Jan Frajbis

  1. Thanks for racing with me for the whole season. I’m so proud of this season´s title because I think I was not the fastest driver in most races. You got me to the edge of speed, especially in the second half of the season.

    I had zero problems during last race. Church was behind in beginning, but DRS had low impact here and then i had some gap. I tested all possible strategies and softs were ok, just in that corner in last lap i had some lag i wasn´t counting with.

    Of course, I’m sad that we haven´t won a team title with Oliver, but I hope that the experience of this season will help him succeed in the future.

    It was a great pleasure to be part of this community for 5 seasons. Thank you guys :)

  2. It was very tight race from beginning. I still dont know how is Storm_cloud doing his starts. He made mistake in lap 3 i think, so i was back in lead and tried to survive on that US tyre for as long as i could.

    Then Storm overtook me on DRS and right after made mistake in last hairpin. I still think it was possible to go withnout contact – if storm didn´t move. But he moved, right into my way. I hope in wasn´t on purpose. I was aiming to 1 stop, but when i calculated i have a free pitstop, i went for it.

    I´ve never won in China, so i´m pretty happy it happened now :) i my maybe last season.

  3. I enjoyed this race very much. I changed few things in setup from last time and it worked out perfectly. I think it was easy possible to finish race with 1 stop, but when mostafa came to 2nd pit, i decided also to do it.

    I went out straight ahead of Storm, but then on resh tyres it was very easy till the end, i was just looking after the tyres and wanted to drive the car home :) it´s just a shame that oliver couldn´t use what he trained, hope we´ll be better next time as a team.

    See you in Bahrain (also my favourite)

  4. I said it just after the race, what the hell was storm doing again?! :D But great recovery, also from mostafa9c after clash in T1. I was struggling a lot in 1st stint and I really dont have explanation for it, just terrible. I had one fight with RBK, when he tried to overtake me on DRS. I still really don´t know what happened. I let him some space inside, we didn´t touch, he spun and was out so I kept going.

    In 2nd stint it was much better so i picked up the pace, in the end it was just about taking car home. 한국에서 보자 :)

  5. It was much tougher than I expected. From Spain I knew that my tyres are wearing rapidly but i also thought that i solved that problem in testing.

    Anyway, great fun “battling” against Storm Cloud :) but I need some more testing in Spa to prevent it.

  6. Tough race yesterday. Fastest lap in qualy out of nowhere. Our aim was to get Jakki to 3rd overall and let him win.

    I had some problem in setup, i knot know what it was, but in beginning of the stint, 4-5 laps I was very fast but in the end i slided like on ice. And that exactly happened in last stint 4 laps to go. I came for pit TOOOOO early to catch Pedro, but I thought it is possible to go on SS compound – big fail.

    Few touches with ninja in the end – im not happy of it, some of them were my fault, i apologise for that :-(

  7. Yeah, I´m also not a fan of changing anything at the moment. Damage model is not perfect, but for me also is better to run in the back and pick some points that DNF and thats what 20% damage allows us.

    Btw with normal cars you can have 70-100% without a problem, but with open wheels is even 50% great nightmare in my opinion.

  8. I know that this business with DLCs is wrong, but best GT3 cars are in them and guys racing here should have it because we raced in Barcelona (DLC2).

    And hey, it´s not so expensive also (even in sales). You´ll twice make a coffee at home and not buy it in Starbucks and money are in the pocket :D (just joking)

    From my opinion, these three cars are not so good, so I´ll change my attendance to Maybe and we´ll see :)

  9. Thanks for a warm welcome here, I enjoyed every single second of the race. In first stint I made 2 mistakes but I catched guys in front quickly. In second stint my car pushed like hell and I made it to the victory somehow. Thanks to everyone who came to race, see you again on track.