AC SF71H League – Hungarian GP

Replay: SF71H Hungarian GP Replay (531 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Kost Church Toro Rosso01:19.724 47:41.214 25
2 Storm_Cloud Force India11:18.878 +2.366 18
3 BobbyDeacs Force India11:20.129 +22.002 15
4 coret3x Toro Rosso31:20.478 +38.739 12
5 Ali Gocmen Ferrari11:19.617 +39.005 10
6 ELgurke Mclaren01:19.483 +1:11.635 8
7 Albano Pensionisti Sauber11:25.586 DNF (+21L) 0
8 Syntax Haas31:22.382 DNF (+29L) 0

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  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts.
  • 15 min qualifying.
  • 35 lap race starting on Supers and with enough fuel to get to the end.

Tyres available: Supers, Softs, Mediums.

Air temperature: 26 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:

  1. Apps: ACRL DRS App (2469 downloads)  AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2043 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (365 downloads)
  2. Cars: SF70-H Physics (1386 downloads) “data.acd” AC F1 Safety car (1547 downloads) SF70-H Skin Pack (1263 downloads)
  3. Track: AC Budapest Track (v1.04, 320 downloads)

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules WILL be enforced, please practice getting your speed down to 50mph/80kph before the limiter kicks in.

4 thoughts on “AC SF71H League – Hungarian GP

  1. The Deacon bloke’s race –

    Kinda let my teammate past early so I didnt lose time fighting with him. Had Ali in chase, but the gap in front and behind me slowly got bigger. Couldn’t get any speed going 1st stint, but still stuck to 1-stop.

    2nd stint I remember a short battle with Ali and a bit of bluff going into c1 to get past. Then remember putting a nice move on my teammate as he came out from his 2nd stop on cold tyres. Had a futile but fun battle with him as Syntax’s DNF had already guaranteed us the team championship – so I thought! Will do the Math next time ;( Anyway, that little battle might have cost us it in the end as he could well have caught and passed Church. Force India have already told me I’m never getting paid for this race!

    Thanks for great season guys. We really need a few more, numbers get thin towards end of season. Will get some cars up on server soon for next season’s evaluation.


  2. Although we are few, the quality of racers are indeed pretty good. Ive also seen a lot of improvement in other racers. I think I’ll welcome a change in car for next season and it might be a bit nice to have a car that does not have so many setup options so people can spend less time setuping and more practicing

    Great season and thanks for all the battles! Also thanks to NiTjSefni’s really nice streams!

  3. Congrats! to the winner (storm_cloud), and to everyone for the great season! changing the steering wheel one day before race wasn’t a good move although it was better wheel, the fact i wasn’t used to it made me crash a lot and loose the car very quick :( . thanks to bobby for the great car and really welcome the next season car with less electronics old school style. For me was a very productive learning season, hope will be more competitive and have great battles. Thanks to Andrej (NiTjSefni) for the streams really enjoyed watching them after every race!

  4. That was a fun race! I was pretty sure the front runners would try a one stop and although I never tried the mediums I figured it would be close between one and two stop and as two stop is attacking I went for that.

    Wound up 2nd in the early running behind Kost Church but he was going plenty fast enough there was no point trying to overtake. Everything shook out as expected and had a big gap to run down Kost Church in the final stint. Too big as it turned out and the pressure of seeing the gap reduce did not force a mistake, so great job Kost Church!

    Thanks to everyone who took part – I’m sure the numbers will pick up. Thanks to Bob for all the effort he puts in. A shame I couldn’t help to clinch a “threepeat” on the team competition – Bob beat coret3x, I just didn’t do my part.

    Must mention the streaming. I enjoy watching the stream back after the race, Andrzej, so many thanks for the large effort it is clear you make to bring it all together.

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