SF15-T Test Race: Hockenheim

Although the latest AC updates meant a final lap retirement for our otherwise successful F2002 season, every cloud has a silver lining. Our third F1 season will be taking advantage of the fantastic Ferrari SF15-T car brought by the Red Pack DLC.

The league will begin at the Belgian GP a month from now. Meanwhile, we have some test races and other fun events lined up for the coming weeks :)

This Saturday we will be racing the SF15-T at Hockenheim, starting 20:30 CET as usual. Same format as the F2002 league. Just click the attending button if you’re interested.

Please note that we have updated the track with DRS zones: AC Hockenheim Track

See you on track!

10 thoughts on “SF15-T Test Race: Hockenheim

  1. Sucks that im running on integrated graphics, can barely handle a single monitor let alone my three screens, i feel handicapped for some odd reason, GPU with EVGA, hope i get a good replacement

    • No special rules for our first race. Refuelling is allowed, free choice of tyre strategy.

      We’ll see how it pans out :)

  2. Sad to hear about the washout this evening. Oh well, I guess a few too many people on holiday at once!

    We’ll be back next weekend with another event which will be announced in a few days :)

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