1. That was absorbing rather than frenetic, but I’ve had my fair of action so it was fun to have a different sort of race. Just a few tenths a lap shy of keeping in range of Jan. My cunning long stint then short fill on 26 to get the overcut was stymied when the bloody car was filled way more than I set it for. Didn’t cost me more than a couple of seconds, so wouldn’t have made a difference.

    • Nope – lap 3 or 4!

      Started on pole and got bumped so back in the pack, but wasn’t bothered as it was expected and plenty of laps to get back in fight. Then the phone rang, which I would normally ignore but it was the wife’s number and she was locked out. I pulled over, managing to also change the camera to TV view, opened the door and ran back.

      Caught up with the pack and got back through to 2nd. Some good fights, I think only one contact moving through the pack. Nearly took out my team mate when he braked for the baseball stadium – must’ve been half an inch in it!

  2. It turns off automatically as well

    If you mean “how can I turn it off so I can go 150mph in pitlane?” that’s not what Bobby means. The pit limiter comes on and the car brakes automatically when coming into the pits, but you can still be going to quickly at the pit limit line. We have a check in the rules app to look for speeding over the pit limit line, but as it is difficult to pick out in Austin so you can drive in as fast as you like but you will be brought down to the pit speed limit

  3. That was a terrific race, because it was so terrible! Had to do something during qually so only had time for one run and during that I ran wide at Degner 2 and tripped the short-cut so had to abandon and start from the back.

    Had a ball fighting through the field – some good hard racing going on. Tripped over Olivier at the hairpin and lost yet more time waiting for him. Sorry about the touch Olivier. Lost some places so got to do more fighting. Quite a breathless race all round.

  4. Super race. This car is a belter.

    Had a poor first lap and lost a lot of time in traffic but once I got into 2nd I had a great race with Jan even though I never saw him and couldn’t close the gap. Think I was a bit skinny on downforce.

    • Is there anywhere to post to publicise it?

      If anyone’s up for any practice use the server – we may attract one or two casuals.

  5. I’ve watched the tape and apologies to Emil for thing I got told off for. That might have been borderline okay in real life F1 these days, but we’re just playing a game to have fun racing, so yeah my bad.

  6. Couple of fun fights, but my PC froze on lap 17; luckily it was still accepting wheel inputs so when it woke up I wasn’t in the wall, so only lost 8 seconds. At least I wasn’t near anyone at the time.

  7. Couldn’t get a feel for the car at Mugello, but much better at Hockenheim.

    I liked the slightly longer race format. I used to do a lot of league races in LFS which were between 60 and 90 minutes and there’s a lot more scope for strategy to play out as there are more laps available to make an aggressive strategy work.

    I’m sure the grid will close up as people get more laps on the board.

  8. I’m in. Please not Hamilton’s skin this time – made the replays difficult to watch last season :P

    BMW or Williams if I get the choice.

    EDIT: Question – are we using the KERS or non-KERS version?

  9. My thoughts on the cars.

    F2002: It sounds exciting and it’s fast, but the TC takes a lot of the joy out of it and it removes a performance differentiator – to an extent. Anyone can mash the throttle from before apex and away you go. The best drivers will still be quicker because with better lines and control they will use less TC and more forward drive. It is less fun though; look at the last turn at Silverstone – not even a corner in the F2002, fraught with danger in the SF15T

    FW31 – Phenomenal high speed grip, not too bad overall. I think the racing will be close in this one

    F138 – A bit less grip than the Williams and it feels more alive because of it – I guess it also has a smidge more power. I find this one the most fun to drive and it has some followers in the wider community so it may garner some additional drivers. My vote.

  10. I drove a race on a public server the other day which was running track grip at 94% and it made quite a difference to lap time and grip. This got me thinking – why don’t we try a pseudo wet race? Probably best to try it in a test event, not the championship.

    The idea would be that the grip level is set to something that approximates to grip in the wet – lap times would be a good criterion. On the lowest setting on single player – 85% but it is dynamic – I was 9 seconds off the pace in Malaysia (same setup).

