F2004 Guidelines

1 Tyres

1.1 Ideal running pressures: 27 psi, all tyres/compounds.

1.2 Ideal running temperatures, within 15 degs of :-

  • Softs:            100 degs
  • Mediums:    105 degs
  • Hards:          110 degs

2. Changelog (from Kunos’ data values):-

  • Tyre wear fixed – more balanced front versus rear, wear should be slightly more progressive.  Softs & Hards will be more useful now depending on track/temps.
  • Kerb stability improved drastically.
  • Rear more stable, but less understeer at high speed.
  • Aero reworked.
  • Steering is heavier but more reactive. Turning circle reduced.
  • Repair times sped up for league purposes. Refuelling also a little bit quicker.
  • Underside colliders raised to allow better steering on grass and in gravel. Car can still bottom-out though.
  • Traction control reduced and now level 0 is off, 1 is lowest, 6 is highest (Kunos’ default is the wrong way round!).

3. R-Variant

Same car/setup will work fine, physics are virtually identical apart from performance :-

  • 962 bhp BMW engine
  • A bit of extra downforce from wings
  • Slick, much stickier tyres

4. TyresFX Compounds