Our 2019 champion, Mixa Mortiferum – was seemingly down-and-out after Monza, then brushed himself down and went on to win the league! Started simracing with us last season with the 2018 car and was immediately one of the fastest, but never quite got to grips with our tyre degs. Far more at-home with the 2019 car though and has matured very quickly over his two seasons with us.

Runner-up Urmas Riis, OK, if he hadn’t become so busy in his normal life, he would have walked it and as the real Clarkson would say (and no doubt our own as well), he’s probably the fastest driver “in the World”! Hope he comes back in 2020 as he has so much to offer and raises our game for sure.

Third place, Storm Cloud – champion last season and had a so-so run in Troutracing then, but this season “by his standards” it was the other way round. Has the experience advantage over Mixa, but the new kid has had a great run. Will be an interesting rivalry next year.

Other noteworthy achievements –

  • Seymohre – stuck-out a gruelling one-stop at Road America to beat the lot of us (including Urmas) fair-and-square. Race of the season.
  • Ali Gocmen – finally got the upper-hand on me, I simply couldn’t live with his pace and consistency. No longer a midfielder at all.
  • Pietrekk – solid start and slotted in straight away, can be a top-midfielder next season, maybe higher.
  • Nate, Shmourda & Dmitry – finally got some guys who drive well at the other end of the grid. We need to bring them more into the fold next year.

Thanks to all who helped make this a great season and stay-tuned for more information from myself and Albano for the New Year. 

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  1. Thanks for the kind words lads. It sure is an honour to compete against some of the fastest simracers I’ve known. Well, I can’t say I really competed with Urmas, but I guess it’s the thought that counts ; )

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