AC F2002 League – R4 San Marino GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Raven Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)01:20.420 44:34.694 25
2 Waffen The Flatspotters (Arrows)01:20.865 +11.006 18
3 YuckierDragon The Flatspotters (Arrows)11:20.906 +14.271 15
4 BobbyDeacs Console Geeks (Jaguar)11:21.707 +48.073 12
5 puluminati Gasgano (Jordan)41:21.698 +1:14.589 10
6 Frusty Gasgano (Jordan)41:21.824 +1:21.799 8
7 Marcello Fritz Simsport (Toyota)11:22.355 +1 Lap 6
8 xNinja Fritz Simsport (Toyota)11:22.596 +1 Lap 5
9 PedroRC Console Geeks (Jaguar)31:22.755 +1 Lap 4
10 JuhohFin Race4Life (Williams)11:23.544 +2 Laps 3
11 Emil Praga Balkan Racing (BAR)81:38.152 DNF (1L) 0

Replay: F2002 Race 4 San Marino Replay (312 downloads)

Race Video:

The F2002 mod developers have provided us with a fix for the excessive soft front tyre wear.

All drivers need to download the updated data file: [Download not found]

12 thoughts on “AC F2002 League – R4 San Marino GP

  1. Hi everybody.. I m new here and would like to participate in practices with you before i sign up to the league to test my skills. I have 7 months to play and need a lot of practice.. Is there any server up? Thank you

    • As long as you are sensible and aware of your own limitations, I wouldn’t worry too much. Come along and qualify – see how it goes.

  2. Very sorry – although my new chair arrived some family priorities are going to keep me away from home this weekend. Is anyone going to livestream?

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