of turn 2 someone nudged me and I went all squirrelly. I then was passed I think by the same guy at the hairpin. I didn’t even defend because I assumed it was bad form to pass in the braking zone having messed up the acceleration. Oh well I guess it’s not the 1950s anymore :) Anyway, that caused a cascade of being forced wide and off track and having to avoid an orange car that cut across me without being fully ahead etc etc and I was only half a dozen seconds or so off but miles down the field. Brilliant! A few extra people filled in the gap that I usually leave when I mess up the first lap.

    Then I made a mistake at 3 and clipped the inside kerb and spun. The reason, Bob, for my slow driving was I had done a spin so eased off as much as possible to not look like a knob and spin again with the hot tyres. I was soon back up to speed as I somehow ended up in the lead pack and we had a good scrap, although unluckily Magzire spun coming out of T1 on the last lap. Looked like my spin at 3, just catching the kerbs wrong.

    Anyway, great race – some good battles tonight!

  12. I soon realised what you were doing. I’d never give away the lead like that. In that situation I’d try to stay ahead, but if overtaken at least try to compromise the other car in the corner or on the exit – make the turn tight, whatever. DRS disadvantage was nullified a bit by better corner exit anyway. Good race though – really enjoyed the hunt!

  13. End of the race was really good fun. Quite happy to slot into 2nd and get into the race, then Jan disappeared and I had a good gap. I knew 1 stop was better, but 2 stop would mean I’d be in the thick of some fights.

    Church deserved more because he nailed the one stop and in the last few laps to catch him I was at 100%. Then he looked like he was defending then slowed at the end of the back straight, I didn’t know if it was lag or a mistake so I couldn’t turn in and risk a crash. I quickly figured out what he was doing but he didn’t catch me with the DRS and although I made a few mistakes at the end as I got complacent in the lead it turned out all right.

  14. Compared to the Trout server I think there’s a lot less grip – more than is explained by 2% less track grip. Dunno about the track temp, but I wonder if a side effect of the increased wear rate is a bit more tyre temp? Or maybe I should try going forwards instead of sideways.

  15. I like it with this car how you can get some really naughty slip angle at the rear and get your drift on. Tons of good corners to do it on entry and exit on this track. Likely as not I don’t hold it and crash, but you know glass half full :) . I’m sensing a stirring recovery drive at Bahrain!

  16. The RSS only has the total battery on the main screen, not the per lap usage. I downloaded the F1 2011 HUD which has the ERS per lap on it. I moved that to the left so only the ERS by lap is shown on the screen, so the revs, gears etc that are also on the HUD not seen.

    As for setup, post a question in the Discord setups channel and we can all have a chat about it :)

  17. Enjoyable race, more cerebral than action packed. After securing 2nd at T1 I treated the race like real F1 and gave myself a “delta” laptime to hit as I knew what speed would keep the tyres in good shape for 7 laps. I was greatly helped by having DRS so I could cruise in certain corners to keep the tyre temps down as Jan was going around the same pace.

    I saved so much tyre that the first lap after Jan pitted (so lap 6) was the fastest of that stint. The overcut didn’t work (didn’t expect it to), however Jan was right there and there were plenty of laps to await the opening. Got it a few laps later when Jan was slow out Turn 12 and with DRS I could get to the outside and then did the old “switcheroo” on the exit.

    Apart from a backmarker spinning in front of me a lap or two later I could again drive the pace to a reasonable delta and keep it safe, which was good because I had a few practice goes at Supersoft stints but crashed every time.

    I’ll post my thoughts on the tyres in the setup section.

  18. Hope everyone has seen the note about the pit lane entry – wouldn’t want someone creaming into the back of me!

    There are a few different strategies that could work here, that always makes the race interesting. Certainly a bit of management needed on the tyres; that’s good too.

  19. I think we have a pretty good car for the season. The only thing I would wonder about is whether DRS is maybe just a smidgen too powerful. It is good at this track, and Barcelona, so maybe not the best tracks to judge.

    Soft was the race tyre for me – I was slower over a stint on Supersofts but the Softs were in the sweet spot all stint, except when I was spun and later crashed by myself as the tyres are garbage when they get superhot from a spin. Early stop as the Ultrasofts were no good – 1st flying lap on Soft was already quicker than best UltraSoft lap so it was the right call.

  20. Really fun race. Dog slow in the first stint but I figured the car would come back to me and undercutting Monolith worked well as he was still bringing his tyres in when he ran wide and I slipped past.

    Then after Elgurke! It became apparent the following lap that he wasn’t stopping and I love these races with strategies converging. I enjoy both sides of that – when you’re leading you have to keep it smooth and you’re working out every lap if the gap is big enough. Chasing though, like today, is more fun because you’re putting the pressure on.

