AC SF15-T League – Belgian GP

Race Video:

Replay : SF15-R1-Spa-Replay (282 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Jan Frajbis Haas11:48.210 40:52.687 25
2 Raven Rennteam (Toro Rosso)31:49.016 +2.019 18
3 Shayan Najam Rennteam (Toro Rosso)01:49.337 +2.748 15
4 Emil Praga Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)31:49.910 +27.777 12
5 Storm_Cloud Mercedes31:49.554 +33.278 10
6 CMR_18 Freestylers (Sauber)81:51.177 +47.449 8
7 coret3x The X-men (Red Bull)21:49.903 +49.490 6
8 BobbyDeacs Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 21:51.125 +1:04.598 5
9 YuckierDragon Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)31:50.291 +1:10.597 4
10 Rhobium Not Enough G-Force (Williams)41:50.188 +1:11.202 3
11 Ton van Egmond Fake Marussia Dudes (Manor)01:50.781 +1:27.754 2
12 Knonkh Not Enough G-Force (Williams)51:49.866 +1:15.144 1
13 Jachym Svejnoha Toyota21:51.847 +1 Lap 0
14 Hellas Panos Freestylers (Sauber)101:48.860 +1 Lap 0
15 Milan Patak Toyota11:56.134 +1 Lap 0
16 Patrik Zajíc Haas32:06.811 DNF (3L) 0
17 jestes2448 0 DNF 0
18 Barcelona DNF 0

As the SF15-T League gets underway this weekend, here’s a run-down of all you need to know for race 1.

Update: There are new versions of the AC FtF Rules App (v4.2) and AC SF15-T Skins.

Note our server configuration: 100% fuel usage, 150% tyre wear. Remember refuelling and DRS are banned.

We know there’s a lot of settings on the SF15-T car, so a brief noob’s guide…

  1. MGU-K Re-gen: a higher setting means the batteries recharge faster but braking is more difficult.
  2. MGU-K Deployment: affects how much electrical energy is deployed in each gear. Higher settings increase top speed, but use more battery and make the car harder to drive.
  3. MGU-H Mode: currently Motor seems to be better.
  4. Engine Braking: a higher setting makes braking more difficult but saves fuel. Setting “1” is broken.

Other tips:

  • The KERS button temporarily gives you maximum ERS performance.
  • Watch the rev lights on the wheel for changing gear. The engine performs worse above 11000 RPM.
  • You will need to balance your regen and deployment settings to keep the battery level constant during the race without saving energy unnecessarily.

Good luck to everyone in the first race :)

– Rhobium

46 thoughts on “AC SF15-T League – Belgian GP

  1. Hey,

    relating to the issue the other day about the abrupt change in handling for qualy to race.

    I was playing on a server the other day. the qualy session was around 15 mins, but the session actually lasted around 20 mins. Basically if you started your fast lap after 15 mins the time was not considered. however everyone was still driving around after that for 5 mins. Can we implement this?

    We could use that extra time to get acclimatized to the race setup and PU settings for a couple of laps before making an announcement and switching to qualy. going out on the qualy setup in these 5 mins would be stupidity since the grid is already decided in the first 15 mins so im guessing everyone will use their race setups

    • i think that actually is somewhat a bug. not sure what happens but the server waits for everybody to finish their qualify lap within QUALIFY_MAX_WAIT_PERC defined in server config. Sometimes this just fails and the server thinks it has to wait a very long time. I don’t know the config of that server but I think there still was one car that could set a better time even during the 5 extra minutes as the server was thinking that a car missed the qualify time.

    • As coret3x said I think that was just a bug – usually the session ends as soon as nobody else is on a lap. We still have to think about how we might do a warmup without disrupting the race start.

    • Part of the skillset of a modern F1 driver is to get out of the car on Saturday then adapt to full fuel running in different conditions from the get go on Sunday. If you struggle with that skillset then you can forego some of the qualifying session to adapt.

    • On the other hand, what makes a good league race is not half the field missing their braking points on lap 1 :)

      It’s a balancing act. We will still be doing practice starts before qualifying, we just have to consider whether some sort of warmup is necessary.

    • I believe Seb’s tyre said goodbye 200m after that exact moment, so maybe don’t use this line ;) otherwise RIP :P

    • Lol, no exploding tyres in our league I hope although you might cannon into the wall instead :p

      We just go by what the rules app says in such situations. Spa kerbs are probably treated as part of the track so that wouldn’t be a warning. We mostly care about people who are just taking the mickey, rather than being super strict.

  2. i m away from house right now.. i hope i will return on saturday to catch the race.. no practice but at least i wanna be there

  3. I think Shayan will win this race.. Emil is fast too but i think Shayan will go for it..  As for me i hope to stay away from accidents and have nice battles with the rest of the guys..

  4. Hi all, just wanted to chime in and say that I will do my best to participate this weekend at Spa and that this will be my first race(assuming it happens). Unfortunately I wont know for certain until Friday night as to whether or not I’ll be able to participate, but in any case i wanted to say hello and wish everyone the best.

  5. I m glad that i can finally race today.. maube tired duen to long travelling but at least i ll be there…. Good luck everybody

    • When I look at the replay, I see you driving…

      It’s not a big deal, just be aware of that in the future. Sorry for the confusion over time zones.

  6. Had a nice race without many mistakes, gave it everything. was pretty satisfied keeping Emil behind before realizing that the two of us had been outplayed by strategy and pace by John and Raven, Kudos to them for nurturing their tires and winning. Nothing I could do reverse that strategy error in the end.

    • As Rhobium said, it’s no big deal. It’s strange that you seem genuinely surprised, yet the race video shows Evgeny Eliseev driving. Maybe someone came into the room to play a trick on you?

  7. I did my best to set a record for most spins in a race while still scoring points :p

    Well done to John for his debut victory, and Raven and Shayan on the podium :) Also a great debut result for Storm Cloud.

  8. Having a bit of trouble with my throttle pedal feathering, but I did an okay lap eventually in qualifying.

    Early on stayed about 8th passing cars that spin but being a bit slow through the yellow zones and losing positions too. Started to move up; throttle wasn’t too bad then Knonkh punted me out of 6th at the hairpin. I was nose to the inside wall but couldn’t reverse into traffic so came back on 13th. After that I kept the gap to the leader static, give or take a second, and ended up 5th. I had the pace to run closer without the accident, but probably would have finished 5th anyway. Good pace and points with no mistakes, so looking forward to the next race.

  9. Thanks for a warm welcome here, I enjoyed every single second of the race. In first stint I made 2 mistakes but I catched guys in front quickly. In second stint my car pushed like hell and I made it to the victory somehow. Thanks to everyone who came to race, see you again on track.

  10. Enjoyable race, but damage limitation for em from the moment my front wing turned the same colour as the Renault on the Kemmel straight accident. Lacking front downforce made the car very stable, but way too slow in the middle section.

    Remember some nice wheel-to-wheel with Storm Cloud (epic “Verstappen” overtake at Blanchimont!) and Coretex, plus myself and Rhobium running our own version of the “Tortoise n Hare” with the tortoise winning for a change.

    Great to see a newcomer victorious first time out, hopefully we will give him a run for his money as the season progresses.

    • It takes two to make an overtake like that work and you had the tougher job as I could run wide, but you couldn’t. Always a pleasure racing good drivers.

  11. Here we go guys, this is my “best of” Spa, a PoV is following shortly, and sry BobbyDeacs that your bet for me went wrong, next time I got that ;D


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