F2002 – next test race TBC – taking a break now

Hi all,

We’re going back to our roots with a less complex car which is more fun to drive. We’ll meet every Saturday starting from the 20th and it will be on an informal basis. Format TBC, but probably two short races to start with.

Car: AC F2002 Car (696 downloads)

Skins: AC F2002 Skin Pack (440 downloads)

Info: Car Guidelines

Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1219 downloads) KMR App (217 downloads)

Monza Test Race:-

F2002 Summer Test Races/League Sign-Up

Test races will take place every Saturday starting 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). At the moment, it’s two sprints with reverse grids. When we have numbers for a league, we will revert to 50% distance with scaled fuel & tyre wear.
To reserve a skin, please leave a comment below.

League Calendar: TBC

Car: AC F2002 Car (696 downloads)

Current Skinpack: AC F2002 Skin Pack (440 downloads) (Please feel free to create new ones to add to the pack)

Info: Car Guidelines

Required Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1219 downloads) KMR App (217 downloads)

Event Info: 

  • Meet up in Discord on Saturday before 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). All communications are by voice channel. Speaking is not compulsory.
  • Please use push-to-talk during races if you are using a mic/headset.
  • Note that the KMR app is in use and currently set at fairly strict levels to get us through the first few corners.

Confirmed Skins/Drivers

  1. Orange – Yuck & Sir Rob
  2. Mclaren West – Storm & Bob
  3. Jaguar – Seymohre, Motopreserve
  4. Toyota – AF4, Harry
  5. Honda – Revioli
  6. Jordan – Frusty
  7. Renault – Dmitry
  8. Ferrari Tribute – Olger, Teku
  9. Sensen – Williams
  10. Albano – tbc livery

F2002 League Compilation

Hello all,

First of all, official FtF congratulations to Emil Praga for winning the F2002 League. It was a close battle during the season with yours truly :) Both drivers having their share of bad luck in some of the races, but most hoped that the Driver’s Championship would be decided in the last race. Unfortunately, it did not come to a close battle showdown as Emil had all but won the championship with a dominating win at Silverstone. Great stuff.

Secondly, congrats to The Flatspotters with Waffen and yours truly for securing the Constructor’s Championship. A little bit of consolidation for missing out on the Driver’s Championship :S

Also my thanks to all the other drivers who participated to have made this league worth battling for. There were some major incidents, but also great battling and side-by-side action :D

shoutoutFinally, a big shout-out to two of my co-conspirators, Rhobium & BobbyDeacs, for starting and running this league with me. Good job, guys!

So, before we begin the new SF15-T League, a little treat from our F2002 league. Wait for it and enjoy!

– YuckierDragon

AC F2002 League – R8 German GP – Cancelled

We have decided to end the F2002 League. The main reason is that the latest Assetto Corsa update screwed up the car – even with a setup fix, it changed the car characteristics significantly.

So, congratulations to Emil Praga on his first FtF championship win! Well done also to YuckierDragon and Waffen as The Flatspotters took the team championship.

Once we get our servers back up running, we plan to schedule our first test race for the next season this Saturday at Hockenheim with the SF15-T car. More info will follow.

AC F2002 League – R7 British GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Emil Praga Balkan Racing (BAR)11:31.107 40:55.487 25
2 Waffen The Flatspotters (Arrows)11:31.238 +24.671 18
3 xNinja Fritz Simsport (Toyota)21:32.251 +31.651 15
4 Shayan Najam Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)101:30.553 +34.956 12
5 BobbyDeacs Console Geeks (Jaguar)21:32.631 +50.972 10
6 Mystro 11:32.636 +51.523 8
7 PedroRC Console Geeks (Jaguar)11:32.465 +54.624 6
8 YuckierDragon The Flatspotters (Arrows)11:31.932 +55.893 5
9 Galin Dimov Balkan Racing (BAR)31:31.990 +1:37.536 4
10 JuhohFin Race4Life (Williams)61:35.493 +2 Laps 3
11 alanhill120 11:36.365 +2 Laps 2
12 Rhastalord 11:36.234 +2 Laps 1
13 S1NNNer 41:42.780 +4 Laps 0
14 Marcelinho Race4Life (Williams)101:32.086 DNF (15L) 0
15 John Stingu The Spanishers (Renault)21:39.330 DNF (9L) 0
16 SirRobSmith Ferrari61:35.223 DNF (6L) 0
17 Fuggi 21:35.146 DSQ 0

Race Video:

Replay: F2002 Race 7 Britain replay (258 downloads)

AC F2002 League – R6 Italian GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 coret3x X-men (Minardi)21:22.654 38:27.536 25
2 Emil Praga Balkan Racing (BAR)51:22.796 +8.661 18
3 YuckierDragon The Flatspotters (Arrows)21:22.975 +12.506 15
4 BobbyDeacs Console Geeks (Jaguar)21:23.457 +33.394 12
5 xNinja Fritz Simsport (Toyota)11:22.732 +36.750 10
6 Raven Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)11:23.288 +40.587 8
7 puluminati Gasgano (Jordan)11:23.486 +45.790 6
8 SirRobSmith Ferrari11:23.254 +46.864 5
9 Marcello Fritz Simsport (Toyota)21:24.158 +1:02.425 4
10 PedroRC Console Geeks (Jaguar)21:23.764 +1:10.672 3
11 Rhastalord 31:26.592 +1 Lap 2
12 JuhohFin Race4Life (Williams)31:26.737 +2 Laps 1
13 Frusty Gasgano (Jordan)31:24.174 DNF (6L) 0
14 SamW6540 11:27.006 DNF (5L) 0
15 Shayan Najam Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)131:22.483 DSQ 0

Race Video:

ReplayF2002 Race 6 Monza replay (322 downloads)

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