AC Career League starts on 2nd June

Hello noob rookies,

So you are interested in becoming an F1 driver? Well, who isn’t and what makes you think that you would ever be able to become one. Hahaha, don’t make me laugh, XD. *Spilling coffee through nose*.

Let’s say you may be right (yeah, right, lol), just show the pros how it’s done by following in their footsteps. This League will be your pathway to becoming an F1 driver.

General Event characteristics:

  • Races will be on Saturday evenings : start at 20:30 (CEST). 1st race will be on 2nd of June.
  • Total of 6 Events spread out over 7 weeks with variable amount of races (sprint format) per Event.
  • 12 great tracks such as Zandvoort, Bridgehampton, Imola, Monaco, Spa and more.
  • 12 great car classes such as karts, road cars, GT3, F3, F1 and more.
  • Event 1 and 2 all assists allowed, Events 3-5 partial assists allowed and Event 6 no assists allowed.
  • Ballast will be added or removed for each track depending on your previous results.
  • Damage modifier will increase by 10% each Event, up to a maximum of 50% in last Event.

Regardless of your skill level, you are more than welcome to participate. If you’re interested just post a comment below.

YuckierDragon & Rhobium

Confirmed Drivers:

  1. YuckierDragon
  2. Rhobium
  3. Storm_Cloud
  4. BobbyDeacs
  5. Emil Praga
  6. Kost Church
  7. Pensionisti
  8. Alfonso Carvalho
  9. Raven
  10. puluminati
  11. ToniMartin
  12. Frenzy
  13. Blademaster

12 thoughts on “AC Career League starts on 2nd June

  1. In! I did a series years ago in LFS called “Road to F1” with a very similar beat, so looking forward to this :)

  2. Nice concept, I should be around for some of these – don’t want to miss the karts, especially in Oculus (although it pushes motion sickness to the limit – but well worth it!)

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