Kost Church

  1. Congratulations to Storm for the win,and feel sorry for Oli for ending so early,it could be interesting.As for my race,cant say much.Safe strategy,2pits for softs,and rather stable ride.Was overtaken by Mostafa,some spin at the end.Grats and thanx for everybody for safe ride.Till the next time.

  2. My race was good and quite intersting and busy.Only mistake was two pitstops,but i did not feel confident on SS,maybe due to i still learning to make a decent setup or lack of skill.At the end i was trying to cath Bobby for about 5laps…but maybe next time :)
    @Storm_Cloud-this key action was hilarious :D
    greets to you all

  3. Just watched replay,and i need to say sorry to someone i hit in 2:29 of replay.Was trying to avoid crash with car returning to the track and hit another car with my rear tyre.I barely noticed that hit and didnt realize the consequences of it,and thats why i didnt wait to give position.Im sorry,that was not on purpose.Guess in gonna lose position or two in race result.Ehh :(

  4. The race was fun.
    But it was new track and new car for me,and didnt know where the pit entrance was.I rode where i thought it was,but it threw me instantly in the pit and gave me 1lap+.Times not so good,setup also,but it still was much fun.Im gonna watch your backs next week :D