    Couldn’t catch him, so great win Elgurke. Was a bit off my pace today, so it was a shame we couldn’t get at least a couple of corners at it. Thanks to everyone for another good season in a tricky car – despite the lack of numbers there was always something going on but hopefully the RSS car will be more popular.

  21. Sorry for the lateness, but a moron hit my real car today. Beloved 335i needs a fair bit of work. Very annoyed about that, because although the car is 11 years old it is utterly mint (and quick – extra boost to 386hp).

    Anyway, not really in the mood (and had to skip dinner) and hit a kerb for some reason and crashed. No backsies just because you’re pissed off, still a cock up. Felt the low numbers this race as my rise from nowhere to the podium consisted of my team mate moving out of the way and Pensionisti spinning out of my way. No chance to catch the leaders, but I think this leaves it winner takes all at Road America, so best result all around.

  22. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that was an interesting race, but there we go.

    Didn’t get a proper “Hollywood” lap in for qualifying so grateful to be on pole. Made a good start and saw I had the advantage to pick my line and speed in the first corner. Then we got the safety car and I was meandering around when Bobby shot past at T15. I was thinking, “Wait, is the Safety Car sign an error? What’s going on?” Set off after Bobby but the SC was indeed out.

    I think the SC is a little slow. It wasn’t really a problem with the cold tyres, but it is difficult to go even slower to allow the SC to build a gap on the way to green. Also, I think the “In this lap” message was a bit late, being at the last corner. There was nothing I could do except follow closely and then wait for the pit line so I didn’t pass him on track.

    Apart from that, a quiet race which I owe Bobby a pint for as he controlled the pack for the first dozen laps or whatever. Not to much to note, just made sure I drove at 95% to avoid a silly mistake. Some fun arrived when I came across two fighting cars – one was Pensionisti. They had absolutely no interest in me it seemed so I was appreciating my 20 second gap when Pensionisti left me the inside at T4 (thank you) and the other driver, well let’s say he was so keen to give me room he drove off the track :p

    Onwards to Zandvoort. Will have to get proper stoned for that one – when in Rome and all that :)

  23. You’re welcome, mate. And congratulations – it’s a tough track for a 45 minute race, so enjoy your podium!

    Awww, that was a shame. 2nd on the grid and Monolith made a good start so had to settle in behind. It’s impossible to overtake without a mistake or taking a massive risk, so with only the two of us fighting for the win it was a case of being patient, staying close enough to capitalise on a mistake and then if I didn’t get past in the pitstops make some massive “Hail Mary” pass attempt in the last laps – wouldn’t matter if we touched as we had the gap to still finish 1st and 2nd.

    All was well until around lap 10 when Monolith locked up going into Druids. Tried to sneak through on the inside but side by side at best which would leave me hung out to dry at Graham Hill Bend. Pace was slow after that and I missed my opportunity by forgetting to pit on 17. We both pitted on 18 but I came out first and had a big gap. Found out why later :(

    After that, used the gap by easing a little to not take any risks and brought it home. Was looking forward to a good old scrap at the end but not to be.

    I listened to your troubles Monolith – very unlucky, but I guess that’s motor racing. Happens to all of us – my pedals slipped at the start at Spa, there was The Valentine’s Day Incident when the missus disturbed me on the way into T1 at the Nürburgring (flowers were too romantic!), not forgetting The Doorbell Race at Mexico!

    Taking away the worst result now and there’s only a few points in it, as my worst result is a big fat zero. Warming up nicely, but with Monolith having a dropped score he has a “life” that I don’t, so no more cockups. Should be fun!

  24. A race of non stop problems. I guess the missus put the heating on because I was roasting on the grid and fogging up a bit, but that wasn’t too bad. I hit someone I think early on and it pushed the car into big understeer, which ate the tyres and made it worse. Early on with Monolith sniffing my gearbox I decided to try to unnerve him by missing apices and losing the back under braking – well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    After pitting everything was much better and caught and passed Monolith without ramming him like a Panzer tank. That was a relief! Then I checked my fuel and saw with 7 laps left I had over 3/4 of a lap in hand, until I realised there were 8 laps to go. Had a go at lift and coast, but to be honest not spinning the rears all the time and taking the shortest route by hitting the occasional apex probably did the trick. Dying of heatstroke now.

    See you next week!

  25. That’s not what I meant :) – I was referring to several corners being flat out, despite looking like proper corners.

    I prefer the Moto layout – Criville and Ferrari will be a great challenge in the race.

