F2004 Guidelines

1 Tyres

1.1 Ideal running pressures: 23 psi, all tyres/compounds.

1.2 Ideal running temperatures:- Softs: 70 – 110 degs, Mediums: 75 – 110 degs, Hards: 80 – 110 degs

1.3 Graining/blistering – The tyres do not suffer much from graining, but they will blister badly if you get them too hot. Beware of using Softs on tracks like Silverstone and Catalunya.

2. Changelog (from Kunos’ data values):-

  • Tyre temps/wear fixed and balanced so that high friction tracks will favour the hards whilst low friction tracks favour softs. Mediums should work pretty well everywhere.
  • Aero scales line-up much better – ie: If you keep rear wing roughly 3 or 4 higher than front it will be balanced. Drag curve is slightly flattened to allow for the possible use of higher settings.
  • Kerb stability improved dramatically.
  • Speed-sensitive power steering reduced – should feel a bit meatier in low-speed corners.
  • Repair times sped up for league purposes.
  • Underside colliders raised to allow better steering on grass and in gravel. Car can still bottom-out.