Kost Church

  1. Good race.Big congrats to Storm,he was a league of his own in the whole season!
    My strategy was again to do 0stops,but this time without the element of surprise.But big suprise was that the pit was so fast.I thought i wiil be much further after front guys pit,but suddenly Storm showed up only 6sec behindme,and on fresh tires.He got close fast,and just as fast he overtook me without much problem.At the end had some good runaway from Mixa Mortiferum,and I thought he will pass me,but eventually all ended with .03sec.Good but irregular season for me.

  2. After practise race i decided to do 0 stops,because it was the only way to get close to Storm with his remarkable ride this seasson,Plan for the race was to avoid crashes and risky overtakes,which i luckily managed to do.After Storms pit he was faster about 2-3sec every lap,and i though that he would eventually pass me without any problem,but he suddenly slowed on 3laps till the end,and i managed to keep the gap.As Bobby said,race of the seasson for me.

  3. Weak Q,but still good race for me.Quite stable 1st stint,but then happened.In pitlane i hit a car(
    with im not supposed to)and I did not have a time to put a repair on time,and left on 2nd stint with broken front wing.In second half of 2nd stint,someone hit my back,and broke rear .Car was very hard to turn and needed to brake sooner than i wanted to,and losing time.On last laps i saw Jan just behind me,i let him pass,i did not want to have any more crashes and drove points till the end.But then he disappeared,and Paul made a mitake?(or so) that let me finish 2nd.This race had a very good moments!!!(3W twice i guess?),and hope to see you all on next(and further)race.BTW there is almost(or)nothing to do on stewarding.Great fun.

  4. So Monilith won by 1 point :D congrats!Also congrats to Elgurke for your first win.
    Whole seasson was ridden with overheated tyres,maybe thats why i didnt liked this car.Anyway was fun with all of you,and hope to see bigger grid next seasson.

  5. Most intense and exciting race in a league for me!(as i can recall)
    Lost control and spinning at the start of the race,and while i was spinning,someone hit my rear wheel,and it all ended hitting the wall.I took pit duriring SC,with long wings repair.After that has very nice and hard chase after Bobby,and finally really intence after Monolith.Hope for no hard feelings.I dont know how many more races i can participate thi seasson,but looking forward for next.

  6. Good race.At the beginning i though this car was more like a one time event funrace car,but now it seems fun to drive.Had a very interesting race.On first lap,on les combes someone hit me(no hard feels),so i had to fight my way trough the field from 9th or 10?.Thanks to that i had some good racing fights.Seems like theres gonna be more action this seasson.Thanks and hope to see you all on Monza.

  7. I did changed many things to see the cars reaction,but on final setup not many changes left.13/15 on race is safe for me,and did balance on the front on 58,some slight diff and susp.Im curious of tomorrows test race.

  8. Congrats Storm Cloud,nice run.
    Another interesting race for me.Had small trouble with the setup,wings too low and was wrestle with the car on turns.I started shyly,didnt have much time to prepare,and than had longest chase after Syntax,who had the same strategy.This pitsop thing was bizarre,but i didnt lift,so maybe theres gonna be some penalty for me.I hope for next race to be that exciting.

  9. Fun race indeed.At start,on setups doublecheck,i mistakenly pushed a button that changed from motor to a battery mode.Did 20 laps on it :D.Battery run out of juice within 1 lap…3times :D.Did a nice spin on first lap,crashed into a wall,and damaged wings.Repair on pitstop took like forever.Finally run out of fuel :D.But chasing from last position was a lot of fun.3W,chasing Monolith,first defending from,than trying to catch Coret3x with empty battery was the moments.One of my favorite races.Thanks and cheers

  10. Congratulations to Storm for the win,and feel sorry for Oli for ending so early,it could be interesting.As for my race,cant say much.Safe strategy,2pits for softs,and rather stable ride.Was overtaken by Mostafa,some spin at the end.Grats and thanx for everybody for safe ride.Till the next time.

  11. My race was good and quite intersting and busy.Only mistake was two pitstops,but i did not feel confident on SS,maybe due to i still learning to make a decent setup or lack of skill.At the end i was trying to cath Bobby for about 5laps…but maybe next time :)
    @Storm_Cloud-this key action was hilarious :D
    greets to you all

  12. Just watched replay,and i need to say sorry to someone i hit in 2:29 of replay.Was trying to avoid crash with car returning to the track and hit another car with my rear tyre.I barely noticed that hit and didnt realize the consequences of it,and thats why i didnt wait to give position.Im sorry,that was not on purpose.Guess in gonna lose position or two in race result.Ehh :(

  13. The race was fun.
    But it was new track and new car for me,and didnt know where the pit entrance was.I rode where i thought it was,but it threw me instantly in the pit and gave me 1lap+.Times not so good,setup also,but it still was much fun.Im gonna watch your backs next week :D