  26. I couldn’t bring myself to carry on – it was massive cockup because the car was coming to me in the second half of the race, in opposite to the first. I should have been better, a bit more patient because I had the momentum. You’d have felt a whole lot worse if I’d carried on and won. Your win then would’ve been in the stewards room. You deserved it because you put me right under the kosh in the first half of the race and were smart to pit straight away.

    For the first contact, I could see we were clear of the field so we could afford a bit of mucking about. The aim was to slow you up in that corner and Degner 2 then jump in the pit. If I’d given up at Degner 1 I would have been 3 seconds behind by the line and then the undercut wouldn’t work. It risked a bit of contact, but you had the edge going into the corner so it was right for me to wait and carry on still the top 2.

    I made a late change to the setup, which made the first half of the race complete rubbish, but the 2nd half I made a cockup and still caught you for 4 seconds – so it seems the advantage had switched around. I should have been more patient instead of “Vettel-ing” and trying to do everything straight away. But a self imposed DSQ felt the right thing to do.

  27. Whoopsie – apologies for the bum love at the final chicane there Monolith – I was far too close and I was braking like a demon after the pitstops and messed it up.

    Disqualified myself – that was rubbish. Very sorry.

  28. Hell of a race that! Pole, yay, first into T1, happy days. I noticed Marcelinho was ahead of Monolith but he had Soft tyres and I just don’t think it’s a race tyre. So that was a good thing but eventually Monolith got past and he closed down the few seconds I had. Crucially, I made some time on the laps before the stop.

    Monolith closed me down again but it’s a difficult track to pass on so I just tried not to throw away and make it easy for him. Really absorbing race, so much so I lost track of the laps until I noticed there were two to go. It really flew by. Great racing Monolith!

  29. That’s a rather full answer Bob, but I was just referring to Magny Cours. Estoril is the name of the right hander at the start of Magny Cours because it is modelled after the last turn at Estoril. Sorry, it is confusing having corners at a track named after other tracks isn’t it!

  30. An underrated and under the radar little track, this one. I would prefer it billiard table smooth like in real life, but there are still some cracking sections.

    What’s your favourite? I’d go with Estoril (the right hand sweeper at the start of the lap), but the fast chicanes are a good challenge to be precise and fast.

  31. It must take so much time and skill to create a track – chapeau!

    Although I stand by what I said – when I was sliding everywhere with no tyres for the last 5 laps a couple of boring easy corners would have gone down very well :P

  32. The grid felt really close together on this track so was desperately desperate to get through the first corners unscathed. Managed to get underneath Monolith at the first turn then did a wall of death at T2 in case anyone was inside. Made it and settled in.

    It was all rosy being in control with Monolith obviously stopping and I had good pace in the first half. The only problem was I had absolutely no idea if the tyres would last. I tried to be nice to them as much as possible and fortunately they made it to the end. Might have been a different story if Monolith had got a clean run but he was tangling with CMR for a couple of laps so that took the pressure off. Phew!

  33. It’s oft a problem with fantasy tracks that the creator tries to make every corner amazing, or a real challenge, or both. You can almost see the thought process – “What would be good corner… make it off camber! Okay, next corner, got to be better… make it more off camber!” etc etc

    It might make for good racing, but I fear there’ll be quite a spread in pace through the field because not everyone will be familiar with the track through lack of practice.

  34. Hope to see you back soon.

    Well, that went well! Got suck in a little at T1 so bugged out over the kerbs to avoid bottlenecking everyone at the second apex. Then at Roggia I was on the inside and someone moved across in the braking zone. It’s difficult then because you’re already maxing the braking so the room just runs out.

    Back up to speed and a lap or so later someone spun at Roggia and unfortunately they re-entered the track and clipped me into a spin. Sportingly, they slowed to let me past, but strangely they did it by parking on the exit of Lesmo 1, so more avoiding action.

    I was all done by then and my mind wandered to the stack of paperwork I’d brought home tonight and you need to be on your toes in this car, so another spin and a lot of damage so I took the hint and retired.

    Well done to the podium, and onwards to, erm, Estrucia? Where’s that?

  35. Interesting car! Tried a big setup change for the race in the early part of qualifying, which felt good so went with that. Wrong! Totally messed up the balance – felt like the rear was broken and although employing the “Alonso” fix worked for a bit it destroyed the fronts and made the rears so cool there was no grip anywhere.

    Anyway, messed around with Marcelinho for a bit. Huge problems spotting cars behind so whenever I thought he might be close I just had to leave the door open in case he was there. Blew it eventually so a quiet second half of the race.

    The visibility is a bit of a problem – should have tried Helicorsa I suppose. Tyres need a bit of tweaking as well I guess. With them being very temperature sensitive and cliff edgy it won’t make a good league car because pace differentials will be enormous so less close fighting.

