AC F310 League – British GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Storm_Cloud FtF Force India11:06.759 44:45.291 25
2 Monolith FtF Williams11:06.474 +8.817 18
3 Albano Pensionisti FtF Lotus11:07.221 +1 Lap 15
4 Alarisico(Al) FtF Lotus11:09.054 +2 Laps 12
5 ELgurke FtF Williams21:07.791 +3 Laps 10
6 Dragon4red8 FtF Mclaren01:09.427 +5 Laps 8

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  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts.
  • 15 min qualifying.
  • 39 lap race with enough fuel to get to the end.

Air temperature: 19 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:

  1. Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1160 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (241 downloads) 
  2. Cars: F310 Physics (144 downloads) “data.acd”  F310 Skins (249 downloads)

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules will NOT be enforced **

5 thoughts on “AC F310 League – British GP

  1. woohooo, my first podium!
    Congrats to storm and mono, you were flying maybe:) what a pace in a track where no place to even wipe the sweat. I am really happy for my first pod although lapped, but me lapped someone too, haha. hope for better to come and for the championship to be decided :). sorry I couldn’t talk today noticed my mic was boke after connecting in race. Big thanks to Storm for the help.

  2. You’re welcome, mate. And congratulations – it’s a tough track for a 45 minute race, so enjoy your podium!

    Awww, that was a shame. 2nd on the grid and Monolith made a good start so had to settle in behind. It’s impossible to overtake without a mistake or taking a massive risk, so with only the two of us fighting for the win it was a case of being patient, staying close enough to capitalise on a mistake and then if I didn’t get past in the pitstops make some massive “Hail Mary” pass attempt in the last laps – wouldn’t matter if we touched as we had the gap to still finish 1st and 2nd.

    All was well until around lap 10 when Monolith locked up going into Druids. Tried to sneak through on the inside but side by side at best which would leave me hung out to dry at Graham Hill Bend. Pace was slow after that and I missed my opportunity by forgetting to pit on 17. We both pitted on 18 but I came out first and had a big gap. Found out why later :(

    After that, used the gap by easing a little to not take any risks and brought it home. Was looking forward to a good old scrap at the end but not to be.

    I listened to your troubles Monolith – very unlucky, but I guess that’s motor racing. Happens to all of us – my pedals slipped at the start at Spa, there was The Valentine’s Day Incident when the missus disturbed me on the way into T1 at the Nürburgring (flowers were too romantic!), not forgetting The Doorbell Race at Mexico!

    Taking away the worst result now and there’s only a few points in it, as my worst result is a big fat zero. Warming up nicely, but with Monolith having a dropped score he has a “life” that I don’t, so no more cockups. Should be fun!

  3. Holy shit this was awful. Didn’t really think I could have the upper hand on Storm Cloud today, but it was looking really really good for me, and compared to the other races between me and Storm it was actually a quite comfortable lead for me. Up until (I’m guessing here) lap 11 or so. That’s when my Oculus decided to lower my field of view by so much I couldn’t look out of the car anymore. I had to really sit as upright as possible and stretch my head up to see anything at all. So while driving I tried to reset my FOV, but it didn’t really come back to my usual settings and I still had a strongly limited view. In T7 I could see absolutely nothing, neither where to turn in nor where the track would end on the left side after the turn. I was just glad, despite losing all of the gap I had build up to Storm that I was able to keep him behind me. I pitted early to prevent him from undercutting me and to try and readjust my FOV again while in the pits. Which luckily worked like a charm. Until I threw the keyboard back on the floor (I just have it laying on the floor beside me and have to hit CTRL+Space to reset the FOV) and somehow hit ESC in the process of doing so. So it put me in the pause menu and I and to blindly fumble about to find my mouse, which is also somewhere on the floor beside me. So I hit “Back to Race” again and of course Storm Cloud has already passed me and left the pits. As I go out I realize that stupid yellow cursor dot you have in the Oculus is right in between my eyes. My eyes automatically kept focusing on it, so it had me crosseyed and not paying attention to the track. I tried to find the mouse again which I had thrown back to the floor after the pit stop misery but just couldn’t find it. That caused me to slowly drift off track with like 40 kph or so and somehow also damage my rear wing a little. I then carried on desperately, and crossed eyed while calling for my girlfriend to find and move the mouse for me. After that everything went fine again and I think I made up quite a bit of time on Storm Cloud, but he was just so far ahead that it was all over already.

    Really a thrown away win it feels like. I mean who knows what would have happened, but it just feels like shit to give it away like this.

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