Mixa Mortiferum

  1. Thanks for the kind words lads. It sure is an honour to compete against some of the fastest simracers I’ve known. Well, I can’t say I really competed with Urmas, but I guess it’s the thought that counts ; )

  2. So much action in this one! Looking forward to making a highlight video, definitely going to be required with so much going on at the same time for the stream to keep track off. I struggled for performance with my vr alot. It seems to be the RSS car as they’re very resource intensive compared to other cars so having a large grid starts to bog down my PC. Will most likely have to completely lower my graphical settings to avoid future contacts out of my control. I had my last chance at a lap ruined in the last minute of qualifying with someone exiting the pits, so ended up P7. Had to take a gamble with the 1 stop strategy to try get some clean air since I struggled a lot with down force close behind other cars and couldn’t gain any positions but luckily it paid off. Was really surprised to finish 2nd. Congrats to Urmas for the win!