  36. Yeah, I’ve changed very little. Wings most obviously, think I’m down to 11/15 at the mo. Apart from that:

    -Gearing to suit the wings
    -Lower ride height. I set it to minimum – didn’t bottom out, not sure it makes any difference tbh.
    -Brake balance – a bit rear to help rotate the car on full tanks.
    -Tyres – guessed at 11psi all round.

    That’s all. For qualifying I’ll probably stiffen the front ARB to help the balance in the corners. It’s worth remembering the balance changes with the fuel so bear that in mind and try running with different fuel levels to gauge the balance. I set my car up with 60% of the required fuel.

  37. I think that is the sweet spot!

    I haven’t fiddled too much with the setup so far, but if anyone’s struggling I would definitely say don’t lean out the wings too much. A consistent car will win a lot of points this season, so drive one that has a reasonable chance of hitting the apex.

  38. Had a good go of all three now. The F310 is a fun car to drive and a change from the modern cars. I’m not a fan of this version of F2004 though. Traction is overdone – even going back to the original traction and using TC would be better. At least the braking might be more edgy. RSS car is interesting.

    I reckon fix the F2004, then run all three cars in the next three seasons in historical order.

  39. That was a fun race! I was pretty sure the front runners would try a one stop and although I never tried the mediums I figured it would be close between one and two stop and as two stop is attacking I went for that.

    Wound up 2nd in the early running behind Kost Church but he was going plenty fast enough there was no point trying to overtake. Everything shook out as expected and had a big gap to run down Kost Church in the final stint. Too big as it turned out and the pressure of seeing the gap reduce did not force a mistake, so great job Kost Church!

    Thanks to everyone who took part – I’m sure the numbers will pick up. Thanks to Bob for all the effort he puts in. A shame I couldn’t help to clinch a “threepeat” on the team competition – Bob beat coret3x, I just didn’t do my part.

    Must mention the streaming. I enjoy watching the stream back after the race, Andrzej, so many thanks for the large effort it is clear you make to bring it all together.

  40. Didn’t get on with the Softs – they seemed to have the same problems as the Ultras. Mediums were a great race tyre.

    A bit cautious at the start as I didn’t get a perfect start and wasn’t too far alongside when Syntax slowed down but we got through okay side by side. After that the guys behind seemed a bit preoccupied with each other so I got a gap and held it through the other stints.

  41. Congratulations coret3x! I never saw you but presume it was commanding drive looking at the gap! I think that’s the 5th different winner this season, which is really good.

    I messed up early on running 3rd. Plan was a 1 stop or a 2 stop using Ultrasoft all the way through. Unfortunately, I’m a stupid noob because I got distracted by ELgurke’s disconnection message and spun into the barrier, so that was that really. The damage was killing my front tyres so changed to an early 2 stopper but that meant using Supersoft.

    Anyhoo, another last ditch desperate defence of 2nd place in the closing stages from Raven. This time I was having to actually defend on the straights so it was a matter of time before he got me and I screwed up the chance to have a pop back by running into Raven (apologies for that) and spinning. So, 1-1 now :)

    I’m afraid I’m away for the Silverstone round, but I’ll be able to watch the stream :)

  42. First off – well done to Kost Church! No luck either – fastest guy with the best strategy.

    Qualified 5th. I should pay more attention to qualifying, but my lap times are a bit random at this track. I think I probably should have gone for more downforce. Anyway, one little halfspin on my middle stint dropped me from 2nd to 3rd. I retook the spot but the car was all over the place in the final stint so I was lucky to hold Raven off who came back strongly.

    Roll on next week – love the Red Bull Ring, it’s a real dinky fun track.

  43. Tons of action. The other three on the front two rows went to the inside for T1 so I went outside and was wondering if I’d made a place when I collided with someone, I think Emil maybe, so the answer was no, I hadn’t made a pass!

    Had a choice to one or two stop. One stop is defending and two stop is attacking so I went for two. I was also not really in groove today so made some silly little mistakes here and there – like trying to catch Emil at the end – but great action. Favourite parts were overtaking Church (I think) around the outside in T1 (worked that time!) and then drifting through the last chicane going in side by side with I believe it was Ali. Great fun :)

  44. I think that went off (eventually) far better than I thought it would – pretty normal race.

    I was busy for the first part of qualifying, then lost track of time and finally got out with two and a half minutes to go. My only chance at a time was curtailed by the over officious timekeeper – so that was pretty costly.

    Not much to do from the back but one stop and stay close enough to be able to capitalise on mistakes whilst not being so close the guy in front defends the inside of every corner losing 3 seconds a lap. 4th after it all shook out I think, pretty much the maximum and a very quiet race in no man’s land in the 2nd half of the race.

