SF15-T Pre-season Race: Melbourne

Replay : Replay-SF15-Testrace2-Melbourne (198 downloads)

This week’s test race will be at the the Albert Park circuit with the SF15-T.

We have also produced a 2016 skin pack for the league: AC SF15-T Skins (227 downloads)

The event will be the same format as our league races – practice up to 20:30 CET, followed by practice starts, then 15 minutes qualifying and a 50% distance race.

# Driver CarGridBest Time Pts
1 Emil Praga Ferrari SF15-T01:29.507 44:53.491 25
2 Shayan Najam Ferrari SF15-T11:29.136 +3.568 18
3 Marcello Ferrari SF15-T41:31.202 +1:11.798 15
4 BobbyDeacs Ferrari SF15-T11:31.933 +1:20.188 12
5 coret3x Ferrari SF15-T31:31.561 +1:30.239 10
6 xNinja Ferrari SF15-T21:29.389 +1 Lap 8
7 YuckierDragon Ferrari SF15-T51:31.720 +1 Lap 6
8 CMR_18 Ferrari SF15-T11:31.665 +1 Lap 5
9 Ton van Egmond Ferrari SF15-T31:30.675 DNF (21L) 0
10 Hellas Panos Ferrari SF15-T81:30.092 DNF (16L) 0
11 bolea18 Ferrari SF15-T11:35.720 DNF (4L) 0
12 Patrik Zajíc Ferrari SF15-T1 DNF (0L) 0

Just click the attending button if you’re interested. With all the new gizmos and buttons we all need plenty of race practice before the league starts, so if you’re taking part in the league please come along :)

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Important change:-

We can now monitor whether people refuel at their pitstops, so there will be no refuelling allowed.

12 thoughts on “SF15-T Pre-season Race: Melbourne

  1. Are we doing 200% on the tyres again? It’ll just force everyone to drive at whatever speed is required to make a 1 stop. As the race is shorter, the pitlane time loss for an extra stop can’t be made up. If you want to do full simulation just have everything including laps at 100%. Even a race of 60% to 70% with normal tyre wear would be one or two stop with a variety of tyre strategies.

    • Well, 50% is a good league race distance. We’ve always had interesting strategy choices with 200% tyre wear… more than 1 stop can definitely work, especially with the tyre temperatures.

    • I’ll be 2-stopping. I agree it would be nice if you could increase the speed limit a bit in pits so that the pitstop duration is a little bit closer to 50% as well.

      If we changed tyre wear to 100%, we would still have same problem as you could zero-stop then.

    • Better would be to leave tyre wear at 100% and make one pitstop compulsory. so that no one races to the end on the hards. this way well have more variety with strategy, because right now the easiest one is doing one stop with hards, that is definitely what most of the drivers will be doing throughout the season including me. The problem is that there is no difference between the compounds on a stint of more than one lap. the softer the tire the more it heats up during the lap due to 2x tire wear and the pace difference is nullified. with 1x tire wear i can do 8 laps of spa on softs while pushing, that does not mean that i can do 4 laps on softs with 2x since the tires heat up, start sliding more and wear even faster. more on this in detail tomorrow post race

    • Chat post race will be good. I would personally like to have everything scaled correctly (including fuel), however I have to say that IF we could enforce a stop, then 1x tyres would give us far more options – literally.

  2. I won’t be able to do the full race, I have to be somewhere at that time. Can I still join in on the practice leading up to the race?

  3. A tip for tonight – decide what fuel you need for the race (I’ll be using 100 litres). Divide that by the number of laps (100/29 = 3.45 litres/lap for me). Use that value to manage your fuel during the race – if you dip below, you can rev more etc.

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