AC F2004 League Sign-Up

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce the start of a new league in Assetto Corsa using the F2004 from the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack, initially with modded physics to fix the turning circle and rear wear/temps. The first race is Malaysia on Wednesday 4th October. The full race calendar is presented above and can also be seen in our events calendar.

See the F2004 League menu at the top of the page for links to the league results, standings and guidelines to the car.

League info:

  • Races on Wednesdays starting 20:30 Central European Summer Time.
  • Event format: 3x practice starts, then 15 min qualifying and 50% race distance.
  • Best 7 out of 8 results count for the championship. Top 12 finishers score points.


  • 200% tyre wear, 200% fuel usage, refuelling is allowed.
  • All assists are disabled apart from traction control.
  • All 3 tyre compounds will be available each race and there are no rules which tyre compounds you use in the race or qualifying sessions.
  • Speeding in the pit lane will be treated as a corner-cut – or worse depending on severity.
  • Jump start rules enabled.


Drivers should also read the league rules.

If you would like to participate, please post a comment and state your preferred skin(s) (from those remaining) and a teammate if applicable.

Confirmed Teams:

  1. XNinja & CMR – FtF Mclaren
  2. Jan & ? – FtF Williams
  3. Bob & Storm Cloud – FtF Force India
  4. Coret3x + Kost Church – FtF Red Bull
  5. Olivier + Amereto – FtF Ferrari
  6. ? + Marcelinho – FtF Renault
  7. Bunta + Aidan – FtF Jaguar
  8. Afonso Carvalho & Maxuus – FtF Mercedes
  9. ? + Alarisico – FtF Jordan
  10. Ysag + Furkan – FtF Sauber

Confirmed Drivers:

Honoured Guest Drivers:

  1. Yuck
  2. Emil
  3. Rhobium
  4. Shayan
  5. PedroRC
  6. Waffen
  7. Ton
  8. Pulu
  9. Raven

Skins still available:

FtF Toro Rosso (2), FtF Mercedes (1)


  • Chriemma

50 thoughts on “AC F2004 League Sign-Up

  1. Only 5 days to go, so choose your cars (and teammate if you have one) now – skin colours are as follows (choose top 3 skin preferences):-

    FtF Toro Rosso – Blue-red
    FtF Force India – Pink – white
    FtF Jaguar – Racing Green – white
    FtF Jordan – Yellow – black
    FtF Mercedes – Grey-Turquoise
    FtF Red Bull – Dark Blue-yellow
    FtF Renault – Sky blue-yellow
    FtF Sauber – Blue-sky blue
    FtF Williams – White-blue

    • Welcome on board :-

      Check out the downloads above.
      Our AC server is found by typing “flag” into search.
      Discord is used on race day for all communications and is mandatory.

      Select your favourite 3 skins from the list above and we’ll find you a teammate unless you already have one in mind.

      If enough turn-out, Cameron is running a race event tonight at Malaysia, so you’re welcome to join in. I don’t think many have practised ther, so shouldn’t be at too much of a disadvantage :)

  2. Hello,

    Time to introduce myself after some post about the mandatory downloads.
    My name is Alarisico but Al is also good! So you can call me Al, if you want to ;)
    I am a new member and i have some race experience with Iracing and ProjectCrash(in the past). I haven’t played Assetto Corsa since a few weeks and a few hours in the past. Therefore i don’t know much about the game and will have some questions now and then if.. y’all don’t mind ;)
    I am 40+ and hope to find people who enjoy clean racing.
    Open wheel racing is my favorite but also Lmp1/2 is tip-top.

    Thanks for the Site Leaders, League Organisers, contributors and Neys(Ptracker, i think?) for the clear and good overview of information. Also laptimes, standings, etc. I like it!

    Well then….
    I’ll be seeing you at Sepang.. I hope i can keep up!


    Question: Is this the way to choose the skinpacks for wednesday??
    I would like the skinpack from,
    1: FtF Jordan – Yellow – black
    2: FtF Renault – Sky blue-yellow
    3: FtF Toro Rosso – Blue-red

    Or do i have to fill it in somewhere else? (I have downloaded the skin packs of coursa:)

  3. Hello, Im new here and I’ve been checking out this league and everything seems great! Ive been playing AC for a while and I’ve just downloaded the Ferrari DLC to race in this league. My name is Afonso.
    I was too late for the 1st race but I will be attending all the rest, hope that wont be a problem.
    1- FtF Mercedes
    2- FtF Toro Rosso
    3- FtF Sauber

    • Good choice – we’ll get you a teammate as soon as we get even numbers again. Make sure all the apps are installed (downloads are on race post) and join server any time for practice. Also join us on Discord on Wednesday as that’s our only way of letting everyone know what’s going on.

    • I’m guessing you’re a friend of Marcel, if so he can fill you in on details. Do you want a regular seat or will you be guesting every couple of races or so (which is fine BTW :))?

  4. Hello, I am Furkan Ozcan and a new member of this league. I would like to participate with my teammate Ali Gocmen (username: ysag) for Sauber team.

  5. I don’t think that Husky is coming back so i am also teammate free!
    So if you need another team mate to place,
    you can put him/here with me. Greets.

    • Hi Alistair, there is just the one race left this league season at Bahrain tomorrow. You are very welcome to join up, all the details are on the homepage.

    • Servers are up for last minute practice Alistair. There is an issue with timing-stats which I’ve informed our server host about, but probably best NOT to know how fast some guys are going :)

  6. Hi,

    I would’t really see the point in joining in on the last race of the season but I’m still looking for a F2004 league to join. Are there any plans for a new season?

  7. 1st race will be jan 24. There will be 1 or 2 practice races beforehand.

    Car – TBC, the F2004 is a contender even though we don’t normally run the same car consecutively.

    Sorry, I know I’ve answered you on Discord, this is really for other’s benefit.


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