  45. Quite an action packed start to the race. A shame to lose Emil so early on. Ran round in 2nd and could see that Francesco in the lead was struggling on the tyres. So much so that at the end of the backstraight I nudged him into a spin. Apologies for that. I waited so that should help when I’m up before the beak!

    Went a lap longer than planned because the tyres were in good shape then came out on lap 8 right in the pack. Some good overtaking, but it was a bit of a mismatch in some cases with my fresher tyres. Also made contact with Syntax, but I was plenty alongside having licked the stamp and I was tight on the inside so couldn’t really give any more room. Not really bothered about that one.

    Quiet second half of the race.

    A word on tyre wear. Heat is your enemy – it raises the tyre pressures and lowers grip so you scrub more and it gets hotter etc. There’s no magic setup wand. I use pretty much standard setup except stiffer springs and a soft rear ARB is the only mechanical stuff. Oversteery aero helps as it is long fast corners that kill the tyres. Driving style is 80% of it though – it really helps the tyres if you knock it off a little bit in certain corners to keep the temp down. Better to lose a tenth in turn 3 than burn the front tyre and run wide in turn 4, losing 3 tenths.

  46. SF71 for my vote. Can we borrow the sound from the RSS?

    RSS car has some good points, but it doesn’t feel as alive and punchy as the SF71. The RSS split info dashboard is also stupid – so much space wasted on the first screen then a couple of vital things on the second one, and I don’t have any spare buttons!

    The RSS default setup is far away from being sensible and that might put off the more casual racer who doesn’t like or really understand setup. With SF71 you can fiddle with the roll bars and wings and you’ll be in the ballpark – it’s pretty much all I changed last season.

  47. Let’s get the VR out of the way first – no issue with driving at all. There is a lack of rear view if someone (like, say Emil) is right in line behind and because I couldn’t see him I couldn’t judge how fast he was going. I had to turn most apps off because they were annoying, so no real info on the race. It is brilliant fun – clever bit of kit.

    Cool race. Started at the back but felt pretty good to judge people around me so pressed on through the field. Took an early 1 stop on Mediums and had Emil on Softs to contend with for a few laps. Cool fight going into Turn 1 side by side and not touching, but Emil knows what he’s doing. I think I was just a bit skinny on the wings so I survived the best of his Soft tyre.

    Speaking of tyres, I thought it was a bit optimistic going that long on Softs so I clung on with the slower tyres in case Jan made a mistake and he seemed to run out of front left on the last lap.

    Many thanks to the organisers for their work and everyone else for a great set of races this year. Really enjoyed them. Most thanks to Bob for all the time he puts in fiddling with the cars, sorting out the tracks and admin. Happy to help him win the teams’ competition – some reward for all your hard work! See you all next season!

  48. I wasn’t doing much on purpose at the hairpin! Make sure the marshals take a look if you didn’t like it.

    Should get at least one place for not waiting, but it’s not important – here for the fun, not the results, or arguments.

  49. Ha! Nearly got you! I was laughing because seeing the gap come down I knew you’d be really feeling it and I was loving twisting the knife. You withstood the pressure so you deserved to keep the position – I had my fun making you sweat!

    Anyway, had no clue about strategy so readied my pitstop for Soft or Medium, depending on how things went. Got well out of shape fighting with Jan and then we touched as I was sliding all over the final hairpin. So I had a moral dilemma. On the one hand, I spin and someone else spins because of it, you should give back the place; on the other hand I had been out of shape all the way into the apex and a driver of Jan’s ability should have the wherewithal to avoid me. Giving six inches of room instead of backing off and passing safely makes it 50-50, right?

    Anyway, as I was debating with myself karma lent a hand. I glanced down at the standings and thought I saw Jan pit, rendering the giving the place thing back a bit pointless. Then I spun and hit inside wall at T2, so the racing gods decided it was a penalty after all :P

    Guessed at a two stop strategy and popped in to fix the front wing. Had a good play with Olivier until he dropped back a bit and then set off after Syntax, but I’d messed around and taken so long to recover from the spin (honestly – watch the replay, it’s laughable) he was too far ahead, even though I was quicker on fresh tyres – as I said, good job mate :)

  50. Just made it back in time for half of qualifying as I was late home from work. Went for a safe “banker” lap so at least I’d be on the grid. Don’t really understand where the speed for pole came from.

    I usually start 2nd or lower so had opted for a lower downforce race set up (3 clicks off front and rear) to help in the fighting, but I managed to pull out of DRS danger and drove the first stint according to how the left front tyre was doing. Stopped 3 laps later than Jan as I had the gap to cover the undercut and then I drove like my mum on corner exit for the last half of the race so I didn’t do a silly spin and look like a dick throwing the race away.

