Albano Pensionisti

  1. I am happy with my overall race although screwed my pit-stop strategy putting the wrong tires. But really ashamed by my mistakes, it was mostly cause of not expected early braking from the new guys but an “experienced” driver should anticipate and avoid those stuff, sorry to everyone involved!

  2. No much to say for my race although no crashes, but the setup was all settings on the slow and predictable handling. Should find a way to manage better the tires. But happy there was great battles on front, Stuck on watching the video more than in real life, when i usually fall asleep :)

  3. It was a good race for me, but others did great, so finished 6-th, i had good pace but not enough for higher positions. congrats to storm for the season. hope will do better and more competitive with the 2019 car. Anyway it was great staying there with guys and having some great battles.

  4. A smooth no big mistakes race, but no pace as well :) First stint was just following bobby than thought to pit 2-3 laps earlier to take advantage of the mediums, it worked for some laps were i was in front after pits but he took the place back with fresher tires and more experience.

  5. although it is the best track for a lot drivers, me for a lot reasons couldn’t get a good pace in here, run on 1.49-1.50 all the race. fortunately managed to get pass untouched the collisions on first lap, (thanks to bobby for advising always to anticipate :) ) . Had some battles with my team mate, bit not as hard ones as it was between team mates, others was advantages taken from spins as storm_cloud said. overall happy with it, as didn’t expect to do better in here.

  6. The “party all the time” somehow worked although was losing on the long straight cause the per lap ers was ending just on the start of the straight, the gain on other part was worth in terms of laptimes. Could been better if i would been more attentive and use ss again For the second stint as i did stop on 14 lap :( . Was pushing hard on last laps trying to catch muttley for p3 until the glitch happened and was gaining a lot (not sure how it would ended) but would feel much better if bobby can give him p3 after, than leave him without points and give me p3. Guess starting on 95% grip helped a lot for keeping the ss for 14 laps on a lot fuel.

  7. Maybe cause of formation lap i had a great start and everyone was a bit slow :) :) i went for the full acceleration as was on the outside part of the track though. but the joy didn’t last much as always, just 3 laps and the ultras have already gone and having lot difficulties. about the “crash” i didn’t touch you(bobby), was almost a meter behind, but guess the AC has more than that around the car programed to be called part of the car already :) My overall pace wasn’t what i expected after all that practice, but anyway had similar pace with Simon and had a battle with him, which could lasted till the last laps but he spun in last corner a few laps from the end.

  8. Happy about my race, I didn’t have any expectations about this race. Luckily I saved intact from the sandwich in t1, found myself in middle of 2 cars. Had same pace as saymohre in front of me at the first laps but his strategy of one stop looks have worked better. Happy I didn’t make stupid mistakes :)

  9. Please sign me up for Sauber. No teammate, anyone free to join me.

    Please if can be considered to put the “3x practice starts” or at last one fo them after quali and before the real race start.

  10. the qualification just before the race are very distructive for the start of the race, starting directly from quali to a full tank car and hard tyres makes it very difficult to keep the car on track on first corners. and that ruined my race which ended right in the second corner when I brake late and did go out and got damage, after that a f… lonely race. would been a good race as the pace was good.

  11. Yep, with your modifications it looks very promising, but mostly cause it gives less lag and better fps :) . Sad we’re leaving this super car :(

    Hope you don’t forget to remove some of the settings in setup this time, although wish you remove all of them :P

  12. Lag and mistakes, or mistakes cause by lag, being very dicissive for my races. although the pace and lap times good on practice where everything runs smooth 90fps, it feels so lag-ish when everybody comes in, i can’t set a good lap for quali and the first race laps are very difficult and i loose a lot in the first 5 laps on all races. the same happened in this race although found some slow cars in front of me (storm and bobby) i couldn’t pass them although my pace was away better. Almost crashed on them 2 or 3 times couldn’t react fast in that frame rate to pass them, so i went on grass to avoid crashing and they went way for some laps. than set the pace and could catch them again and passed storm while bobby took a pit, but the mistakes again and storm re-took the place. struggling with the tires through the end when bobby was very threatening with fresh tires, but somehow the leader came in handy and blue flags helped me make a secure gap for the 4’th place. Such a shame i am 1 sec or more off my practice sessions during the race cause of lag :( . Anyway happy with the progress done this season. if everything goes well, think i can keep the 4’th position in championship.

  13. The track looks promising and very similar to brands hatch. hope for a good race and some more valuable points for the championship. With some good news from stewards maybe can battle for the 3-rd place in championship :)

  14. so good you did the pit to fix the wings in SC. We’re not used to safety car and didn’t thought about pitting while in SC. it would made a big difference if I’d pit, i was loosing up to 2 sec per lap in first stint :(

  15. Congrats to storm, and too much work to stewards :)
    The game got very lagy, nothing was as in practice and had a lot problems with VR before race, than the start crash ruined everything, the damage didn’t let me do even 1.19 i’ve done easily in practice, so the first stint was to forget about. than after safety car i am not sure but i got passed before the start line so maybe things to be looked again there. lost a lot pace on the first stunt struggling with the damage, than after pit things were back to normal but the pit was so long to get fixed the body of the car. second stint was very good but too late although got some battles with dragon4red, and a crashing similar to ocon verstappen. but in this case it have to be looked as we were on same lap :). than catched him again in last lap but lost the braking point on the first corner, and the lag was huge so made a mistake there. if there wouldn’t been so much lag things would been very different i had a very good pace but the start crash and lag ruined everything :( .

