F2004 Guidelines

1 Tyres

1.1 Pressures – When the tyres are up to working temperatures they should be about 23psi for optimum footprint and hence grip.

1.2 Temperatures – The tyres work perfectly within the following ranges:-

  • Softs:                    70 – 115 degs
  • Mediums:            75 – 115 degs
  • Hards:                  80 – 115 degs

1.3 Graining/blistering – The tyres do not suffer much from graining, but they will blister badly if you get them too hot. Beware of using Softs on tracks like Silverstone and Catalunya.

2 Ride Height

The default settings are fine, if you go below 25mm front, 50mm rear, you will start to get some turbulence.