  51. Ready when you are Mr D. Perhaps Albert Park in AC is too fast as well as the car – more grippy tarmac, no wind, lower track temps. Worth bearing in mind we have no engine modes, no fuel saving, no engine saving etc.

    If the SF71H continues to get fettled then maybe we can use it in future seasons this year?

  52. Good race. Happy with 3rd on the grid but I apparently got a monster start and thought about diving for the outside in T1, Thought my start couldn’t be that good so it must’ve been lag and I decided to be extra cautious in T1 and lap 1.

    Got settled in, making sure I was ready for Mostafa having an attack, which put me 2 seconds behind Jan on lap 2. He was also 2 seconds ahead on lap 29, which sounds like a mega race but I never got close enough for DRS and the gap bobbled around 2-4 seconds for the entire race! I guess Jan had a bit in hand and fresher tyres at the end so probably not as close as it looks. I didn’t make any major errors, worst was cocking up a brakemarker and slowing 50m too early on lap 2. See you in Bahrain!

  53. It’s a simple way to mimic F1, where all the frontrunners usually start on the softest tyre having qualified on it. I think the purpose is also to help strategy – 90% of races would be easy one stops with free tyre choice.

    It means it’s a bit of a survival tyre at some tracks, but that’s just something to factor into strategy.

  54. Feel bad for Olivier – he’s said he loves this track but after I ruined his last race here he gets a connection problem. That’s Alonso style luck.

    Straightforward race for me. Was determined to make an alternate strategy because fighting for position can be time costly. Got a good start from pole and pulled a bit of a gap then immediately started looking after the tyres and got them to lap 7, Plan A.

    Got back on track still in 1st, which I didn’t expect because 7 lap old supersofts really suck, but out on the mediums and managed to pull another gap then everyone else pitted.

    Apologies if I confused Elgurke. After your last stop you were running my pace because my tyres were worn. I was following right behind because that was about as fast as I wanted to go. I hope it didn’t put you off as I imagine you were getting blue flags.

  55. Good race. All went to plan for a change.

    Close qualifying then I got a good start and was able to claim the inside kerb and stay out of everyone’s way and amazingly – I MADE IT THROUGH T1! The trick was not to buy the wife flowers so she won’t be overcome with romance getting home from work and perform some kind of choke-hold hug on me. No such problems today!

    A few skirmishes with Mostafa9c in the early laps. I didn’t see the point in fighting like cat and dog as he was quick and not really holding me up, so I thought I’d let the race “crinkle out” and develop through the pitstops. Still in 2nd after the stops there was no pressure from behind as Church’s excellent start faded ever so slightly (great job by the way!) so I could get close to Mostafa9c and see if he made a mistake, as he’d spun in from of me in Germany. A couple of laps after the stops he obliged and that was that really.

    Just watched some of the stream – it’s really well put together, great job!

  56. Such a great car. Not a great start once more and it was my wife again. She came in from work and scared the crap out of me. I was in front by then so just tried to steer out of the way whilst shooing away the missus. Hope I didn’t get in anyone’s way. At least I lost less time than when she forgot her key :)

    Anyway, mostafa9c was at the back as well so I followed him through the field and as we came up on Bobby then mostafa9c had a bit of a spin so 3rd place. Then 2nd with DRS and after the stops had too much time to make up so no fight for the win. Some good close racing through the field; only one questionable move on me, but great fun overall. See you in Korea!

  57. Terrible blunder at the start took the shine off things, but there was good hard racing to be had.

    Oh dear though, my start. I managed to slip in my chair and slipped off the pedals. Utter confusion, random foot stabbing and then crash. I ruined at least one other person’s race so can only apologise, no excuses.

    Stopped after lap 1 because I had a lot damage, I was always going to pit stupidly early anyway and there was a snake of 5 or 6 six cars all fighting like mad ahead. Good pace on the softs, but the damage repairs at both stops plus my delays at the start plus the time lost when I nearly overtook three cars in one go around the outside of Blanchimont but just got clipped by the last one meant I couldn’t make all that time up and the extra pitstop.

    Great car, great track and the tyres were interesting too – really big gaps in the times depending on where you were in your strategy.

  58. Well, I think we’ve got a great league car. Well done to Bobby, because his version is so much better than the Kunos version. There’s a bit of room for different strategies and at least at Silverstone we couldn’t max it out on the electric or the tyres.

    Had an absorbing race long fight with Jan. I was fine on the softs and pitted on 7 for hards. The undercut worked except after my stop I did a silly half spin but then Jan returned the favour a little later. He overtook soon after but I thought, “That’s fine, he’s on mediums I’ll just follow until his tyres give out.” Problem is that Jan is unbelievably quick, so I had to burn my tyres and electric just to keep close. His tyres did wear, but when I was launching an attack near the end a yellow flag came out so I let off in a bad place, had a snap and ran off track. Caught up through the last lap but not close enough.