  16. woohooo, my first podium!
    Congrats to storm and mono, you were flying maybe:) what a pace in a track where no place to even wipe the sweat. I am really happy for my first pod although lapped, but me lapped someone too, haha. hope for better to come and for the championship to be decided :). sorry I couldn’t talk today noticed my mic was boke after connecting in race. Big thanks to Storm for the help.

  17. My best race so far! there was traffic on quali, (someone had decided to stop right in middle of the racing line before the chicanes on my fastest lap) and couldn’t better than 7-th. the race started good, after 8-9 laps the soft tires was almost lost, so decided to pit before elgurke and bobby that was in front of me so i could gain a bit from new tyres. and it almost worked i wouldn’t spin on the chicanes and cost me a lot time, so couldn’t catch bobby again although i was closing the gap a lot.
    Anyway just one mistake in the race, i am very happy :) . Also happy my first overtakes was good and fair.
    LOL, Hope bobby doesn’t DNF if i pass, as looks everyone that i pass DNF’s after few laps :P

  18. I very much like the Estoril too and the 180°, this are from those corners where you can set your own way through it based on your driving. We’re missing a lot this type of corners in F1 today, where there’s only one fast (tilke’s) line and if your not there for a bit, you’re screwed.

  19. The car looks really good, it reacts very good to tyre consumption and temps, also to fuel. I got hit on first corner and spun from there had to almost lonely race but the car was stable and fun, helicorsa worked well for me but maybe it’s not enough for long battles. I am happy we didn’t miss the DRS ;)

  20. Today tried a bit the f2004 for a change, it looks quite good as well but was there really need for the traction control!? it looks quite stable without it, and when it’s stable for me, for others its a piece of cake :). As for the car the front tires looks a bit far ahead and looks a bit like driving a bus :) and that’s maybe the reason i like so much the f310 cause front tires are near to the steering wheel and you feel much more connected to the car, not like driving with a remote.

  21. although i find interesting the idea of 3 cars in next 3 seasons, we might end being always “outdated”. it might be 2 leagues, one legacy and one on the edge, but i don’t like loosing focus from one first league. but if for some reason the rss wins i would really love to have also an legacy or legendary league with f310, i guess there’s room for both.

  22. OMG, OMGH,OMG.. i can’t stop driving it so f.. awesome, i don’t know if there can be a driver that wouldn’t love to drive the F310 so so so super fun to drive so much to do with it so much feel. i don’t understand how the hell did we ended in hybrids when having this (mean in real F1). It all makes sense why Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, etc.. says that the best races and fun they had was when they did karting and not F1. Thanks Thanks Thanks Bobby, hope it wins, i can’t drive others after it. maybe will all night driving it :)

  23. Congrats! to the winner (storm_cloud), and to everyone for the great season! changing the steering wheel one day before race wasn’t a good move although it was better wheel, the fact i wasn’t used to it made me crash a lot and loose the car very quick :( . thanks to bobby for the great car and really welcome the next season car with less electronics old school style. For me was a very productive learning season, hope will be more competitive and have great battles. Thanks to Andrej (NiTjSefni) for the streams really enjoyed watching them after every race!

  24. Get well bobby! Finally a normal pace race for me, not the best one possible as again some mistakes here and there with and costed a position, but finally could hold a good pace. Finally i am not last, (at last before stewarding hahah :) )

  25. For me quali, and hotlaping looks ok in last 2 rounds, although in this one didn’t try at all as for me it’s useless as will end last in first corner anyway. I am still not finding the right pace and consistency for the race. A go-out of corner here and there and tyres gone already, and than slow slow to the end without any possible way to keep the leaders pace, if i be more aggressive it means fighting with tyres on the second half of the race. Will try to find a better pace in silverstone, with 2 stops, hope it will be the turn for me.

  26. Great race although 9th, did good in qualifying 5th, but for the race tires did end just in lap 4 and had to pit early trying to catch later on the end of race, and i did, the end was a battle with yuck, and monolith, but my tires was really ended and they’re comming so fast, had to defend a lo trying to be careful and get out fast on corners that lead to a strait and it somehow worked guys had difficulties passing, and ended with a photo-finnish with yuck. Really great fun. Have to work a lot on pace and strategy though. Keep it up guys, really great league, and taught battles.

  27. I am leaving this at ‘maybe’ as i’m thinking to skip Monaco, cause see i am not there yet and don’t want to ruin anyone’s race. if i can get to 1.13 and stable maybe will participate.