1. Could not resist driving Road America, really like that track :)
    Did not drive much in the last two or so years and therefore i simply tried to make no mistakes. Surprisingly that took me up to third…temporarily. Having no idea about tires and strategy i just went with the hard compound and it lasted for until the end of the race. Sadly Ninja spun when we were just beginning a little duel. A awkward, clumsy spin of my own put me back into 6th later on in the second stint. Would have been max. 5th though, 2-stoppers would have gotten me mostly.
    Had fun and i love Suzuka too, so it will be tempting.

  2. Well, that was a nightmare of a race. Just before Q i realized my wheel was not properly calibrated. I thought getting a few timed laps in would be more helpful than fixing it. In the race Lesmo II got me 2x.
    No practice as always. P2 in Q was a big surprise. With a few more laps i could have improved to maybe match Mono’s time, but front row was great.
    Got a so-so start, but again lost out in the first corner. I had to overtake coret3x, but it lost me a few seconds to Mono. The plan to catch him went quickly down the drain as i spun in Lesmo 2 and severly damaged my front wing. I tried to keep going, but as the damage graphics with a red front wing did not go away, i had too much damage and lost around 2s a lap.
    I went into the pits and got it repaired, only to spin again a few laps later, same place, same story. This time “only” dark yellow damage, so i guess only 0,5s worth of damage and i decided to keep going.
    While fighting with el gurke i spun again, this time without contact with the wall…luckily, only a few laps from the end i decided to finish the race, but was really frustrated.

    It was a real nightmare. Stupid mistakes everywhere. Have to think about it.

  3. I would like to change from guest driver to join a team or create one. If anyone wants a teammate who does close to no practice and setup work, i am your guy.
    Otherwise i would like to take the FtF Sauber skin. Thanks :)

  4. I hope you can fix the mirrors, because i really like driving this car. I don’t really know what the exact problem is (VR only?), it was fine for me. I also used helicorsa as always and it helped quite a lot.
    Have to say thanks to my “Landsmänner” for telling (everyone including) me about their setup in DC, i would have driven the stock setup otherwise (with different wings), but i don’t know how much of a difference it would have made anyway. I was getting more comfortable with the car throughout qualifying and so i could improve lap by lap.
    In the race i could hold P1 first, but i think you were toying with me @Storm_Cloud. Anyway it was fun. The tires are very durable, i guess even a one stopper with softs only would have been possible. Maybe that should change, maybe 300% wear, i don’t know.
    Anyway, i had a lot of fun and i will sign up for the whole season, even though i will maybe miss a few races.

  5. The car is fun to drive, but also very tricky in slow corners and traction is not easy to control. Looking forward to do some races and hope the starts will be allright :)
    Btw the sound is just awesome and reminds me of some old rf1 ferrari f1 sound (could even be the f310)

  6. After nearly half a year not driving anything i wanted to join you guys again for a quick race. Did a few practice laps before the race to get a feeling for the car and especially for braking zones. The car felt good thanks to the setup i got from Bobby. I decided to skip Q and not intervene in the first few corners. Then i picked up a few places, which i lost due to a spin, just to pick them up again until the pitstop. I just copied the strategies of the top guys as i had no idea, what would have been ideal. Shortly after the pitstop I overtook Olivier and that was basically it. Raven in front pitted again, so i gained another place, from then on it was just driving alone. A few laps before the end i tried to geht the fastest lap, but the tires were to worn down and especially the rears gave me low confidence in last few laps to try again.
    Pace-wise i was very surprised i could match the front guys, but starting from the back and spinning out in the first stint made third place the best possible finishing position.
    The car is fun to drive and the pace was good, so i will definetly try to join a few other races this year :)

  7. That was a awful, awful race for me. With the lack of preparation and the hardware problems shortly before the race, being pretty much thrown into third place after the first corner was a horrific experience. After five laps i had kind of a rythm, but most of the advantage was already gone.
    Could/Should be penalised for cutting, but on most occasions i was wide and accelerating on the astroturf was definetly not an advantage.
    Sry to everyone who was distracted by my horrid driving in the first few laps.

  8. I skipped quali, like i did through last year. This time i was 50-50, but after not so promising practice starts, i decided to start from the back.
    Made also a one-stop, but the car felt mostly great. Despite one unfortunate crash and two very surprising spins in the fast section (maybe because of hot rears) it would turn out to be a podium finish. Pace was really good, considering most front runners did two-stoppers.
    Looking foward to Suzuka, one of my favourite tracks.

  9. Although i really dislike the track, i wanted to race in the last race of this season. It was fun to drive nearly every race that i participated in, even though i had kind of a Plug&Play approach, because i have other priorities atm. Thanks to all of you for a great season and i hope to see you all on track again soon.
    Would love to race the SF70H or the F2004 :)

  10. I pretty much had no preperation, as always. I sadly do not have that much time for it, so for me it is mostly a plug&play kind of approach. I like the track a lot so i gave it a go, but after a few laps in the race, with the standard setup (except for the wings), the front left temperatur was so hot, i could barely drive right handers and lost a couple of seconds every lap – and with it the fun to drive. So i retired, would have been last anyway, i guess.
    This is in no way criticism towards the car/mod, but my own problem for not being prepared enough. Anyway i will try to participate at the remaining races and will see in the race, if i am at least half competitive.

  11. The apology is enough for me ;) No need to switch positions imho. But please leave room in the future :)
    Had fun, but wing setting was too high. Overtaking even with DRS was pretty much impossible. Perhaps i can snitch a good setup next time. Jan, perhaps? :D

  12. I could not take part as i hoped, but i tested both cars and it seems i belong to the minority here as i prefer the F138. I really adore the technical bits about the SF15-T, but from a driving point of view the F138 just feels more agile and easier to drive on the limit, which i prefer. That being said, i cannot predict the strategic possibilities of the SF15-T in races, but i would guess, that at the end of the day the difference in strategy would not be that big. But it would surely be tempting to try it.

    All in all i like both cars, but i feel more comfortable with the F138. Atm i would say, i would participate in a championship here if it uses one of those cars. ;)

  13. Good quali, but surprising result.

    Worst race ever. Lack of time, so not really prepared, no strategy, pitstop app not configured properly, was driving around with way too much fuel all the time. Got spun in first corner first lap and, what i find nearly unacceptable, 2 times blatantly by the same driver on totally destroyed tires in the last 2 laps while being well clear in front on the overtake. Horrible!

    But i am looking forward to spain, one of my favourite tracks. Should be prepared better then.

  14. A friend of mine and myself would like to join the league as a team.  I guess Sauber is the only one left? Then we would take that skin. Or is there another one?

    The name of the Team would be Race4Life.