    Should be a fun season. Nice pace from my team mate Bobby!

  59. Got a good start but was cheated out of 2nd place early when Thomas hit me on the second straight, passed me and then didn’t give the place back. After that, pretty quiet race.

    Many thanks to the admins for their efforts and all competitors for all the action packed racing this season. Looking forward to the next one already!

  60. I’m not going to post what I thought about qualifying – still fuming.

    Didn’t have a rhythm because I was driving angry. Got tagged at Varianta Alta, which happens, but dropped a bit of time there. Couldn’t stay with the fast guys but tried to keep close in case the top two had a bit of a barney, however although they held each other up enough that I was on their tail there were no more mistakes so no chance to attack.

    A couple of daring passes on the outside into T1 which were great fun – good clean racing :)

  61. Another busy race! Notable bits:

    You’ve heard of crashing in sympathy? How about crashed in surprise? In the early laps when I caught the back of the pack, I was behind someone at the end of the main straight and they braked 100m before my braking point and in complete shock I jammed on the brakes and ended up spearing into the wall!

    A bit later on I was chasing ysag when Bobby appeared out of nowhere at 90 degrees to the track. Squeezed by, but the funny bit is that as I went past I leant to the left in my chair – I’d like to think it helped :)

    Other than that, completely normal race.

  62. T1 is a problem, so hopefully a bit of debate will help the mindset for the next race. I try to look on a bad T1 as an opportunity to fight through the field, think positive!

    In fighting during the race there is a general desperation and a pickup race mentality. People hate giving room and hate being overtaken. I quite like being overtaken (if it’s a clean pass) as it’s someone to pass back.

    Hopefully your luck improves, but we often make our own luck.

  63. That was absorbing rather than frenetic, but I’ve had my fair of action so it was fun to have a different sort of race. Just a few tenths a lap shy of keeping in range of Jan. My cunning long stint then short fill on 26 to get the overcut was stymied when the bloody car was filled way more than I set it for. Didn’t cost me more than a couple of seconds, so wouldn’t have made a difference.

  64. Nope – lap 3 or 4!

    Started on pole and got bumped so back in the pack, but wasn’t bothered as it was expected and plenty of laps to get back in fight. Then the phone rang, which I would normally ignore but it was the wife’s number and she was locked out. I pulled over, managing to also change the camera to TV view, opened the door and ran back.

    Caught up with the pack and got back through to 2nd. Some good fights, I think only one contact moving through the pack. Nearly took out my team mate when he braked for the baseball stadium – must’ve been half an inch in it!

  65. It turns off automatically as well

    If you mean “how can I turn it off so I can go 150mph in pitlane?” that’s not what Bobby means. The pit limiter comes on and the car brakes automatically when coming into the pits, but you can still be going to quickly at the pit limit line. We have a check in the rules app to look for speeding over the pit limit line, but as it is difficult to pick out in Austin so you can drive in as fast as you like but you will be brought down to the pit speed limit

  66. That was a terrific race, because it was so terrible! Had to do something during qually so only had time for one run and during that I ran wide at Degner 2 and tripped the short-cut so had to abandon and start from the back.

    Had a ball fighting through the field – some good hard racing going on. Tripped over Olivier at the hairpin and lost yet more time waiting for him. Sorry about the touch Olivier. Lost some places so got to do more fighting. Quite a breathless race all round.

  67. Super race. This car is a belter.

    Had a poor first lap and lost a lot of time in traffic but once I got into 2nd I had a great race with Jan even though I never saw him and couldn’t close the gap. Think I was a bit skinny on downforce.

  68. I’ve watched the tape and apologies to Emil for thing I got told off for. That might have been borderline okay in real life F1 these days, but we’re just playing a game to have fun racing, so yeah my bad.

  69. Couple of fun fights, but my PC froze on lap 17; luckily it was still accepting wheel inputs so when it woke up I wasn’t in the wall, so only lost 8 seconds. At least I wasn’t near anyone at the time.

  70. After the last stop you have to earn a pass on me :) I hope I left you a full car width when we touched.

    Apart from that, wrong strategy and the right tyres, or right strategy and the wrong tyres, and my throttle pedal is playing up again, so it wasn’t a particularly memorable race – except for the “LOOK OUT STORM CLOUD!!” moment. That was close!

  71. Couldn’t get a feel for the car at Mugello, but much better at Hockenheim.

    I liked the slightly longer race format. I used to do a lot of league races in LFS which were between 60 and 90 minutes and there’s a lot more scope for strategy to play out as there are more laps available to make an aggressive strategy work.

