AC Ferrari SF15-T League Sign-Up

Hello all,

We are proud to announce that we are starting a new league in Assetto Corsa with the Ferrari SF15-T car from the Red Pack DLC. First race is Spa on August 27th – the full race calendar is presented in the picture and can also be seen in our events calendar.

See the SF15-T League menu at the top of the page for links to the league results, standings and other info.

League info:

  • Races on Saturdays starting 20:30 Central European Summer Time.
  • Event format: practice starts, then 15 min qualifying and 50% race distance.
  • Best 7 out of 9 results count for the championship. Top 12 finishers score points.


  • 150% tyre wear, 100% fuel usage, refuelling banned.
  • DRS banned in all sessions.
  • TC and ABS banned, Stability control allowed.
  • Jump start rules enabled.


Drivers should also read the league rules.

If you would like to participate, please post a comment and present your 3 preferences for skins. Drivers signing up as a team (including a team name, which can be provided later) have dibs on the skins. As well as the 2016 F1 skins we have added Toyota and Arrows.

Confirmed Teams:

  1. Ferrari Wanna Bees – Emil Praga & YuckierDragon – Ferrari
  2. The X-men – coret3x & ? – Red Bull
  3. Team Teenage Ninja Tortoise – xNinja & BobbyDeacs – Renault
  4. Rennteam – Raven & Shayan Najam – Toro Rosso
  5. Freestylers – CMR_18 & ? – Sauber
  6. Fake Marussia Dudes – Ton van Egmond & ? – Manor
  7. Jan Frajbis & ? – Haas
  8. Not Enough G-Force – Knonkh & ? – Williams

Skins still available: Mercedes, Force India

Confirmed Drivers (still in need of a team):

  • Storm_Cloud
  • jestes2448
  • Rush27
  • RV1904


  • Marcello
  • bolea18
  • alanhill120
  • pattydriver
  • Jachym Svejnoha
  • Barcelona

107 thoughts on “AC Ferrari SF15-T League Sign-Up

  1. Count me in. If coret3x want’s to do another X-men for this car than I’m also in :) I will be available for more races now mate, I promise! :D

    • The skins we will be using are from the 2016 season in F1. So just pick your top 3 preferred teams. E.g. Manor, Williams, Mercedes. And we will allocate them to you. (I believe preference goes to members who have already teamed up)

      I believe a skin pack will be up within the next week or so for you to download the 2016 skins :)

    • We have allowed custom skins in past, just get them to us ASAP as once we’ve done the pack, we tend not to change it.

    • We’re compiling our own skin pack so I would suggest waiting for that if you just want the skins :)

  2. I would love to race, but i am not sure about every race due to other commitments… I will try race as many as possible

    Teams skin?… not bothered :P but

    Manor / Sauber

  3. I’m in too, maybe with mmkay as a teammate, i’ll have to ask him.

    But for skins: Mercedes, Manor, Force India

  4. Any chance of ABS? My brake pedal is more of a switch than anything so virtually impossible for me without it.

    • The trouble is that with ABS on you lose the setup trade-off between aggressive and conservative braking/regeneration settings. Does it get any better if you fiddle with those?

  5. I am pleased to announce “Team Teenage Ninja Tortoise”, with myself and the Ninja. Skins, I’ll let the Ninja choose.

  6. seems that ferrari and force india seats are closed.. haas williams sauber then for me.. as for the teammate anyone is welcome..

  7. I have fixed my wheel Issues :D so I can race

    *when I say fix I mean I will have to use my G27 for AC and use G29 for rFactor2, but it’s still a fix ;)

  8. Hey all,

    Just got into Sim Racing..Would love to join, if I sign up and there’s a Saturday I can’t make it is that okay? Also skill level? I’m just getting used to things, and getting the hang of it.

    • Yep, it’s ok to miss a few races.

      I would suggest joining the server and doing some practice, there are also timing stats so you can compare laptimes, currently at

      We also have the F3 league if you want to try something a bit easier to drive ;)

    • I like a challenge! Really F1 is the whole reason I wanted to get into Sim Racing.

      I’ll have to join the server tomorrow! I’ve been doing solo runs, and I’m getting the hang of it. So we’ll see how I feel tomorrow :)

    • I’ll give this league a try! I’ll prob suck compared to the rest of you guys, but hey, it’s all in good fun!

      If I still have a choice on team, my pick would be:

      1) Haas


      3) Willams

  9. Count me in as well.

    1. Maussia 2. Williams 3. Haas

    I don’t have a teammate, so whoever wants to join, feel free ;)

  10. So as you guys see, I need a m8 for a Team, so if anybody is interested in driving with me, just go ahead and text me!

    Would be cool if I could have a teammate with some basic knowledge about the car, so that the Skill level could be around the same as mine, what would be awesome! I think my skills are not that bad  (3rd in test race on Nürburgring, 2x 1st in Imola for F1 testing)

  11. Hi, I would like is possible to join this league ?? I have a colleague (jac 69), I am also interested . he says later..thank you very much

    • Welcome, please ask jac 69 to also sign up. You can pick a car and team name :)

      We may also have to add some more skins, we’ll look into that.

      Edit: Toyota and Arrows added.

