Christmas & New Year AC F1 Practice Servers

We have 3 F1 Servers open now, each running the contenders for next season’s car on different tracks:-

1. SF70H: Our version is faster and livelier than the Kunos car. Perhaps still a bit easy to drive, but will definitely make a great league car.

data.acd: SF70-H Physics (1509 downloads) Guide/changelog:  

2. SF15T: Not the SF17T, this is the original car without all the flaws. Less downforce and grip, but sometimes “less is more”. This is a fun drive.

data.acd: SF15-T Physics (285 downloads) Guide/changelog:

3. F2004: Some final improvements made (not affecting handling) to our favourite league car to-date.

data.acd: F2004 Physics (1547 downloads) Guide/changelog:


  1. Red Bull Ring (Ferrari F1 DLC)
  2. Singapore Night: [Download not found]
  3. Suzuka:  AC Suzuka Track (325 downloads)
  4. Estoril:  AC Estoril Track (674 downloads)

Have fun and keep a lookout for Yuck’s post for Xmas/New year minigames :)


10 thoughts on “Christmas & New Year AC F1 Practice Servers

  1. Give Estoril a run for it’s money some time guys – it’s probably the highest quality modded track there is, really suits these cars and a feel similar to Brasil – easy to learn, hard to learn well.

    Once you start to hook it up, it gets better and better and has the best entry sequence into the main straight since Tilke ruined Mexico.

  2. Final tweaks made to SF70H (servers updated), please re-download the data.acd:-

    1) Fine-tuned tyre thermals so that ultras run a bit cooler & hards a bit hotter (should bring all compounds into use over the season).
    2) Ride-height scales brought into line, plus fine-tuning of rear height now possible
    3) ARB range tightened slightly (ARB=0 gave too much traction before).

    Skin pack also available here (just unzip and copy these into the ks_ferrari_sf70h skins folder):-

    Sign-up post coming soon!

  3. Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into figuring all this out and doing Kunos’s job for them. Nice one Bobby!

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