SF15-T League Downloads

Below are the mods and content you’ll need to download for our SF15-T league.


We have compiled a 2016 skin pack: AC SF15-T Skins (v2.1, 177 downloads)

If you have an older version, delete it first before installing the new one.

All credit goes to the original authors. Skins were obtained from RaceDepartment.


Some of our league races will be run at modded circuits. The download links for these will be posted on the homepage and can be found on the league results page.

Apps (UI modules)

All drivers must install our new FtF Rules app: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 298 downloads)

You should put this on your screen while racing so you can see how many warnings you’ve received and whether you’re about to get one.

This replaces the Track Cutting Detector app, please delete the old version or untick it in the main menu.

We also ask that you consider the following apps:

Strongly Recommended

  • Helicorsa – shows nearby cars on a radar and indicates when another car is alongside you.
  • ptracker – Provides live gaps, standings, deltas and other info. Also helps us record timing data.
  • PitConfig – lets you choose what work to do at your pitstop before stopping in your box.

Other suggestions

  • Track map display – shows a map of the whole track, with indicators for lapped/stopped cars.
  • Fuel usage – monitors and estimates your fuel level.
  • Race essentials – all the data you could want about your car and the session in one little box.

To install an app, you’ll need to copy the files to your game directory. Then in the AC General Settings, scroll down to the UI Modules section and tick the box next to the app’s name. You can position these apps by moving your mouse to the right edge of the screen while on track.

Not recommended

  • Rivali OV1 Info, F1 2014/2015 HUD
    These apps cause regular game freezes, which is dangerous for online racing.