F2002 single event race – Nordschleife

Hello all,

For upcoming Saturday, we would like to do some racing on the Nordschleife.

The plan is to do some practice 1st and then a 5 lap race. Damage and tyre wear will be turned off.

We are using the official version provided by dreampack #1.

Hope to see you guys on track for this one :D

Replay : f2002_Nordschleife (352 downloads)

6 thoughts on “F2002 single event race – Nordschleife

  1. Not sure if I will be driving tonight.

    Semifinal match Canada vs USA in ice hockey world championships is about to start and I’m goint watch it to see who will go against Finland in the final tomorrow. Depends how the game goes I either watch whole game or will join you guys in germany.

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