Our Next F1 Car

** Physics updated – Sunday 12th August, see comments ** 

The server is now setup at the Nürburgring with our 3 contenders for next season:-

  1. The RSS Formula Hybrid (S1 Version) – Purchase here : FtF data.acd here – rename original data.acd then replace with this file in “rss_formula_hybrid_2018_s1” car folder. Stunningly beautiful car with very sophisticated modelling. If we don’t use this car next season, we WILL use it in the New Year.
  2. The ASR Ferrari F310 (LS Version) – Download here : FtF data.acd here – rename original data.acd then replace with this file in “asr_1996_ferrari_f310_late” car folder. Accelerate/brake/steer, good old-fashioned driving with no electronic aids.
  3. Kunos’ F2004 Purchase here : FtF data.acd here rename original data.acd then replace with this file in “ks_ferrari_2004” car folder.  Best F1 car Kunos has made.

I would plan to follow the F1 calendar as closely as possible with the RSS car and ditch all the Tilke tracks in favour of Zandvoort, Magny Cours etc with the F310. The F2004 would sit somewhere in-between the two scenarios.

RSS data.acd – added missing compounds re-jigging temps slightly, fixed DRS, added some grip to get closer to real F1 laptimes, made brakes less sensitive and made correct pressures 100% accessible. Optimal running 26psi, HS: 80-105 degs, US: 85-110, SS: 90-115, S: 95-120, M: 100-125, H: 105-130, SH: 110-135.

F2004 – Fixed kerb instability, increased traction so we could use without t/c and made turn-in a bit sharper. Optimal running 23psi, S: 70-110 degs, M: 75-110, H: 80-110.

F310 – Fixed kerb instability, locked neutral from accidental downshift, made default setup less understeery. Optimal running – 22psi, 90 degs both compounds.

All cars have pit lane times (tyres/repairs/refuelling) reduced.

Have fun practising and feel free to post any comments about the cars here.

18 thoughts on “Our Next F1 Car

  1. OMG, OMGH,OMG.. i can’t stop driving it so f.. awesome, i don’t know if there can be a driver that wouldn’t love to drive the F310 so so so super fun to drive so much to do with it so much feel. i don’t understand how the hell did we ended in hybrids when having this (mean in real F1). It all makes sense why Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, etc.. says that the best races and fun they had was when they did karting and not F1. Thanks Thanks Thanks Bobby, hope it wins, i can’t drive others after it. maybe will all night driving it :)

  2. I am away for a week, so will change the track when I get back and maybe we can meet in chatroom then to discuss cars, any changes etc.

  3. RSS Formula Hybrid: Remember to lower Various > Steer assist to like 40 or lower, or else the FFB is really bad.

    F310: (if you drive without player model) i managed to identify the texture file for the F310 fire extinguisher as it glows a lot in VR (https://i.imgur.com/tDhJVf5.jpg). the file is 96_estintore.dds and I have made a black version of it so you can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y5H81XcCJ7C5GCXeyPusTUotxUBCMDI7/view?usp=sharing Just copy the file to all skin subfolders example 1a_mschumacher_t\96_estintore.dds It still glows a bit but not that annoying.

    • Can the extinguisher be removed – its not an essential feature. If you have the driver shown he only sticks his legs straight through it anyway.

  4. Had a good go of all three now. The F310 is a fun car to drive and a change from the modern cars. I’m not a fan of this version of F2004 though. Traction is overdone – even going back to the original traction and using TC would be better. At least the braking might be more edgy. RSS car is interesting.

    I reckon fix the F2004, then run all three cars in the next three seasons in historical order.

    • although i find interesting the idea of 3 cars in next 3 seasons, we might end being always “outdated”. it might be 2 leagues, one legacy and one on the edge, but i don’t like loosing focus from one first league. but if for some reason the rss wins i would really love to have also an legacy or legendary league with f310, i guess there’s room for both.

    • Of the three R’s, “reading” wasn’t my best one ;)

      Maybe next summer we could do something starting with Lotus 49 and working through the ages though – 2 races per event.

      I’m planning a Summer break from now as I’m about to be partner running a Guest House and hope to be a bit busy then.

  5. All 3 cars have been updated, following feedback:-

    ASR F310 LS:-
    1. Balanced tyre wear
    2. Made brakes a bit beefier
    3. Tiny bit more stability
    4. Fuel rate adjusted so we could run races without refuelling and hence use Safety car.

    1. Handling restored to its previous glory – low grip/traction from grooved tyres, huge power.
    2. Traction control enabled, but limited effect. Level 1 (default & highest level) is equivalent to level 7 when we used it previously in league.

    RSS 2018 S1:-
    1. Improved stability significantly over high speed kerbs
    2. Beefed-up the brakes

    Server is now live with settings at 4x not 2x. This is to allow quicker testing of tyre wear etc and also makes for some fun races. Will change tracks once you’ve tested the differences – hope it’s mainly good :pray:

    Re-download the data.acds above.

  6. Today tried a bit the f2004 for a change, it looks quite good as well but was there really need for the traction control!? it looks quite stable without it, and when it’s stable for me, for others its a piece of cake :). As for the car the front tires looks a bit far ahead and looks a bit like driving a bus :) and that’s maybe the reason i like so much the f310 cause front tires are near to the steering wheel and you feel much more connected to the car, not like driving with a remote.

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