1. Well, my race ended on Lap 1 with a crash , but did some nice laps then had a pitstop glitch that made me do 2 pit stops at once, I had a full tank but not enough to go to the end. So when i saw Jakki had run out of fuel i decided to push him back to the pits as at this point i could also pit and go to the end :P but then i crash and spin so DNF

  2. Well, for the one race i actually did some good practice / setup for I did probably my worst race of the season :( all started with me practicing on the wrong track (facepalm) so my lap times were alot better than when i got onto the version we used. This alsomade my setup crap and I couldnt drive it. so i crashed some times and got so many cuts that I decided to leave and not get frustrated (more)

  3. I’d like to try this out , never played DR so this will be something new. I can only do Wednesday evenings tho :| (if we start 8:30 European, if its 9 then I can make it any evening [dont just change for me tho]) also I don’t even own the game yet ill have to buy it :P

  4. The track downloads will be on the results and standings page under the ‘FR3.5 League’ tab on the top bar of the website – this will be added later today :)

    Also track downloads will also be on the event posts (event posts are online Sunday before the race, so tomorrow) but the results and standings page will be active all the time for you to download the tracks when we put them on

    Here is a link: