1. Still feels pretty crazy to have won the championship. Storm Cloud has been amazing through the entire season and I have to say I’ve always felt like he’s the quicker driver and that I’ve simply got lucky to profit from a bad race he had in the beginning of the season. When you look at it I only ever won when there has been something going wrong on his end. When we were actually batteling on track he has always come out on top. So I really want to pay a great respect to him. I hope we can a fight like this season again in the upcoming one. It’s been a real challenge and just so much fun.

    I’ve taken the liberty of writing my highlights of the season or a season review. It’s a bit of a read, so I just hope anyone actually has the nerve to read it all :D

    My first highlight would have to be the season opener in Monza simply for taking my first pole and race win here in Flag-to-Flag.
    Magny Cours has been an incredibly track to drive and the race after a botched quali was a real thriller and I’m sure it’ll be one of those races I’ll never forget. It’s one of the few races I actually felt a bit quicker than StormCloud, but he didn’t make any mistakes and since he had more top speed I never saw a chance to overtake him. I must have spend the entire race between 0.5 to 1.5 seconds behind him. I still wish I could have somehow won this one, but then again StormCloud also very much deserved it.
    Then Suzuka is definitely in there too. It’s always been my favourite track so it’s meant quite a bit to me by default I guess. Winning the race was great, but it’s gone over with a bit of a foul taste. I spent the greatest part of the first stint behind StormCloud despite beeing faster than him until I could finally overtake him shortly before the pitstop. After the stop when I was in front he suddenly a more pace than me. It ended with us crashing badly and him as he put it “disqualifying himself from the race”. It still feels like he should have probably won this one.
    Brands Hatch was in my mind a very important race for the championship. I genuinely felt like I should have won this one. I took pole again and had been able to defend at the start aswell, unlike to the prior race in Jerez. I actually practiced the starts for Brands Hatch as I had realised I was giving away pole positions at the start habitually. I seemed to have the pace and had been able to build a small gap to StormCloud until that whole Oculus malfunction drama that dropped my so low in my car I could’nt look out of it anymore. After that I was still going to fight for the championship, but I had actually lost the hope to actually make it happen as I didn’t think the last three races would be particualary strong tracks for me.

    Road America. I had honestly written it off until I saw that somehow during the race I had better pace than StormCloud. I could scrape off a tenth each lap in the beginning and more and more as the race progressed. Slowly it clicked and I thought to myself, holy shit I might actually still have a shot at this. I think I overtook StormCloud on lap 10 and immediately built a small gap. He pitted a lap earlier than I did but my tyres still felt fine so I wasn’t too bothered by it. When I came in a lap later and had a long stop because it was repairing damage I got from a little scrap with KostChurch on the opening lap (I had forgotten about it during the race as I didn’t notice anything of it) I was surprised to still come out ahead. I actually couldn’t believe it. It was really getting in my head and I was frantically trying to check the gap to StormCloud and trying to understand why ELgurke was still ahead I missed a breaking point. StormCloud promptly caught up, I tried to defend the inside going into the long right-hander which only resulted in colliding with StormCloud who could carry on unaffected while I ended up in the gravel. Once again it was all over, StormCloud would take the champioship. Until I realised I had MUCH more pace than StormCloud and that I could actually still have a shot at it and that I might be able to close the about 15 second gap we had between us now. In the end I didn’t make it, I only closed the gap down to I think 1.7 seconds. It still felt amazing to close it down this far. And a few laps before the race ended I had realised ELgurke has the best chances of winning the race with some outstanding tyremanagement and a nostop strategy. I just didn’t know what it would do to the championship. So when we finished I didn’t know if I had won the championship or not. For the team and I believe for the season it has been the perfect finish. I guess StormCloud might disagree, but the way the race played out I think it has been an incredible show.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and made this so much fun. And of course a special thanks to StormCloud who made this season one of the best times I ever had since I’ve been simracing.

