AC RSS 2019 League – United States GP


Full Race:

RSS19 United States GP Replay (447 downloads)
# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Seymohre BDS Racing (Pescarola)41:32.714 38:16.993 25
2 Daedalus Lotus11:30.998 +2.536 18
3 Magzire Benetton FR (Ferrari)11:31.916 +5.811 15
4 Mixa Mortiferum Renault11:32.504 +17.633 12
5 Storm_Cloud BDS Racing (Pescarola)21:33.088 +21.491 10
6 Marcelinho Laser Motosport (Red Bull)91:32.950 +24.513 8
7 BobbyDeacs BDS Racing (Pescarola)41:34.691 +38.733 6
8 xNinja Mclaren21:32.061 +38.776 5
9 James May Mclaren51:31.591 +45.056 4
10 Albano Pensionisti Zig-Zag Zebras21:35.860 +1:07.919 3
11 Columba The Crucifier Renault21:33.186 +1:14.111 2
12 Nate Michael Laser Motosport (Red Bull)11:38.617 +5 Laps 1
13 Ali Gocmen Renault71:33.647 DNF (+13L) 0
14 Torpedo Torpedoes (Gulf)61:35.615 DNF (+14L) 0
  • Join “Discord” voice chat and practice on server any time before event starts – 19:30 UK (20:30 Europe).
  • 3x practice starts. 15 min qualifying. 24 lap race starting on C4/Supers and with enough fuel to finish.

Tyres available: C4,C3,C2 (Supers, Softs, Mediums). Temps: Air 23 degs (+/-3) Track +7 degs (+/-3)

Downloads for this event:

  1. ACRL DRS App (1995 downloads)  AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1756 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (300 downloads) AC F1 Safety car (1378 downloads)
  2. RSS 2019 FtF Version (932 downloads) as agreed with RSS, you must still purchase the car from Race Sim Studios for this to work.
  3. RSS 2019 Skins (760 downloads) RSS 2019 Custom Skins (556 downloads)
  4. AC Road America (766 downloads)

**Pit speeding rules will NOT be enforced, please stay within the pit entry and exit lines though ** 

4 thoughts on “AC RSS 2019 League – United States GP

  1. Awesome race, nice to have more people. Well done Team BDS, I would say our strategy was a success. Great race from Seymohre, you got some decent scalps there.

    My race, stuck in behind you guys drinking far more electricity than I expected and keeping up better than I expected. Musta been trying quite hard as I span out on the 1st stint, something I never do. C4 was a killer to do 9 laps on, but knew that 8 laps would maybe be a step too far for the C2s next stint. Pleased with my result though as we had some good guys out there tonight. Obviously, I slowed down at the line to make Ninja think he had a chance to beat me, but it was all in hand.

    Oh and nice to see Marcel back for a guest appearance.

    ..and welcome to the new guys, you will fit in just fine.

  2. No much to say for my race although no crashes, but the setup was all settings on the slow and predictable handling. Should find a way to manage better the tires. But happy there was great battles on front, Stuck on watching the video more than in real life, when i usually fall asleep :)

  3. Really enjoyed that one. Moved through the pack and the leaders were messing around so got close and saw I the leaders two stopping. Wound up with a small gap to Seymorhe and he was really putting the pressure on leading to me losing the rear in T4 and slithering wide. It was even closer but okay then a screen freeze in T5 left me a half spin. Shame as I’m usually lucky catching those.

    Two stoppers caught me at the end and I was still ahead of Magzire at T4 on the last lap when I got nerfed. No problem though – when you have such a tyre advantage it can be unbelievable how slow the car on old tyres is in front of you. If I watched the replay I might say, “Ooh, I’d have left a bit more room” but in reality the speed difference is abnormally great.

    Mega track and some good racing though.

  4. Could not resist driving Road America, really like that track :)
    Did not drive much in the last two or so years and therefore i simply tried to make no mistakes. Surprisingly that took me up to third…temporarily. Having no idea about tires and strategy i just went with the hard compound and it lasted for until the end of the race. Sadly Ninja spun when we were just beginning a little duel. A awkward, clumsy spin of my own put me back into 6th later on in the second stint. Would have been max. 5th though, 2-stoppers would have gotten me mostly.
    Had fun and i love Suzuka too, so it will be tempting.

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