Olivier Prenten

  1. @coret3x: copy for the repair time but when you are P3, time lost to recover safely on track + time lost to join the pit because of the damages + time lost to repair and adapt strategy equal a DNF.

    @BobbyDeacs: I didn’t know about the lag. FYI my ping was P:34ms which is better than the average.

    @Storm_Could: Excuses accepted. :) Just know Suzuka is by far my favourite track where I have usually a very good pace. Certainly the race where I could have reached my best position. But that’s life…

    C u all soon…

  2. Nightmare for me as from the moment Jakkinen spun and came back on track when I arrived in the blind turn after the straight. I doubt he is using trackmap which could have help a lot when recovering from an off track ride. I chose not to repair and struggled like hell during 36 laps to achieve the race. Better next time. :)
    Last point. I think the damage level at 20% is insufficient to considerably raise awareness during a race event. Despite the fact my car was damage enough to spoil my race after the hit with jakkinen, I observed other racers spinning as well but able to continue without constraints. Which is not realistic. Could you consider to increase the level at 50%?
    Just my opinion of course…

  3. Hi guys, just to confirm you that my brother and myself will sign in for the next season.

    Can you book us 2 places in case I miss the sign in process. It shouldn’t happen but we never know. ;)

    Thank you in advance.

    Oli and Fa


    Our details:

    Olivier Prenten (GUID 76561198114085634)

    Fabrice Prenten (GUID tel:76561198013232259)

    Team: PrenTeam

    Skin: Ferrari or any other available

  4. Hello,

    I would lîke to register with my brother for the next season 2016. Is it possible?


    Our details:

    Olivier Prenten (GUID 76561198114085634)

    Fabrice Prenten (GUID tel:76561198013232259)

    Team: PrenT’eam

    Skin: Custom or any other available


    Kind regards,


  5. Thank you Rhobium and great news for me. I will certainly pop up in the server soon in order to test the mod. I will also inform my brother about your acknowledgement. ;)

    Do you already have a list of the reserved cars for next season so I could already make a choice.