    Could be fun, something different. I am a bit wasted though, so it could equally be stupid. Incidentally, the public server race on 94% track grip was a farce, but public races generally are.

  11. Need to sort out my qualifying, especially where track position is important. Got up behind Raven before the one stop pitstops and he was  still on his original mediums after 11 laps so he was dog slow and all over the place in the corners so no chance to pass safely. Pitted early on lap 12 to get the undercut or force Raven to pit early, which he did.

    Just a case of waiting for the last laps after that but just as I moved to 3rd had a weird spin on the first kink. Turns out I turned on my DRS when I was changing my brake balance. Unmap, I know. Spun me down to 5th so instead of getting the strategy to play out I was on my own in 5th for the second race running.

  12. Are we going to vary the temperature at all? It’s a bit daft, especially looking at the weather at Spa to be racing in 10deg ambient, at Sepang that will be just silly.

    I know low temps are good for hotlaps and everyone can fawn over whoever is top of the tracker, but there is so little variation in sims (no wind, no rain etc) that variable track temp sorts out the racers from the hotlappers.

  13. Having a bit of trouble with my throttle pedal feathering, but I did an okay lap eventually in qualifying.

    Early on stayed about 8th passing cars that spin but being a bit slow through the yellow zones and losing positions too. Started to move up; throttle wasn’t too bad then Knonkh punted me out of 6th at the hairpin. I was nose to the inside wall but couldn’t reverse into traffic so came back on 13th. After that I kept the gap to the leader static, give or take a second, and ended up 5th. I had the pace to run closer without the accident, but probably would have finished 5th anyway. Good pace and points with no mistakes, so looking forward to the next race.

  14. Are we doing 200% on the tyres again? It’ll just force everyone to drive at whatever speed is required to make a 1 stop. As the race is shorter, the pitlane time loss for an extra stop can’t be made up. If you want to do full simulation just have everything including laps at 100%. Even a race of 60% to 70% with normal tyre wear would be one or two stop with a variety of tyre strategies.

  15. T1 is a problem, so hopefully a bit of debate will help the mindset for the next race. I try to look on a bad T1 as an opportunity to fight through the field, think positive!

    In fighting during the race there is a general desperation and a pickup race mentality. People hate giving room and hate being overtaken. I quite like being overtaken (if it’s a clean pass) as it’s someone to pass back.

    Hopefully your luck improves, but we often make our own luck.

  16. After the last stop you have to earn a pass on me :) I hope I left you a full car width when we touched.

    Apart from that, wrong strategy and the right tyres, or right strategy and the wrong tyres, and my throttle pedal is playing up again, so it wasn’t a particularly memorable race – except for the “LOOK OUT STORM CLOUD!!” moment. That was close!

  17. Yeah I do, but might be because I’ve actually set the car up for driving in pickup races and a league. I didn’t really do anything to the other two when I tried them

  18. Yeah, it’s not being slavishly realistic about the temperature, on reflection. My main argument for mixing things up a little is to make it more of a challenge, because the best driver has to have more of a skillset to succeed.

    If you publish a range that the temp might be in (and if that’s cold to run softs or whatever then that’s fine), then anyone that practices for an hour or two in the two weeks between races can get a feel for different temps in that range and they’re prepared for whatever turns up in qually.

    But whatever, it’s a fun series anyway and Valencia! What a blast to drive. Can’t stay off it.

  19. Whatever the temperature, whatever the track, there will be a tyre that works. Set the track temperature to a range at least close to real life air temperature

    Choose a random temperature from a range then do that. Pick tyres to suit the conditions on the day. It shouldn’t even be set until race day, then you turn up and choose your strategy.

    It will favour the adaptable drivers and the diligent drivers. There are so few variables in conditions it would be a waste of this one to set the temperature to suit the tyres.

  20. Part of the skillset of a modern F1 driver is to get out of the car on Saturday then adapt to full fuel running in different conditions from the get go on Sunday. If you struggle with that skillset then you can forego some of the qualifying session to adapt.