  12. Hi all, I will participate in team with patty from 2nd race. First race is just so close and i don´t want to push it. We would like Toyota skin, thanks.

  13. Are we going to vary the temperature at all? It’s a bit daft, especially looking at the weather at Spa to be racing in 10deg ambient, at Sepang that will be just silly.

    I know low temps are good for hotlaps and everyone can fawn over whoever is top of the tracker, but there is so little variation in sims (no wind, no rain etc) that variable track temp sorts out the racers from the hotlappers.

    • The low temps are nothing to do with hotlap times, we don’t care about that. We’re just trying to have the most options possible on race strategy.

      Before AC 1.8, the softer compounds overheated way too fast to use in the race. The 1.8 update has changed things a bit so we will do some more testing in the coming week and adjust the temperatures appropriately.

    • Hello alistair,

      welcome to the club.

      As you can see we got close to the limit of drivers. Fortunately for you, they wont be all in the race simultaneously. There will always be car available even for team less drivers.

  14. Hi my name is DeTomaso70.

    I’m coming from Austria. I wanna join ur AC League, cause im looking for a League since a while. The only problem is my english is not very good. But my son can translate it easily for me so it’s not dramatic. I hope i can get an acception. If it’s possible pls pm me with the Answer.

    Thank u and See ya. :)

  15. If anyone is interested I’m still looking for a teammate. I’m based in the states so our times might be a bit off. Let me know if you’re interested. Just hoping to create a relaxed team.

  16. Guys, I am sorry but I will have to sign out from the Sf15 season. I cannot devote time for racing atm…hopefully will be able to join the next one!

  17. I drove a race on a public server the other day which was running track grip at 94% and it made quite a difference to lap time and grip. This got me thinking – why don’t we try a pseudo wet race? Probably best to try it in a test event, not the championship.

    The idea would be that the grip level is set to something that approximates to grip in the wet – lap times would be a good criterion. On the lowest setting on single player – 85% but it is dynamic – I was 9 seconds off the pace in Malaysia (same setup).

    Could be fun, something different. I am a bit wasted though, so it could equally be stupid. Incidentally, the public server race on 94% track grip was a farce, but public races generally are.

    • Interesting concept :) Keen to know what others make of the idea.

      For me, the appeal of wet races is the strategy choices you have to make rather than the lack of grip. Sadly, we can’t replicate that in AC.

    • We could try this sometime December, with a track that improves quite quickly it would be kind of like going from wet to dry. As Rhobium says, tyres will simply get better rather than needing a change of compound.

      PS:- Not a stupid idea, we’re all craving the stuff we took for granted with Codemasters’ F1 – though not the crappy physics etc :)

    • Server is online, the password is written in our teamspeak channel. Details are on the right hand side of the website.

      You can see the race time above – all our times are Amsterdam time.

  18. Hey everyone!

    I´m new here and I would like to sign up for the SF15-T league, can anyone help me out where to sign up? Because I can´t find a page to do so….

  19. I would like to join, but can you tell me that why stability control is allowed, and any gt races anytime soon ?

    • Welcome ali09,

      We like to be welcome to drivers with various skill levels. That’s why we allow stability control. Also it helps in catching the car instead of spinning. The only reason we do not allow the ABS and TC is mainly because of the MGU unit in the SF15 car.

      We mainly focus on Formula cars in AC, however once in a while we do social GT events.

  20. Hello, i would like to join you for last race in Britain as Frajbiš’ teammate in Haas. I believe we can have a lot of fun :)

  21. I’d like to take part to the last race if possible. Doesn’t matter which livery, just pick one for me.

    Is there a server where we can practice? How are you enforcing the no DRS and no refuelling rule?

    Are there any particular rules regarding the tyre compounds to be used during qualifying and race?

    • Welcome!

      We do have a server up and running called Flag-to-Flag and the password is located in our Teamspeak. We are strictly enforcing no DRS and no Refuelling aswell.

      Feel free to use any tyre compound you want, apart from that, look forward to racing you at the finale! :)

    • That’s right. The Silverstone race is next Saturday at 20:30 Amsterdam time.

      We can’t set a very long practice period without it breaking the server, so it will just loop through practice-qualifying-race sessions. You can always use the skip session vote.

    • Regarding the rules, the FtF rules app linked above is what monitors corner cutting, DRS and refuelling, so make sure you have it installed and on your screen.

      Welcome and see you on track :)

  22. I´d love to take part in the last race as well (hope it´s not to late).

    I don´t mind the livery, will be thinking about that for the next season ^^

    • Hi guys, great to have you onboard :)

      Planning is underway for a new season hopefully starting in January. We’ll have more news in the next couple of weeks.

      Currently the FW31 mod is the favourite for our choice of car. You may want to download it and let us know what you think.

    • Sure! Thanks for having us. We’ll try it out soon and will be ready to the challenge in January :)

      Do we have a calendar where we can all register and be notified for the following events of that competition?

    • Sounds good!

      The calendar will be published along with a sign-up post for the new season some time after Christmas.

      With regard to being notified, there will be a post on the homepage before each race with a vote to say if you will attend. You can also keep an eye on the calendar and we try to publish the events on our steam group. If you have any suggestions for other ways to notify drivers of upcoming races, let me know :)

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