Olivier Prenten

  1. Yes quite interesting to have that SC implemented.
    Something else Bob: that fresh new OSRW app (at least for us) is also monitoring the track cuts. Is it still usefull to use the FtF rules app?

  2. Without hesitation my vote goes to the SF71H. More sensitive to throttle work and brakes which I like a lot. The general behaviour is a very good package in one car. A real blast!

  3. Indeed grats to our aliens for their impressive skills. :) Great battles in the midfield. Yesterday, despite I didn’t finish (bug in the track where I was blocked and couldn’t leave my position ?), the battle with Ali (and Senne) was amazing.
    A special Thanks to Bob for his hard work and support. Next season with the drivers we have actually will be very interesting…

  4. I’ll try to come back in force in Bahrain. I’m struggling actually when it’s time for race. I need to catch back the pace I’m able to have… Honestly also, some new drivers are kind of ‘too’ agressive. I need to pass through it.
    Thanks Jan. :)

  5. Cheers Bob. It’s my second beer already… This season is terrific for me. Here I made one big mistake. I changed my race setup at the last second and it ‘definitely’ was the bad decision as I didn’t recognize the behavior at all compared to the training I did.
    Grats to the winner(s).
    Well, I hope to see the end of the black tunnel very soon… Collecting the DNF’s actually. :(

  6. Same for me. 1st stint was very difficult and no explanation to provide. I didn’t trust the feeling of the car. I lost rear several times at T1 exit which cost me A lot!. 2nd stint, all of a sudden I could attack and made no mistake during 15 laps, but for nuts… well a P9 :/

  7. Imagine how difficult it will be to overtake in RA. :)
    I reviewed my opinion about RA. It is a pure insane but so funny layout. I wonder how many DNF we will have at the end because driving at a descent pace with full tank is a real challenge… ;)

  8. Intersesting. As simracer we all want perfect tyre physics as they are the link to the general FFB behavious. I have done few laps on RA with your adapted .acd and I have to admit the feeling is really good. Otherwise the widening option should be tested during long stings.

  9. Hence if I still suffered 5 laps of probably avoidable contact with helicorsa installed, it is because I assumed the others have it installed too. :D
    In previous leagues I ran (ACRL, PRL), hc was compulsary and there were really less contact during challenging overtaking.
    At the end of the day, it is always left to the league admins appreciation. ;)

  10. @Amereto So we are both in the 40+ bracket and still fast I think. ;) If you want my honest point of view. When a driver behind another is using HC and the driver in front is not (but the one behind OR next is assuming the one in front OR next is using it (LOL), then I think the one behind dares a little bit more. Reason why I strongly suggest to use HC or car radar. This would give more chance between 2 cars to avoid each other. That would have prevent me with touching other drivers during my first stint. ;)
    This is just my opinion of course…

  11. I totally agree with Rhobium. If you drive while ignoring when another car is next or very close of you, It is clear you will be most of the time implicated in touches/incidents. Simracing is also taking car of others even if not always easy. For your info my first 5 laps in Brazil were a total nightmare as I was fast and couldn’t always avoid or receive touches.

  12. You did it. I made just the mistake to put one click more to the wings (front and rear) for the race setup which reduced my top speed to 320 iso 326. I did it during the qual session. As I had to stay in pit, I haven’t bern able to test it prior the race. Hence when behind you I couldn’t catch your drag. ;) Apart in S3, you had a great pace, so it was very difficult. ;)

  13. Yes bob you need an extra steward for this one. But you can make it simplier. My behaviour was not correct at all! So: No reprimand for CMR / DSQ for COTA & next race (+ reprimands if you judge not enough).
    Just don’t wanna be banned as I really like your community… :/
    Again, SORRY to CMR who is a very nice person and I think it really…
    My VERY BAD… :(

  14. I haven’t had the luck to do it Bob as I was AGAIN hit from behind during lap 1 while I was P2. Hence spin against the wall, wings damaged and 8 places lost. I’m really fed up! I overreacted with CMR after the hit and assume it. I certainly deserve a DSQ for next race but 2 race ruined (1 at lap 8, 1 at lap 1!). BUT please take appropriate actions against drivers unable to keep their distances. Also, again, raise that damage level. This will make people think twice before braking later…

  15. @coret3x: copy for the repair time but when you are P3, time lost to recover safely on track + time lost to join the pit because of the damages + time lost to repair and adapt strategy equal a DNF.

    @BobbyDeacs: I didn’t know about the lag. FYI my ping was P:34ms which is better than the average.

    @Storm_Could: Excuses accepted. :) Just know Suzuka is by far my favourite track where I have usually a very good pace. Certainly the race where I could have reached my best position. But that’s life…

    C u all soon…

  16. Nightmare for me as from the moment Jakkinen spun and came back on track when I arrived in the blind turn after the straight. I doubt he is using trackmap which could have help a lot when recovering from an off track ride. I chose not to repair and struggled like hell during 36 laps to achieve the race. Better next time. :)
    Last point. I think the damage level at 20% is insufficient to considerably raise awareness during a race event. Despite the fact my car was damage enough to spoil my race after the hit with jakkinen, I observed other racers spinning as well but able to continue without constraints. Which is not realistic. Could you consider to increase the level at 50%?
    Just my opinion of course…

  17. Hi guys, just to confirm you that my brother and myself will sign in for the next season.

    Can you book us 2 places in case I miss the sign in process. It shouldn’t happen but we never know. ;)

    Thank you in advance.

    Oli and Fa


    Our details:

    Olivier Prenten (GUID 76561198114085634)

    Fabrice Prenten (GUID tel:76561198013232259)

    Team: PrenTeam

    Skin: Ferrari or any other available

  18. Thank you Rhobium and great news for me. I will certainly pop up in the server soon in order to test the mod. I will also inform my brother about your acknowledgement. ;)

    Do you already have a list of the reserved cars for next season so I could already make a choice.


  19. Hello,

    I would lîke to register with my brother for the next season 2016. Is it possible?


    Our details:

    Olivier Prenten (GUID 76561198114085634)

    Fabrice Prenten (GUID tel:76561198013232259)

    Team: PrenT’eam

    Skin: Custom or any other available


    Kind regards,