    I’m sure the grid will close up as people get more laps on the board.

  72. I’m in. Please not Hamilton’s skin this time – made the replays difficult to watch last season :P

    BMW or Williams if I get the choice.

    EDIT: Question – are we using the KERS or non-KERS version?

  73. Yeah I do, but might be because I’ve actually set the car up for driving in pickup races and a league. I didn’t really do anything to the other two when I tried them

  74. My thoughts on the cars.

    F2002: It sounds exciting and it’s fast, but the TC takes a lot of the joy out of it and it removes a performance differentiator – to an extent. Anyone can mash the throttle from before apex and away you go. The best drivers will still be quicker because with better lines and control they will use less TC and more forward drive. It is less fun though; look at the last turn at Silverstone – not even a corner in the F2002, fraught with danger in the SF15T

    FW31 – Phenomenal high speed grip, not too bad overall. I think the racing will be close in this one

    F138 – A bit less grip than the Williams and it feels more alive because of it – I guess it also has a smidge more power. I find this one the most fun to drive and it has some followers in the wider community so it may garner some additional drivers. My vote.

  75. I drove a race on a public server the other day which was running track grip at 94% and it made quite a difference to lap time and grip. This got me thinking – why don’t we try a pseudo wet race? Probably best to try it in a test event, not the championship.

    The idea would be that the grip level is set to something that approximates to grip in the wet – lap times would be a good criterion. On the lowest setting on single player – 85% but it is dynamic – I was 9 seconds off the pace in Malaysia (same setup).

    Could be fun, something different. I am a bit wasted though, so it could equally be stupid. Incidentally, the public server race on 94% track grip was a farce, but public races generally are.

  76. Need to sort out my qualifying, especially where track position is important. Got up behind Raven before the one stop pitstops and he was  still on his original mediums after 11 laps so he was dog slow and all over the place in the corners so no chance to pass safely. Pitted early on lap 12 to get the undercut or force Raven to pit early, which he did.

    Just a case of waiting for the last laps after that but just as I moved to 3rd had a weird spin on the first kink. Turns out I turned on my DRS when I was changing my brake balance. Unmap, I know. Spun me down to 5th so instead of getting the strategy to play out I was on my own in 5th for the second race running.

  77. Yeah, it’s not being slavishly realistic about the temperature, on reflection. My main argument for mixing things up a little is to make it more of a challenge, because the best driver has to have more of a skillset to succeed.

    If you publish a range that the temp might be in (and if that’s cold to run softs or whatever then that’s fine), then anyone that practices for an hour or two in the two weeks between races can get a feel for different temps in that range and they’re prepared for whatever turns up in qually.

    But whatever, it’s a fun series anyway and Valencia! What a blast to drive. Can’t stay off it.

  78. Whatever the temperature, whatever the track, there will be a tyre that works. Set the track temperature to a range at least close to real life air temperature

    Choose a random temperature from a range then do that. Pick tyres to suit the conditions on the day. It shouldn’t even be set until race day, then you turn up and choose your strategy.

    It will favour the adaptable drivers and the diligent drivers. There are so few variables in conditions it would be a waste of this one to set the temperature to suit the tyres.

  79. Are we going to vary the temperature at all? It’s a bit daft, especially looking at the weather at Spa to be racing in 10deg ambient, at Sepang that will be just silly.

    I know low temps are good for hotlaps and everyone can fawn over whoever is top of the tracker, but there is so little variation in sims (no wind, no rain etc) that variable track temp sorts out the racers from the hotlappers.

  80. Having a bit of trouble with my throttle pedal feathering, but I did an okay lap eventually in qualifying.

    Early on stayed about 8th passing cars that spin but being a bit slow through the yellow zones and losing positions too. Started to move up; throttle wasn’t too bad then Knonkh punted me out of 6th at the hairpin. I was nose to the inside wall but couldn’t reverse into traffic so came back on 13th. After that I kept the gap to the leader static, give or take a second, and ended up 5th. I had the pace to run closer without the accident, but probably would have finished 5th anyway. Good pace and points with no mistakes, so looking forward to the next race.

  81. Part of the skillset of a modern F1 driver is to get out of the car on Saturday then adapt to full fuel running in different conditions from the get go on Sunday. If you struggle with that skillset then you can forego some of the qualifying session to adapt.

  82. Are we doing 200% on the tyres again? It’ll just force everyone to drive at whatever speed is required to make a 1 stop. As the race is shorter, the pitlane time loss for an extra stop can’t be made up. If you want to do full simulation just have everything including laps at 100%. Even a race of 60% to 70% with normal tyre wear would be one or two stop with a variety of tyre strategies.