1. It was a nice race!!

    Qualy result was worse than China, but i made a good start and i was 2th. I fought with Waffen until he retires. I thought that i can win the race… but Emil was too fast with new tyres and i couldn’t defend. Sorry if i was too agressive. You deserve the win!

  2. I think it was realistic. I tried to complete the race with Soft and Medium. Soft compound died in 9-10 laps, but medium we could do 15 laps. It was difficult in the last laps of the stint, but i think it was realistic. What a final race with Raven! It was a shame that I spun in the last lap, but it was a nice battle!

  3. Great video! My best race! Great Q with a 6th position, I lost five positions at the beggining of the race, but finally i finished at the same position (6th). Happy :) I’m looking forward to the next GP in Canada, but i’m sad because i won’t be in Spa and Spain.

  4. I overtake Pikkerson in my last lap. I read all league rules and there is no information about how long is the race for the lapped cars. I was faster much faster than him and include and i can’t finish the race.

  5. Ok, sorry. I only explain my situation and, after watching the replay, include incident doesn’t matter.

    The race was too difficult, particularly at the end because i was on medium with more than 15 laps and i lost too much time. But a good final result with 3 points. Looking forward to practice in Hungary :)

  6. John Stingu’s behavior was unacceptable. Australian preseason race, he hit me when he was a lapped car and he hit me again in Silverstone start. It was unacceptable, he deserves a penalty. I would like to say that include and  YuckierDragon should be more patients. They were 3-4 seconds faster than me and, particularly include, he hit me when he should wait a corner, but i understand them. I don’t undersand what happened with Senna & Include last lap. I would like to see the video.