  2. Holy shit this was awful. Didn’t really think I could have the upper hand on Storm Cloud today, but it was looking really really good for me, and compared to the other races between me and Storm it was actually a quite comfortable lead for me. Up until (I’m guessing here) lap 11 or so. That’s when my Oculus decided to lower my field of view by so much I couldn’t look out of the car anymore. I had to really sit as upright as possible and stretch my head up to see anything at all. So while driving I tried to reset my FOV, but it didn’t really come back to my usual settings and I still had a strongly limited view. In T7 I could see absolutely nothing, neither where to turn in nor where the track would end on the left side after the turn. I was just glad, despite losing all of the gap I had build up to Storm that I was able to keep him behind me. I pitted early to prevent him from undercutting me and to try and readjust my FOV again while in the pits. Which luckily worked like a charm. Until I threw the keyboard back on the floor (I just have it laying on the floor beside me and have to hit CTRL+Space to reset the FOV) and somehow hit ESC in the process of doing so. So it put me in the pause menu and I and to blindly fumble about to find my mouse, which is also somewhere on the floor beside me. So I hit “Back to Race” again and of course Storm Cloud has already passed me and left the pits. As I go out I realize that stupid yellow cursor dot you have in the Oculus is right in between my eyes. My eyes automatically kept focusing on it, so it had me crosseyed and not paying attention to the track. I tried to find the mouse again which I had thrown back to the floor after the pit stop misery but just couldn’t find it. That caused me to slowly drift off track with like 40 kph or so and somehow also damage my rear wing a little. I then carried on desperately, and crossed eyed while calling for my girlfriend to find and move the mouse for me. After that everything went fine again and I think I made up quite a bit of time on Storm Cloud, but he was just so far ahead that it was all over already.

    Really a thrown away win it feels like. I mean who knows what would have happened, but it just feels like shit to give it away like this.

  3. It’s okay. It was a tough and fun fight again. With a bit more contact than anybody would wish for. My car was pretty totaled after that, had the engine damage on yellow and both wings on orange. When I saw that you disconnected I just took it slow from there. I honestly wish we could have battled it out until the end. The win has a bit of a foul taste to it this way.
    I felt like I was faster than you in the first stint, but you had the upper hand again when the fresh tyres came on. So we always had the slower car in front. So I guess, on a track where it’s so hard to overtake, with only a small pace difference and both drivers really going for it, unfortunatly the chances of contact increases.

    About the first contact…
    I tried to leave you room on our first crash going into the Degner curve. But it’s just not really possible to go side by side there. I was so happy I could finally find a gap in the left-hander uphill before that. And since I was a bit ahead of you I wasn’t going to just completely back out of it. Usually I take a whole lot of curb on the inside there, in that situation I tried to leave room, I watched it in the replay it was like maybe a meter to the kerb, so I guess there just wasn’t any space for you. But it’s just so difficult to leave space there as you can’t really drive an outside line in that corner.

    Looking forward to race you again in Jerez (I believe the next one is Jerez)
    This is developing into a really exciting battle each and every race.

  4. Yea, it really was a hell of a race.
    This could really develop into a nice championship battle. As long as I can actually manage to beat you again. Felt like I might have challenged you a lot more in Forli Ring if I hadnt gotten stuck behind CMR and in this race I felt like it all might have been different if I had gotten pole, which was absolutly possible. I just should have stuck to the hard tyres.
    A lot of ifs here though…

    Anyway I’m looking forward to more races like yesterday. Maybe just with a little different outcome ;)

  5. I always found it difficult to pick out just one corner. A single corner no matter how great it may be just doesn’t feel the same if the rest of the track doesn’t work.
    Suzuka is my favourite circuit and I couldn’t tell you which corner is my favourite because they are all so good.

    However, I really do like this track aswell. Estoril corner and the first two chicanes are amazing. Then general flow isn’t bad either albeit I don’t think it’s up to par with Suzuka or Monaco or the common big names. I think I’m enjoying the track so much right now because the last time I’ve driven it must have been in the PS2 and it feels a bit nostalgic and new at the same time.

  6. I think we really had some nice racing too. It could have been quite a bit shorter if I had gotten the DRS beep, but at least this way I had some fun.

    I’d like to know what you think of the incident we had when I came out of the pits. I felt like I did nothing wrong, as we were racing for position and we were side by side going into it. I was also prepared to stick to the inside to give you room to go around the outside. I didn’t see why I should have just surrendered it. Then again, I believe that in simracing most people would have gone for the apex like you did. Just kind of unfortunate imo.

  7. Yea I guess that was on me. I’m sorry about that. I tried to be careful but I apparently it wasn’t careful enough. To me it looked like you had already made it past the apex and that you were in position to accelerate again, but from the replay it looks like you couldn’t go as I expected because you had another car in front of you. It was a split second thing, but in the end it was on me. Hope you can accept my apology.

  8. I want to race together with my brother (ELgurke) in a team. Preferred cars in the following order would be Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, Renault and McLaren.

    I’d like to have the #17 and ELgurke wants #18.