F2004 Summer League *ON HOLD*

We might run a few fun events over Summer, but let’s take a well-earned break for now.



Races will take place every other Tuesday starting 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). Race distance 50% with scaled fuel consumption. Assists will be manufacturer only.

Your best 7 out of 8 results count towards your standings.

To reserve a skin or enter a team, please leave a comment below.

Car Available here (Ferrari Pack)  F2004 Skin Pack (1440 downloads)  F2004 Physics (1547 downloads)

Required Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2170 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (397 downloads)

Event Info: 

  • Meet up in Discord by 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK). All communications are by voice channel. Speaking is not compulsory.
  • Please use push-to-talk during races if you are using a mic/headset.
  • Practice start & pit at end of lap.
  • 18 minute quali, 50% race – grip at start of quali 97%, rubbering in to 100% during race.
  • Return to pits button allowed in quali only.
  • There will be no restrictions on tyre compounds.

Confirmed Skins/Drivers

  1. Bob, Storm – Force India
  2. Albano, ? – Renault
  3. Sebastian, ? – Lotus
  4. Frogger, ? – Mclaren
  5. Dmitry, Matt – Porsche
  6. Gigih, ? – Merc
  7. Nidal, ? – Ferrari
  8. Blessed, ? – Red Bull
  9. Bundewa, ? – Toro Rosso
  10. Hencus, ? – Jaguar


Available Skins (or make your own)

Ferrari, Jaguar, Jordan, Mercedes, Red Bull, Sauber, Toro Rosso, Williams

18 thoughts on “F2004 Summer League *ON HOLD*

  1. I’d be happy to give a go at the test drive. No picky with livery even though Ferrari would be great if available.
    Should we use the Kunos version or the FtF modified version?
    All the best

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